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  1. This is going to bring mixed results for all signs. Jan - April,Nov, Dec - should be good for Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Capricorn. While May - Oct - should be good for Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarious. Most importantly cancer and leo have to be careful because of guru moving in 8th for both signs. Also leo, virgo, libra will be running sade sati.And Aquarious will have saturn in 8th.
  2. Jupiter even though should be in Aquarious(kumbha) sign next year, spends approx. six months in pisces(meena) from May middle to October middle.Am I correct?I checked the planetary positions and found out this.Any thoughts?
  3. I am learning astrolger.What is the significance 9th lord venus in its own sign libra and 10th lord mercury in its own/exalted sign virgo?Does this count as dharmaKarmadhipathi yoga? And what is the effect of shani(lagna lord) in 7th house also in enemy house? Capricorn - asc aries(4rth house) - moon, ketu(ketu is in its own nakshatra) taurus(5th house) - jupiter cancer(7th house) - shani virgo(9th house) - mercury,sun libra(10th house) - venus, rahu(in own nakshatra), mars Currently moon dasa running. Experienced astrologers please throw some light.Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the interesting replies.I have not suffered much in life.But I am 25 and I always think that there are some suffering in store for me in the future.So I want to make atleast my present karmas good. Also sometimes in anger at someone we think bad for other people, sometimes I try to think about god at times like this or sometimes I cant control my thinking but I never take any actions on these thoughts. What is the result of this thinking?Is it a sin ?Most of the times people just provoke me and sometimes the mistake is mine. I am working to control my anger.But I read somewhere that in Kali yuga only sinful actions are punished sinful thinking is not.Is it true? Thanks once again.
  5. How to reduce bad karmas of previous births? is our fate already written due to our karmas? If yes lets say we have multiple choices before us will fate make us select the choice that is already decided before we are born or we get to select according to our will? If everything is written what is the use of praying to God?
  6. Hello, I am cancer rashi and dhanush lagna. I know astrology a little.I have 71/2 shani.My janma shani was not that bad financially.I got to enjoy some luxuries and visit new places.Most of my troubles were self made.But the simha shani was better I got a job in mid 2007 when I had guru in 5th and shani about to go to simha.2008 was not that bad even though I had guru in 6. 2009 is supposed to be good for me due to shani leaving and guru in 7th house.But I had my job till april 2009. I know guru is going to kumbha rashi(ashtama) for 3months.I was a little bit concerned since no main graha is favourable now.And accordingly on second week of april I came to know that i will be laid off from may. Why this sudden change I thought this year will be safe as according to gochara things shld get better?I checked maha dasa no change there from 2007 to 2010 its gng to be same dasa and bhukti. Can Experience people shed some light on this?Thanks.
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