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  1. Heaven is not a place. It's a state of awareness. Only by control of the self does one become quiet enough to experience it. x
  2. Love is the ability to see yourself in other things. A worldly person has a small orbit. They love what is close to them or of them. Wife, husband, children, friends, pets, career, food, etc. This is what you practice love on. Their hearts are not fully opened yet. They can love only with discrimination based upon reason. The mind controls who it goes to and in what amount. This is not true love. A divinely realized person has an orbit which encompasses all of creation. They are not at the mercy of the mind and it's limitations so the heart has no restrictions. All is loved equally. Even the vile and profane. A realized person sees no difference between themselves and the divine. Love of self is now seen as love of all things, because you have become all things. Only then will you know what love is. x
  3. The mind is a tool. Thats all it ever was. It helps you navigate this amusement park. Once it has been convinced of it's true nature, permission is granted to seek outside of it's "self". The mind also has the ability to create the material word you see around you. It projects upon the wall of maya, that which you believe in. x
  4. You must look at the world in the same way a naked soul does. Souls come to this world for the experience of doing so. Its no different than someone going to Disneyland. It is the experience. Your soul is nothing more that a spark of the divine itself. Greatly limited because of it's size, but still pulsing with awareness. When you come to this world, you cannot enter as a naked soul. You must put on a very restrictive body, and agree to be tied to it's senses, until you understand you don't have to be. It's a thrill ride. And a darn good one too, huh? Part of the body package is a brain to process stimuli, and a mind which is your user interface in this world. The ego. Now we get into the problem area. The mind has no ability to look into the spiritual realm. It can understand concepts of it, be does not have a range high enough for direct perception. Since this mind, which contains your identity in this world, can't see it's connection to that which created it, it assumes it is alone. It answers to no one other than itself. The world it creates around it is based on physical reality rather than true reality. But hope is not lost. The heart is your true indentity, but the mind makes it sit in the backseat. It can "feel". Without a body. Without a mind. Without an ego. It has unlimited range. The physical universe cannot compare to what the heart can see. The material universe becomes mundane. As you progress on a spiritual path, reality will constantly move beneath your feet. And the things you know in this world now may not be so attractive later on when you see them in a better light. x
  5. It all depends on frequency. All of creation has it's own vibrational rate at which it can manifest. This creates many levels of existance, all co-existing within each other. Its not space that changes because space is pure illusion. It is the mental concept that changes, and creates the reality around you. Including the concept of space and distance, as judged by your physical senses. Your own perception has much in common with a radio. You can tune up and down the dial. At least within your range. A spiritual path is an an attempt increase this tuning range. Beyond what you currently call the world around you. As this range increases, you will see things which cannot be compared with anything you've known in earthly life. When you say there are 10,000 mile high mountains, your mind chokes on the mere concept of it. And this is after the master has given you the simplest explanation he can. You can only imagine what it was that he truly saw. He tempts you to see it for yourself, and be done with "faith". x
  6. Go to a clinic. Both of you. Modern medicine can pinpoint the source of the problem easily. Whichever one of you it is, should not be seen as a disgrace of any kind. There is hope in certain medical procedures than can overcome some problems. Your doctor will advise you if you are a candidate for such a thing. If there is no hope, there are many orphaned children which long for the kind of love you have imagined giving to a child. If you shop around, I'm sure you'll find one whose heart will make your's melt. x
  7. One would think that advanced disciples would be beyond such thoughts, if they did indeed occur. Perhaps this is the reason they were not granted guruship? Its not at all uncommon for a holy man to be surrounded by people who say one thing and do another. A REAL holy man KNOWS. He is privy to the thoughts of his followers. x
  8. There are particles which travel faster than light. The Tachyon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachyon x
  9. It just semantics. Normal, is worldly, and all the attachment that comes from that. It is an artificial world built by the mind for the mind. Normal, is your natural spiritual state, that has become buried under all the worldy things you have attached to yourself. Religion attempts to give you rebirth by cesarean section. With no religion, your rebirth is natural. x
  10. As a former professional bicycle mechanic, I found it a good read. A bit long winded though. x
  11. I have no practices. I bloomed naturally. x
  12. The only guru I've ever had any contact with is the late Charan Singh of Radhasoami, Beas. He gave me a few basic instructions in a letter and I took them to heart. I've never had any association with other Radhasoami devotees or the organization itself. I have been alone in my spiritual pursuits since the beginning. I have no interest in anything other than the most simple of spiritual truths. The ones that all religions are built upon. The ones that children understand. x
  13. This is the quandary of many seekers. Spirtual life, or normal life? At some point, it begs a question of you. Do you want a normal life? It this not what you are attempting to escape from by being a seeker? While we all have obligations to the outside world, we can steer our lives in such a way that both are possible. It can be difficult with family and children and career, but as you age, these become less and less demanding on your time. IF, you act now. If you don't, the years of normal living will slip by and where will death find you? Its good to be born normal. It is a great misfortune to die normal. x
  14. No sin in being old. Today's scientists are children playing with toys. They don't know the half of it yet. x
  15. There is a certain hierarchy. You are free to explore the spiritual realm on your own, but the trip there and back is more rapid with one who knows the way. False gurus have only read the travel brochure. x
  16. Maybe there needs to be a line of Hare Krsna TV dinners? I've been a vegetarian for over 25 years. Its not that hard except in the beginning. Ritual, such as prescribed by various religions, is a behavior modification technique. It lifts you out of the rut you've been running in all your life and replaces it with something else. Another rut. Hopefully on a higher road. The main danger in rituals like chanting is you don't know when to stop. It can become like people who spend their whole life in college. When does it end? When do you graduate? Do you become so busy in your studies that you miss the graduation ceremony and return for another year? You must also excercise silence. Even a songbird is silent long enough to hear the call of it's lover. x
  17. Religion has become the problem rather than the path to liberation. It should have never become this complex. Thats a tell tell sign that the mind is at work and not the heart. The mind creates until it can't see over the horizon anymore. It will take a simple spiritual truth and dissect it until it fills several books. That is not the way. All it has done is create generations of people who are lost in a sea of scriptures that they try so hard to understand. To make matters worse, those who teach scripture are often as blind as those they attempt to help. It's a big mess, but people have to come to this conclusion themselves before they can detach themselves from it. x
  18. How do you wish for your worldly remains to be disposed of? Personal decision or cultural/religious tradition? Kindly explain your answers. x
  19. Before time began, what was there in place then? Now you know what I see. If you feel that chanting brings you something, pursue it. So that you will know the truth. Truth in the human world changes according to one's ability to perceive. A child believes in the tooth fairy because of the lack of perception. In that same way, one believes in deities until perception identifies that deity as symbolic for something else. When symbolism has finally been exhausted, you have the truth that symbolism has only represented. Ever heard the old saying that only mystics can understand other mystics? Thats because mystics have removed all symbolism and are now tasked with explaining things without it. Most people will just pass them by. x
  20. My own path started in physics. They cannot find the God particle. No physical instrument will ever reveal it. It's not of this world. But they will find plenty to keep their little scientist minds happy until they reach a point in their own spiritual evolution where they can see the God particle themselves. x
  21. No more than a yogi? Being a yogi is not a trivial thing. Its certainly hard to explain to others who are not. Its better than being wealthy, or a leader of a country, or a TV preacher prying money out of the hands of those who can least afford it. If you're burning, why not stay in the shade of those lotus feet? Why leave? x
  22. Intelligence? An accumulation of knowledge or the ability to accumulate knowledge. Why would I want to accumulate anything in the mind's storage bin? Have to leave it behind someday. Can't take it with me in death. My tree isn't about knowledge. Just perception. x
  23. Much of the turmoil in today's world is based upon lineage. While its okay to explore this for knowledge sake, one has to be very careful not to exalt one race or people over another. x
  24. To me, chanting IS the weird stuff. So is dressing like an Indian when you aren't one. Just think, if Indians had worshipped John Wayne, they would all be walking around with cowboy hats on. It's THAT silly. God has no opinion on what you wear. When you change dress for the sake of religion, you do so for religion's sake, not your spiritual health. I understand the function chanting has in keeping the mind centered, but beyond that...you could chew gum and repeat holy names and have the same effect. Repetition is repetition, only the subject of concentration changes. But what if God is already a living presence in your life? No concentration required. Why chant? I have been called an impersonalist by several here. I had to look the term up so I could respond. Call me whatever you like. It means nothing to me personally. I identify only with the absolute. If you need a path with deities, demi-gods, and scriptures, go right ahead. You won't know where the path leads until you travel it. I even encourage it. Its the only way you'll ever know. I'll be sitting here under my tree when you're done. x
  25. The written word has no life. I still do. x
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