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  1. Hello Friends, If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2009) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infy foundation). The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies. Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form #580,shubhakar, 44th cross,1st 'A' main road,jayanagar 7th block Bangalore-mob no- 9900906338(saraswati) Mr.Shivkumar( 9986630301) - Hanumanthnagar office Ms.Bindu(9964534667 )-Yeshwantpur office Even if you dont know anyone, please pass on this info, some one might be in need of this help desperately.
  2. When a person is overpowered by the power of black magic, it has its effect on body, mind, thoughts, sleep, dreams etc. So importance should not be given to the dreams. They could be enforced dreams.
  3. Ashi, I read regularly the Anganyas and kavacha. The print of first one was not good. I am sorry about it. The other one, I found on this forum only.
  4. Amogh Shiva Kavach in detail is attached. AmoghShivaKacha.ZIP
  5. Amogh Shiva Kavach in Hindi is attached.
  6. Sahaja Yoga Online Meditation (KUNDALINI) Hindi online realization program. It gives us an immense pleasure to announce that this Saturday on 30th May 2009 8:00 IST the online self realization program will be conducted in Hindi. It is requested , may we try to invite and involve as many new people as possible to attend this unique programme on their computers especially designed to cater to the needs of the seeker who would like to enjoy it in Hindi version. Let us ensure and try to help explore maximum participation for this program. This is the first ever 'Public program' being conducted in Hindi on the internet. On its success, encouraging response and feedback further efforts can be initiated in this direction. The program approximately covers around 45 minutes. It includes introduction to Sahaja Yoga by Mother .Also covers a few clippings from 'Ramayana' TV serial by Ramanad Sagar to illustrate the essence of initiation of Self Realization process to the new seekers who desires it. Therefore, it is requested to our global family members of Sahaja Yoga , friends and others desirous of receiving their Self Realization may like to join this program on this Saturday (30 May '09) 8 am.IST. http://www.sahajayo gameditation. tv Sahaja Yoga \" You just become, like a flower becomes the fruit. It's all built in within you. Allow it to work out." -- H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ............ ........for more details visit : http://www.sahajayo ga.org
  7. It is sad that now-a-days many persons with minor problems are trying to take help of mantra/tantra or black magic. Ignorance is forcing them to blame black magic for their every failure without even knowing whether it is black magic or not. But the real victims of black magic suffers since they are not taken seriously by the masses or given similar solutions thinking that their cases are similar. There are also many advisors who give these people vashikaran mantras/remedy etc. for petty problems such as to get the love back etc. How evil it is to harm other human beings with the help of black magic ? They even claim that such mantras does not harm others. In fact, they are elevating the evil forces much above their positions to bring closer to the subtle theories. Failure in these type of remedies, force them to go to Tantriks who are known for cheating and using evil practices. Every such action is justifiable unless it is intend to defend oneself and not to harm others, otherwise one has to face the consequences of the bad action later. Tantriks and black magicians says that it is those people who come to us for their petty problems and later insist on harming them, are responsible for their evil act too because they are doing it only for the bread and butter.
  8. Dear Guru, There are two temples in India which are well known for breaking black magic spells. One is balaji mandir in Rajasthan and the other is the chotanikkara bhagawati mandir in kerala. I have not visited any of these so I can not be able to tell you. But there are also people who visited these temples and still their black magic did not stop. Hindustani who has thorough knowledge of Shri Shivapuran, Rudraksha and online buying, may be correct in advising rudraksha being the remedy for every black magic but what if it is not. Better to get it from Haridwar or Rishikesh (from the recognized Ashrams/dealers) or from Baba Ramdev. Guru, please share your experience about Dadar Ashram, the location etc. because this news was published in Newspaper.
  9. Dear Guru, Unfortunately I am searching for such sadhaka too for one of my close friend and in the process I knew many such victims. I have seen how the black magic victims suffer in the hands of these evil spirits and sometimes, the people around the victims also take undue advantage of the situation. They are more dangerous because they destroy the victims in disguise. You are from Mumbai so check this link which I found on this forum and if you find the location, please provide to other victims. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Mumbai/Ghost-busters_at_Dadar_ashram/articleshow/3320270.cms If hindustani is 100% sure about the Rudralsha, he should clearly inform the place where to find that specific real Rudrakshas including approx. price etc. instead of giving an example to create the importance of rudraksha. Rudrakshas are available all over the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">India</st1:place></st1:country-region> but all are not real or not specifically required to break the spells.
  10. I wonder how these evil minded tantriks get such siddhis of life-destruction so easily whereas the victims does not get the help at all but need to keep on trying the mantras. So many black magic victims are seeking help on this forum itself but nobody could get the help. Surprisingly, tantriks give advertisement in newspapers boosting about their siddhis to harm others but never help the victims following the rules brotherhood (tantriks). Their business would not flourish if they help the victims. If few tantriks can cast such spells, there has to be other good tantriks who can break the spells to maintain the balance in the system. But in today's world, we hardly see such thing happening. All the bad tantriks are getting stronger by supporting each other. The victims can not even form a group to get support of each other. There is no organization/NGO/Law to combat such issues. On the contrary if the victim tries to complain, the people never take him seriously. There are also some good sadhakas who does not take money for curing the black magic but are often publicity-hungry. They try to create the impression on the victims about their generosity but fails to break the spell. What the victim needed the most is to get out of black magic at any cost and follow the every single advise given to him in distress.
  11. Dear Appolonius, People who do black magic on others, often take all the precautions for their safety so it does not allow the victim to get out it in any way. The mantras/sadhana as suggested by others which can be useful in initial stages of black magic but once it overpowers the victim, his efforts becomes futile. I know many cases where the victims does not get a chance for help. Normally, those who resort to black magic are extremely cruel and blind with the maya. Even if you get the support from the public against them, there is no proof for such evil acts to book them under the law of land. On the contrary, these cruel people can add something more because they do track the activities of victims. Sometimes, the blood boils when we see those evil minded people prospering even after doing all kind of evil things but it is only for a short period due to their past good karmas. Ultimately, they have to face the consequences of their evil acts. I suggest you to wait for an opportunity that comes your way for stopping this evil act. This type of black magic can be stopped only by a person fully experienced and knowledgeable in this area. But in the meantime, do join some yoga/satsang group nearby your home for meditation which will help you to follow a spiritual path and realize God. It is like after knowing the sun, we lose interest in power of a candle. Yes, it is difficult under the given circumstances, but still if you can do it, it will be a great achievement. Thinking positively, when a person suffers more, he gets more intense in his prayer/meditation which matters in the domain of god.
  12. While trying to find out the answer of any ‘Ati prashna’, we end up reaching to the origin like ‘why God created man’. Life is boring unless we progress in the your spiritual path. You won’t find peace in the material happiness since day and night are equal on the earth. Unhappiness will follow the happiness very shortly. Different people live on different levels and sometimes, does not even know why they become unhappy. Those who know the reason tries to get rid of it or try to control it to the minimum but get trapped again in the vicious circle of maya. To add the fuel to the fire of confusion, there are many schools of philosophies having different teachings. Like in some Rajyoga schools, there is no moksha and one has to take birth after births. It is also believed that everything is predetermined and there is no free-will etc. So again we are forced to think ‘what is the point’ or ‘why god created man’. Our faith gets shattered if we do not progress in our spiritual path which again is received by the mercy of the Lord. Answers of some questions are meant only to be experienced granted by the Lord and can not be expressed in relative words.
  13. I have visited nadi astrologer 2 years back and I experienced it to be all false. The information they gather by asking questions is sufficient to know the name or date of birth etc. From that thet make a general horoscope and from horoscope, they give the predictions. During the questions, they gather all kind of information in such a way that they are searching the correct leave but they are collecting all the affirmative information. If any reading from leaves is not true, then they will say that this is not your leave and move on to other leaves. In the mean time, they remembers all the affirmative infomation which is considered as a base for the prediction. That means what information you provide them, is only repeated by them.
  14. The easiest way to experience the kundalini is by sahaj yoga. You can join sahaj yoga nearby your residence, it's free. Within 2 days you can experience the energy flowing over your body and the feel the connection, for sure. It's the initial awareness and later by practice more awareness can be gained. What is read about kundailini's wild experience is not completely true. Here, the all the obstables of the chakras gets cleanse before so there is no painful experience. Nothing wrong in experiencing what it is.
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