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URGENT :victim of shia black magic. pls help

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hello great souls.


i came on this site after googling. i think there are some great souls here.

and i am sure one of you will help me ...I AM IN VERY DEEP SHIT. CLOSE TO DEATH


i am from bombay. around 2005 end. i was doing very well in my career.

everything going great guns. at that time i had a muslim room mate

who tried to eat into my success and my hard work. i stopped him and since he didn't like that. he used black magic on me. he is from the shia muslim cult . people who cut themselves all over.


i didn't know much about this. he used to chant something and give me food which i consumed.he told me it would bring my luck.i think he even mixed something in my food . his mom was also involved


WHAT FOLLOWED WAS ABSOLUTE HELLLL. i started getting night mares and i would wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I AM GOING MAD. it would take 1 hour for me to regain my senses. these night mare attacks continued and then MY WHOLE BODY COLLAPSED. I WAS IMMOBILISED .

i couldn't walk .dizzyness and i lost my vision my half . those night mare attacks would usually induce suicidal thoughts. somehow i survived it .medicines didn't work and psychiatry didn't work other.


when the night mare attacks increased.mantra chanting helped to control them but they could't cure it . also if i chant a lot .it makes me go more mad.


its 2009 and i am surviving my life like a vegetable. i can walk a bit but cant do any work. i met a priest who told me that the magic was done to make me mad and kill me but somehow i surviving . but i am not able to find a full cure which will get me back to real life .


brothers can you believe it .that muslim guy is still going around doing bad

to people . he is extremely shocked and wondering how i am still alive but he is happy that he collapsed my life. i mean honestly why are these people even born ? what pleasure do they get by doing this


I APPEAL TO YOU GREAT SOULS. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN CURE ME ? i have tried everything but nothing worked...


people use my weakness to get money out of me but I AM STILL UNDER ITS ATTACK .


PLEASE ADVICE .......may god bless you all

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Don't worry friend ! I ll tell you the cure


Before going to sleep, wash you hands & feet sit in front of the deity with a glass of water and start chanting the below mantra for about 20-25 min


ugram veeram mahavishum, jwalantam sarvto-mukham,

Nrisinham bheeshan bhadhram, mrityu-mrityum nama-myaham.


After the completion of chanting sprinkle the water in your bedroom and on yourself and lil bit on the bed, go to sleep n tell me your exp. next day.


This is just a temporary cure, ll tell you the permanent cure after you share your exp after doing the above thing.


Sarva vighna vinashak Nrisimha bhagwan kee jay !!

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Hi Guru

This is impossible.

For how long you wear it?Did you done proper pooja of mala and gave mala sanskar before wearing it?

In normal person it takes some time to show effects and majority of people cannot wait.I don't blame you but I still of an opinion to wear it.Choose big beads and not small chikna type and try again.


hello hindustani, i tried wearing a rudraksh mala thrice. didn't work :(
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I advise you to read these two books,best books for Rudraksha with full pooja procedures explained in details.


Rudraksha Dharna and Japa Yoga" (in Hindi) by Nishant Ketu


And one more book written by Shri Kamal narayan seetha on Rudraksha.

Both above books should be available with Rudraksha ratna shop in Mumbai.





I am also pasting a post of this forum who talks on same book


Dear Punditji, I have read the shloka about wearing only abhimantrit

rudrakshas..The Shiv Puran says the same thing...The book by Nishant

Ketu gives several processes by which to charge the beads...there are

various mantras and even details about the nyas, viniyog etc...Some

people have told me that they received miraculous results after wearing

certain beads from certain sellers..Though the results are different

people, the charging of the beads is important..I have sometimes charged

them with the basic Mantra Om Namah Shivay, the Tryambak Mahamrityunjay

Mantra and at times with the Laghu Rudrabhishek of Rudradhyay..However,

I still believe there are other powerful methods with which we must

charge the beads..I would request you to kindly detail the process and

the mantras for the benefit of all devotees...Of course, those wanting

to buy from you will directly do so but knowledge for all will be a

great service...Like Richardsir has made so much knowledge available to

the common seekers through his various websites...And sure there must be

hundreds of people buying the gem stones from him...


With warm regards




hello hindustani. do you know anyone who can guide me as to how many mukhi rudraksh to wear and also energise it ? let me know . i already wore 10 faced and 5 faced . i am from bombay
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theres a simple solution with me...i have my guruji in a village , some 20kms. from Bhubaneswar, Orissa...

if u could somehow make it to Bhubaneswar....i promise u he will solve ur problem within days...he isnt a tantrik as u might think, he is a sadhaka...

and one more thing...he doesnt charge a single rupee....as u said many have taken a lot of money...

i know wht u are going through...i have seen some people like u being cured by my guruji...and i am more than 200% confident abt ur case...

keep my number...+919861289710...

i dont want to elaborate on the issue(about my guruji)..coz its personal and confidential...

hope u'll be allright...

try and chant mahamrutyunjaya mantra everyday...it will give u strength...but im sure it wont solve ur problems...black magic doesnt stop by just praying...

i have one more mantra for u...

"om namah jogeswaraya shivaya

mamah sarva rishta, sarva kashta, sarva klesha sarva dukha

nivarana kuru kuru swaha"

chant this daily for 27, 54 or 108 times in morning and evening...the more, the better....chant the same mantra in a shiv mandir on every monday....if u can do it with utmost dedication, then im sure some of the pain(not everything) will get reduced...

thr is a specific puja to get rid of the problem u r in...as i said, i wont elaborate on it in a public forum...

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I wonder how these evil minded tantriks get such siddhis of life-destruction so easily whereas the victims does not get the help at all but need to keep on trying the mantras. So many black magic victims are seeking help on this forum itself but nobody could get the help. Surprisingly, tantriks give advertisement in newspapers boosting about their siddhis to harm others but never help the victims following the rules brotherhood (tantriks). Their business would not flourish if they help the victims.

If few tantriks can cast such spells, there has to be other good tantriks who can break the spells to maintain the balance in the system. But in today's world, we hardly see such thing happening. All the bad tantriks are getting stronger by supporting each other. The victims can not even form a group to get support of each other. There is no organization/NGO/Law to combat such issues. On the contrary if the victim tries to complain, the people never take him seriously.

There are also some good sadhakas who does not take money for curing the black magic but are often publicity-hungry. They try to create the impression on the victims about their generosity but fails to break the spell. What the victim needed the most is to get out of black magic at any cost and follow the every single advise given to him in distress.

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Let me give you one example.

One person who is known to me and wearing Rudraksha mala went to one Ashram where one Sadhaka is known for his powers.

Someone requested that sadhaka to show his power with a polite request and he agreed.

He called one by one person and correctly proved his power by telling their bdate,money they have in their pocket including serial nos of currency nots etc.

Finally he called a person whom I advised to wear Rudraksha mala and I also advised him to wear it in such a way that it is not visible to others.

He sat near that Sadhaka and Sadhaka closed his eyes and went into meditation.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and said are you wearing any protections?My friend said No,he again closed his eyes and after few minutes he said you please remove your Rudraksha mala else I shall not able to tell anything about you.

My friend disagreed to remove it and said sorry I don't want to know anything about himself.

Needless to say Rudrakshas are the most powerful beads available on earth but very few people know the ultimate power of these divine beads.

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I myself am victim of black magic called kshudhram. I have been chanting narasimha kavach which is extremely good. u can prevent damage to your body parts by chanting the different manthras for protectig the body. This is more effective than praying shivji. Shivji is slightly favouring bhooth ganaas. But Vishnu is a dead enemy of demons. So i think Naramsimha kavach is better from my expreience.






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Dear Guru,

Unfortunately I am searching for such sadhaka too for one of my close friend and in the process I knew many such victims. I have seen how the black magic victims suffer in the hands of these evil spirits and sometimes, the people around the victims also take undue advantage of the situation. They are more dangerous because they destroy the victims in disguise.

You are from Mumbai so check this link which I found on this forum and if you find the location, please provide to other victims.


If hindustani is 100% sure about the Rudralsha, he should clearly inform the place where to find that specific real Rudrakshas including approx. price etc. instead of giving an example to create the importance of rudraksha. Rudrakshas are available all over the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">India</st1:place></st1:country-region> but all are not real or not specifically required to break the spells.

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I am not a seller of Rudraksha by any means.Rudraksha is the most divine substance available on earth but people never able to understand the power of them unfortunately.All want instant results thus they wear Gems or go to any Sadhaka for instant cure.

Buy a good,big size Rudraksha,double check for the shape and non existance of any crack etc,mukhs must be well defined,clean them with Ganga jal,apply dhoop,sandle paste to it,chant proper mantras for perticular Mukhs(type of Rudraksha)and wear them with upmost Shraddha,no one in this universe can touch you or come close to harm you,this is my open challenge.

A good panch mukhi Rudraksha is available at a price below 50 rupees,this is for a good big size bead's price.Wear in even orders,minimum 9 upto 33(inclding meru).Shri Shivapurana says to wear 32(+1)beads mala in Kantha.


If hindustani is 100% sure about the Rudralsha, he should clearly inform the place where to find that specific real Rudrakshas including approx. price etc. instead of giving an example to create the importance of rudraksha.
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I am laughing,really laughing coz I know Maya is showing its upmost power in Kaliyug,go and read Shri Shivapurana,if you don't belive in it I cannot help,Substance created from tears of Rudra never needs any prachar for the powers they have.perhaps Rudrakshas are not for all but only for those who have real trust or shraddha in God.


instead of giving an example to create the importance of rudraksha.
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