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  1. To Clear Karma (May be Good Karma or Bad Karma) the only way is surrendering the Lord Krishna. As he said in Bagavath Geetha!. Reagrds
  2. Yes Krishna is the GOD HEAD! He is ParaBrahmam! He is the Supreme!
  3. Durga Devi is a part of Power of Sriman Narayana!. Called MAYA!
  4. Sri Krishna give good way! Regards
  5. Chanting a single Hanuman Mantra will clear your problems. But you should always chat Hanuman Mantra (Hanuman Chaaleesa) ! More Effective
  6. Acharya Abimaanamae Uthaaragam!!!
  7. Now-a-days Christianity using such a propaganda, because Christianity is falling slowly and KRISHNA Consious is growing. Christianity always do such a things. Poor Christianity!!!
  8. What Bagavan done,does, will do - is the Dharma, we are not have any rights to ask such a question, Because we are just Kevala Jeevatma! And its not possible to answer this question with some few words, or para, or a book, It has so many reasons and Dharma. And simply its not a thing to ask a questions like this. The question asking ppls can go to a any Guru and clarify their doubts Instead of asking questions here. Because Wrong answer may lead wrong path. Regards
  9. The true vaishnava only workship the True GodHead Lord Sriman Narayana.
  10. The Firday is special day for Mahalakshmi. And its very special to pray Mahalakshmi Astagam while the Pooja. Regards Ramanuja Dasan
  11. Dear Swamins, Adiyen Namaskarams to All Bagavath Baagavathas, It's a Small Documentary Movie on Sri Krishna (1.30 Hours) I uploaded the Movie as zip file in Rapid Share. Follow the Below Link to download the Movie Zip. If you are a free user in Rapid Share you have to wait for nearly 200 Secs. The file size is 248 MB. Please Read the Readme.txt in the Zip file to run the Movie. If you have any problem please contact me. I do the alternate. Rapid Share Download Link : http://rapidshare.de47662793/KAnubvam.zip.html OR In this URL U have to wait samller than Rapidshare. File Factory Link : http://www.filefactory.com/file/ag9g01b/n/KAnubvam_zip Adiyen Dasan P.Madyajagane
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