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  1. @pooja Chant daily. 108 is best. 21 time is good. There are much better methods
  2. Hi, Sorry for delayed response - I have been very busy these days. All the mantras mentioned in here are complete in whole. Kindly recite the same. I have been getting many thankyou emails about these mantras. Praying/believing in planets is good, Praying/believing in god who has created these planets is the BEST. Directly pray to them. Recite these mantras. Sankalp is necessary. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  3. @ khanty Guru Diksha for Mahavidya is necessary as this would provide correct & quick results. 1. Hleem is the beej. (For any beej, always check the viniyog of the mantra) 2. Yes. But correct mantra would be more effective when taken with sankalp - Om Hleem Baglaamukhi Sarva Dushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim Vinaashay Hleem Om Phat. Count depends on You - havan is 10% of the sankalp jaap 3. Guru Diksha is necessary 4. I do not want to answer. Guru should tell you. 5. I do not want to answer. Guru should tell you. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  4. So currently u have job or not? Which mantra you were reciting? Again take sankalp & perform the same. This time when you get job, let me know. Dhruv Bhura
  5. Also, what about the mala..does it have to be a NEW mala? Can it be consecrated somehow? I only have a mala that I have used for other chantings on...how can I cleanse it to prepare for this? - It has to be rudraksha mala (Old or new)
  6. ANSWERS BELOW IN BOLD - Thank you soooo much for the details..sorry for the amount...but I have some questions... 1...For the Tarpan and Maarjam, do I place these onto the Shiva lingam? I read somewhere that I should put the water on my head for the Mritunjaya siddhi...or should I place it on the Lingam? - NOrmally it is on deitiy idol or pic. In the previous text i had given to you says, do it on puja performers/(for the person whom you have taken sankalp) head. Stick to the text in this case(Shiv siddhi). I assume it is tested. So put it on your head. 2. You also wrote..It is recommended to perform Havan, Tarpan & Maarjan after completion of Anusthaan. Please forgive my stupidity, but can you explain to me what this means? Should these then be completed at the END of the practice??? Is that what you mean? I apologize that I am confused as to WHEN to do this havan/Tarpan/Maarjan in the midst of my chanting? - After 1.25 lacs of chanting in 40 days. Also, if I do extra malas instead of Havan, does it go OVER the 40 days? Or do I take into consideration the extra 125 malas and add it in to total 40 days? When is this part completed during the course of the sadhana? - 40 days (1.25 lacs) + somedays for Havan/Tarpan, etc 3. At start, to let the water flow to the ground after Sankalp, do you mean the floor of your home at yoru altar? Or the earth outside? - Earth. I put it there. You can also do it without water. (Just visualise) 4. You wrote..Then, you should perform Panchopchaar poojan (worship) of the Sadhana Yantra & photo of deity with Snaan( bathe), Tilak (mark on forehead), Pushp (flowers), Dhoop (incense), deep (light) etc. - 5.Can you tell me how to do the Panchopchaar pooja? Snaan - Clean with wet cloth Tilak - With Kum Kum (Chandan in case of shiv sadhana) on the Idol Push - Put flowers on the feet of the idol Dhoop - Light Scented sticks Deep - Light a cotton soked in ghee/tel This is what u are looking for? or something else? 6. Also, what if I do not have a yantra for the deity? Does this matter? - Yantra is preferred. Incase if you dont have this - it should not be a reason not to do sadhana. 7. How critical is it that women stop for the cycle? Can you explain why? I really do not want to do so! It really breaks up the flow...I know it is for "purity" reasons, but is it the end of the world to continue through it? It is my feeling that God is fully with me during the time of my cycle and that I open fully up to the heaven's. Please advise. Also, if the sadhana needs to be completed in 40 days, do I LOSE the 4 or 5 days of my cycle to chanting? In other words, do I have to take those 4 days of chanting, and fit them into other days in order for the whole sadhana to be complete in 40 days? Or can it extend to 44 days? Or will that not suffice? - Yes it would effectively become 44 days - Breaks are necessary. Still in Sankalp you would say - i promise to do in 40 days. On day of break - say in mind - "i have to break here because to natural issue, would continue from next another 4 days" Do not touch idol in these 4 days. 8. How do you keep counting with your mala the amount of mantras AND make offerings at the same time for Tarpan and Maarjan??? Can you use your left hand for the offerings? I do not get it! We only have one right hand! - Good question - For Havan, Tarpan & Marjan - left hand can be used or even counter can be used. BUT remember during main anusthan of 1.25 lacs you will have to use right hand only and that too the middle finger incontact with thumb. 9. What kind of lamp should be lit for the Mritunjaya siddhi? Is there a special oil to use? - Cow ghee This is what I can think of now. Thank you for your time... Reply With Quote Regards, Dhruv Bhura P.S. - My responses would be late
  7. @all - Lot of people had been asking me this - ----------- How to do Sadhana? Procedure ? Rules ? How to take Sankalp? How to do Anusthaan? There are many types of Anusthaan. In Laghu Anusthaan, 24000 Mantra chantings are done ( eg. 27 rosary rounds in 9 days) and 240 aahutis are offered in holy Yagya. In Madhyam Anusthaan, 1.25 Lakh Mantra chantings are done (eg. 33 rosary rounds in 40 days) and 1250 aahutis are offered in holy Yagya. In Maha Anusthaan, 24 Lakh Mantra chantings are done (66 rosary rounds in 1 year) and One-tenth aahutis are offered in holy Yagya. One may also perform Anusthaan of 51000 or 5 lakh rosary rounds. Anusthaan is a concentrated effort. You should try to complete the Anusthaan in as less number of days as possible for maximum benefit. An Anusthaan is normally done for completion of some task, or to solve some problem. The longer you delay the anusthaan, the more will be the delay in achieving results. Moreover, if you extend it for more time, then there is a chance of making more mistakes, breaking of celibacy (mental & physical) or some other strict rule. You should start the anusthaan on a auspicious day. You should follow following rules during Anusthaan - a. Start on the same time everyday. Perform same number of rosary rounds daily. Perform Anusthaan at a pure, satvik place in a pure, quite environment. b. Eat pure vegetarian food during Anusthaan & Sadhana period. Try to avoid onion, garlic etc. Eat food once a day. c. Maintain complete celibacy (mental & physical) during Anusthaan period. If your brahmacharya (celibacy) breaks during Anusthaan/Sadhana period, then you should stop the Sadhana/Anusthaan and restart the entire Sadhana/Anusthaan again afresh. d. Perform Guru Poojan and chant one rosary round of Guru Mantra. Then perform the required daily number of rosary rounds of the concerned Mantra. Then chant one rosary round of Guru Mantra again. The Ghee/Oil (Depending on Diety) Deepak should be lighted continuously during the entire Anusthaan period. Ghee Deepak should be lighted for Anusthaan of Guru Mantra. e. Mentally meditate on the form of the Diety and Gurudev during all the days of Anusthaan. f. Don't cut hairs or nails during the Anusthaan Period. One should also refrain from shaving. Normally, before chanting the mantra for Anusthaan/Sadhana, one needs to make a Sankalp (pledge) by taking water in one’ right hand palm saying the following in any language - Myself "name" son/daughter/wife of "father/mother/husband's name" , belonging to "your gotra or surname" gotra , disciple of Pujya Gurudev am making this pledge by taking Divine blessings and Diksha from my Pujya Gurudev on "date & time" at "place name" that I will perform "sadhna name" Sadhana by chanting "number" rosary rounds for "number" days to solve "problem details" problem. May Pujya Gurudev stay with me all the time and guide and protect me. After, this let the water flow to the ground. This Sankalp is an agreement between yourself and the divine deity. After taking Sankalp, you should perform Sadhana for the required number of days at the same time. There should NOT be any break of even a single day after taking Sankalp. You need to take Sankalp only on the first day. You also need to perform Hawan (Holy Fire), Tarpan & Maarjan after completion of Anusthaan. Havan is done for appeasement of Gods (Devataas). Tarpan is done for offering to & appeasement of "Updevataas" (Gods) and "Pitras" (Ancestors). Maarjan is done for appeasement of other important yonis; and to remove impurities and purify oneself. Maarjan also removes bad effects of Rajogun and Tamogun. You should offer 12500 (10% of Total Mantra chanting) Aahutis (offerings) in the holy fire of havan. You should suffix the deity's mantra (which you chanted 1.25 lakh times) with the word "Swahaa". With each chanting of the mantra, you should offer Aahuti in the holy fire. You may do havan in two shifts, if it is not possible for you to complete it together. The item to be offered for Aahuti is different for each Sadhana/Mantra/Deity and purpose. Normally, you may use "mango plant" wood sticks in the Yagya. However different types of woods are used in different Sadhanas. You can place a camphor between dry sticks and then light it. You should preferably use a "Havan Kund" for performing havan. Different kinds of Hawan Kunds are prescribed for different Sadhanas, purposes and Deities. It should be made of copper. If copper is not available, then you may use any other pure metal container. For general purposes, you should use a squarish shape havan kund. The size of Havankund should be 9" X 9" X 9" or 15" X 15" X 15" . You should perform Guru Poojan before performing Havan. You should also chant at least 4 rosary rounds of Guru Mantra. Then, you should perform Panchopchaar poojan (worship) of the Sadhana Yantra & photo of deity with Snaan( bathe), Tilak (mark on forehead), Pushp (flowers), Dhoop (incense), deep (light) etc. Tarpan should be done for 1250 (10% of Hawan) mantra chantings. You should suffix the deity's mantra (which you chanted 1.25 lakh times) with the word "Tarpayaami". With each chanting of the mantra, you should offer a mixture of milk & water on either Yantra or Idol. Maarjam should be done for 125 (10% of Tarpan) mantra chantings. You should suffix the deity's mantra (which you chanted 1.25 lakh times) with the word "Maarjyaami". With each chanting of the mantra, you should offer a mixture of milk & water on either Yantra or Idol. It is recommended to perform Havan, Tarpan & Maarjan after completion of Anusthaan. However, if, you are unable to perform Havan for any reason then you may chant an additional 125 malas (rosary rounds) of the deity's mantra as a substitute by taking a sankalp. You should mention in the sankalp that - "I am chanting 125 rosary rounds of the mantra as the Havan Poornaahuti." You should perform Guru Poojan and chant 4 rosary rounds of Guru Mantra before starting these 125 rosary rounds. After completion of 125 rosary rounds or havan/yagya, you should do the following : a. Chant one rosary round of Guru Mantra b. Mentally seek forgiveness from revered Gurudev for the mistakes (known or unknown) which you might have committed during Mantra chanting and request for His Aashirvaad and blessings. Similarly for Tarpan, you may chant additional 12 rosary rounds & for Maarjan additional 3 rosary rounds. You should mentally pray and meditate on the form of revered Gurudev before starting the Mantra chanting. You should also mentally take permission from pujya Gurudev before starting the Mantra chanting and request for His blessings & Aashirwaad to obtain success. After the completion of Mantra chanting, you should mentally seek forgiveness from revered Gurudev for the mistakes (known or unknown) which you might have committed during Mantra chanting and request for His Aashirvaad and blessings. If you are a woman, you should stop the Anusthaan/Sadhana during the monthly periods, and restart it after taking bath on completion of periods (after 5 days). If you feel that you need to go somewhere which might lead to an interruption, then you should first finish that task, and perform Anushtaan with Sankalp later. In the meantime, you may chant the Mantra given to you by Diksha using the mala. Using Mala- You should hold the rosary in your right hand while chanting the Mantra. You should take rosary in right hand between Ring-Finger and Middle-Finger and move it using Thumb and Middle-Finger. You should place your hand adjacent to the heart. The rosary should not touch your leg or ground. Either you should place your left hand to avoid this, or you may put rosary in Gomukhi (cotton cloth bag) whilest chanting. Your index finger (fore-finger) should not touch the rosary. You should never let rosary touch the ground even when you are not performing Sadhana. It should always be kept wrapped in a clean cloth. There is a separator bead in every rosary. Basically it is the central bead at which the thread containing beads is joined/tied together. This is normally marked by a different color thread on it. You may easily identify the separator bead. You should start moving the bead from the bead next to separator bead. You should not start from the separator bead itself. The beads should move along with the mantra chanting in direction towards you (clockwise direction). You should move one bead with each chant of complete mantra. In the moving process, once you reach the separator bead after finishing the bead before the separator bead, you should overturn the rosary with your right hand, making the last bead before separator (one you used just now) the first bead after separator. This is called as completing one complete round of the rosary. And then you should start chanting again with this bead as the first one. Taking Sankalp/Promise for someone else - Myself "name" son/daughter/wife of "your father/mother/husband's name" , belonging to "your gotra or surname" gotra , disciple of Pujya Gurudev am making this pledge by taking Divine blessings and Diksha from my Pujya Gurudev on "date & time" at "place name" that I will perform "sadhna name" Sadhana by chanting "number" rosary rounds for "number" days on behalf of "person name" son/daughter/wife of "father/mother/husband's name" , belonging to "gotra or surname" gotra ,resident of "place name" to solve "problem details" problem. May Pujya Gurudev stay with us all the time and guide and protect us. May all the benefits of this Sadhana go to "person name". Note - Do not sit on bed & do Sadhana. Sit on ground with Proper Aasan. You can open/ close your eyes during Sadhana. When open see the Lingam(concentrate) or look at deitys Photo. Regards, Dhruv Bhura Jai Gurudev! Jai Nikhileshwar! Jai Ma Kaali!
  8. @Iloveamma Who has given you this mantra diksha? Which Guru? Dhruv Bhura
  9. @iloveamma- Correction - Homa - 10% of Jap(1.25 lacs) Tarpan - 10% of Homa Marjan - 10% of Tarjan Would you be able to call me - I will PM my number. Still trying to give you proper written format of doing sadhana. You are heading in correct direction. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  10. @ Perfect thought by Kshama. Its very easy case dude. "OM" is the mantra. Deep breathing is necessary along with it. Also, I am not astrologer. Still can you provide with your birth details? Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  11. Homa - 10% of Jap(1.25 lacs) Marjap - 10% of Homa Tarpan - 10% of Marjan How to do - already given When to begin - Any good monday with siddh mahurat (Shravan Somvar is THE BEST) Divide your japp into 40 days long procedure. Sleep on floor, DOnt take salt, Maintain celibacy, Eat one time (veg), DOnt talk much to other(restrict), Do on Bhram time(early morning), Buffer with Guru mantras. Sankalp is very necessary. Ganesh & then Guru poojan before start is necessary. P.S - Driving cant be learnt by reading & consulting. You have to drive it on your own. After taking sankalp - God would keep on giving insights. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  12. @iloveamma rathindra bharati Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  13. @Mantravid- I dont think answer should be "NO" when someone has died. Normally we keep a shok/sutak for 13 days. All religious stuff can be done after that. Normally we avoid doing happening/entertaining/parting for another 6 months. P.S - Answer to this question can be answered & authenticated by your close family members or pujari. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  14. @Ahara - Om Ekadantaya vidhmahe Vakratundaya dhimahi Tanno dantih pracodayat May we realise Lord Ganesa. Let us meditate on that elephant-headed god who removes the hurdles. May that one-tusked god enlighten us. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  15. @Mantravid :: Check my old posts. Search "dhruv bhura" in this blog. You should find answer. Tip - There is a book available at mumbai - Giri store on homa(basic). Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  16. @Jayjp200:: Had you stopped doing it later aftre you got job? Just trying to understand this case. Got second case like this. Temp job : ( Gve more details. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  17. @All - Another success story received yest. on these mantras. Very happy to know. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  18. PM me. I will connect you with some one who has performed this sadhana/mantra.
  19. @ Shovan :: Have you been today/guided to perform this sadhana? Yes, It should not be any issues..it would give results but not full. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  20. @PS_0310:: Really sorry to hear this. No, I have stopped solving astrology cases. Sorry. What i can do is, just pray for you -PM me your prayers Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  21. @Jhonny opps! Where was this post lying all this time! How i missed this one & that too for dhoomavati maa. Yes! you had perfect experience & trust me you have gained good heights in your sadhanas. You expressed those things which i couldnt express till now I really had gooseworms while reading them! Next step - You will have to go to Jodhpur for this Dhoomavati Diksha. If you want i will guide you. I am doing Dhoomavati Mahavidhya sadhana & trust me i dont have words to express how awesome it is!! She is really so sweet, always smiling, makes me sit next to her, allows me to pamper her, do seva of her. Never ask for bad stuff, she would never return. God bless you! Very happy for you! You have best gems(Kali & Baglamuki) which very rare ppl get & now All the best for Dhoomavati mahavidhya journey. I will PM you my contact number. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  22. @Kaliupasak, Durgaputra Can you advice me with how mantra if not taken from guru & chanted without diksha can give bad karma. I guess i really need to revisit my knowledge in this. Knief can cut apple & kill person also. Tool is same, its how you use them. This is the most subtel level of Navaran mantra which i have posted in here. I know all these applications which you have mentioned in here & these are which not possible without diksha. Infact if you start unlocking this mantra very properly in sadhana - it has all 3 female energies - Lakshmi, Saraswati & Sati/parvati. So the basic one above can be used by everyone & i stand on this. Also, to add on, truth is (which should not be disclosed here, unfortunately i have to reply these posts) even OM NAMAH SHIVAAY(& many other common mantra) can be used for Maranam, Vasheekaranam, Ucchatanam, Sthambanam etc. Wondering right!! This is all sadhana all about. Remeber all energy comes & goes to same entity - Supreme God. When you start realising you will know all god are same, there form varies. Energy is enegry - can be used for good or bad - you should know Theory of Karma... that what would happen if you use for bad. I gave my personal experience because i am not suppose to disclose other ppl experience. I have many success stories with the same with many people...disclosed only mine & this is just one of the mantra. Another simple application of this mantra for student- Chant this 108 times before every exam & when back from exam again 108 times & see results. God bless you all. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  23. @DurgaPutra Have you read all my posts above? Anyways, regarding this mantra, i had been doing this mantra from very very long time...even before i had met my guru. I never had initiation of this mantra, & have quite... sorry huge succeesful results with this. It is this mantra & my kuldevi which then gave me another powerful mantra in my sadhanas (similar to above mentioned mantra). What you require is self confidence & trust in yourself. Never be scared of any devi. They might look scary also, but when u start doing sadhana you would know how lovely, how komal, how suhkmaya they are. Trust me i am inexpressive to tell you how much you enjoy. Never be scared. Never loose your trust in you whether you would be able to achieve this or not. Dugraputra, there are 2 way to attain siddhi - 1> Self realisation & getting command over it (Takes time & not at all wrong) 2> Diksha or initiation by guru (quicker & easier - 99% successful within short time because you have proper guidance) do you keep taking diksha for everymantra before you recite? (mantra for ganesh, narayan, shiv, durga, hanuman, Kalimaa, Narshiha, etc) Does your guru talk to you when u have difficulties in sadhana, when you are not getting appropritate results, When you dont know where to lead? My guru talks to me & i really love him. @ ALL - Guru is like torch in your life. He would keep on guiding you where & when to lead next. Unlucky are those who dont have one. Trust me. P.S. - I would not take any responsibilites & credits for any one here. For your success & for your failure. I can only do is pray for you & be wellwisher. Love you all & regards, Dhruv Bhura
  24. @ab12:: There is difference between Guru & mentor. Ur mother can be good mentor... but surely cannot be guru I can be mentor(madhyam, channel, helper) ... but surely cannot be guru. Guru are those - who has realized truth of their life. They are beyond Maya. There eyes dont only see present but can see future & past(not this life but beyond that) very clearly. Not only his but of others also. Without Guru & his Guru diksha nothing is possible. You can still try but success rate increases to 99% after having proper guru diksha. Without knowing proper nature of problem i cant suggest proper deity. Solution Note for you - never insult god & elder ppl. Respect them. & see how fate would change for you after this. Purvaj(ancestor) should be invited everyday for food. Regards, Dhruv Bhura
  25. Hi This mantra is normally given by your kul devi pujari. Incase if they dont have, use - ||Om aim hreem kleem chamundai vichayee || I use this & is very very powerful. This mantra revealed me another power mantra which cant be disclosed. Sankalp is necessary. "Life does not mean just living on or breathing. Just eating food, marrying and producing children is not the aim of life. The real goal of life is in realising the purpose for which one has taken birth." Regards, Dhruv Bhura
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