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Action Films?

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Movies can be fun but the older I get the harder it is becoming to suspend my disbelief. I find myself cynically questioning the motives of the filmakers and things like that. Most of the time I am just happy to stay home and watch History channel, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo Channel or Animal Planet. Sometimes I do watch mindless entertainment reality shows, those can be kind of fun.

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depends on the action. If the movie glorifies the action of a slaughterhouse, well''....


I like movies that make one delve into subject matter of one's guru's teachings. I try to see in this light. Like "Run, Lola, Run". Thats an action flick that is violent, criminal behavior, but it also depicts multiple realities, and which one to pick, so I can justify that such a movie is quite thought provoking. Same with action movies like "Fight Club" and other rather intelligent films. I like Johnny Depp movies (pre pirate) because he always held out for such intelligent films like "Dead Man", "Edward Scissorshands", et al. I even loved a romantic movie by him (some callem "chick flicks", but I dont use the word chick) called "Don Juan Di Marco", because of the otherworldly nature of the movie.


But we are what we take in. We are what we eat, say, do, observe, etc. Our senses form our consciousness, so we always remember that consciousness must rule and be master of senses other than being drawn (and ruled) by the assortment of what the world has to offer in forms of art.


BTW, movies suck lately, nothing has made me want to see anything. Im completely content with my 8 year old daughter's selection of cartoons (like Family Guy and Tokyo Pig, Sailor Moon, and the barbie movies are quite good, based on the classics). I wish someone would make another "The Day After" or maybe a movie based on the book "Lucifer's Hammer". That would draw me away from the couch. End of the world movies are my thing, but I had the great misfortune to see (quite accidentally) the tom cruise garbage (like all his garbage) War of the Worlds.


Id rather make movies that go to em. I made a great movie, 18 minutes, copyright infringed, but it is way artsy. Working on another, "Geishas", way artsy.


haribol, ys, mahaksadasa

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Don't watch 10,000 B.C.!!!

It's really really terrible - I haven't heard one positive review for it so far. Seriously.

Personally, I find some movies to be quite beneficial in the sense they help me understand/learn things which I've been learning and trying to understand. Basically concepts I've been reading about in the gita or bhagavatam, the concepts fellow devotees speak of etc etc.


I saw a really nice movie called The Namesake; after I'd seen it I had cried for about 30 minutes. It was beautiful, helped me understand the fact of how all things must pass etc etc.


And there's a cartoon series I've been following too. It's called "The Avatar: The Last Airbender". It's very cool, draws alot of concepts from the sastras and vedas.


In short, when I allow myself to get caught in such distractions (audial/visual) I at least try to ensure that the end result of the experience will be somewhat meaningful - but that's not to say this is the case all the time.


Hope this helps :)



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