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Infertility Please help..!!

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We have been married for 5 years and trying to concieve for an year with no luck.

My mom is suggesting to go for Rahu Ketu pooja, but i would like u get expert opinion from you.


I would like to know if myself or my husband has any dosas.


My DOB: 23 May 1980

Time: 6.15AM

POB: Andhra Pradesh.


My Husband's DOB: 31 Oct 1975

Time: Afternoon (dont know specific time)

POB: Andhra Pradesh


Any help is really appreciated.




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om grubhyo namah




dear smt.pallavi


you have not mentioned the place of birth in andrapradesh.


still certain things could be seen from your horoscope.


you were born during sukra kaala. sukra is your putra karaka and

ishta devata too.


please chant " om mahalakshmiyayai namah " 324 times daily

after lighting a lamp with ghee.


also pl do fasting on prathamai and navami thithi days from

sunrise to sunset. donate a food packet to a poor on the same

day. if you have any difficulty in finding the thithi's pl write to

me for the exact dates.


try to get closeset time of birth of your husband, if possible.


may mother bless all






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Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I will defintely follow it.


My place of birth is Nellore in Andhra pradesh.

My husband's time of birth is 1.30 PM

and his POB is Kandukur, Andhra pradesh.


Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking time in replying to my post.

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om gurubhyo namah




dear smt.pallavai


thanks for the info.


your huband has rejected pitris in the past birth. It is their

curse which is on.


Pl ask him to do "argya ", that is offerring of water to Lord Surya and

pitiris chanting


" tat savitur varenayam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhyonah prachodayat "


at least 24 times.


the initial part of this gayatri mantra can be given during upadesa only

and hence ommitted. The above mantra is without the initial part. Yet

he can chant this.


Apart from it, pl ask him to chant the following 324 times after lighting

a lamp.






both your charts have minus points as far as the issue of children.

I am concerned why you initially postponed willfully the birth of

children. This is the case with many young people. Did you

conceive in the past five years ?


If possible pl provide the date of marriage and muhutha timing ( typing

of mangalsutra.


is the birth time of your husband a confirmed one ?


may mother bless all





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Sani sadesath is running from 9/2004 upto 8/2012 for both of you. Sani is aspecting your 2nd and 5th lord Budha in lagna. You have to do shanti to Sani upto 2012 and pray Sri Vishnu(Venkateswara) daily for Budha. Your husband has to do shanti to Sani upto 2012 and also pray Ravi (recite Suryastakam) everyday in the morning as Surya is debilitated in 10th house.He has to pray Sri Durga on friday as Sukra the 5th lord is in 8th to lagna.

2nd house from lagna is for addition to family members and 5th house is for children.Hope you are able to understand the above. If your mother says anything you can do that also. If both of you do the above ,you are likely to conceive by the middle of this year and have the baby in 2009.

With best wishes,



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Go to a clinic. Both of you.


Modern medicine can pinpoint the source of the problem easily. Whichever one of you it is, should not be seen as a disgrace of any kind. There is hope in certain medical procedures than can overcome some problems. Your doctor will advise you if you are a candidate for such a thing.


If there is no hope, there are many orphaned children which long for the kind of love you have imagined giving to a child. If you shop around, I'm sure you'll find one whose heart will make your's melt.




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We have been married for more than 2 years now, and attempts in trying to conceive has gone in-vain. We both have checked ourselves with the respective doctors, my husband was diagnosed of some small issue, but somehow the medicine he is taking is not working.


I would like to know if there are any pooja karma that we must do, that may also be a lacking factor. I was told by a Kalari expert that we have our past karma which is affecting us in conceiving a child.


My DOB is 30th March, 1981

Place of Birth : Qatar

Time of Birth: 3:48 AM (Qatar timing)


My Husband's DOB: 21-08-1982

Place of Birth: Salem

Time of Birth:4:02 AM


Hoping for a response.


Nithya P B

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