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Born August 4, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York, USA at 10:50 AM (we have daylight savings time) Virgo Lagna


I would specifically like to know what kind of year I'm likely to have financially. And also what kind of career astrology says will suit me best. Thank you for this study.

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Hi Ashish,


Can you please halp me out by taking a look at the following kundli match data for me n the person i am planning to marry. According to kundali match our marraige is not recommended due to the presence of nadi dosh, manglik dosh. We still have one year in hand before we will get married.


Any resolution to remove these doshas will be highly appreciated.


My details:


TOB:2:45 PM

Place: Saharanpur(UP)


Her details:


TOB:10:30 AM

Place: Delhi



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Hi Ashish,

I am in a relationship since past 9 years. I am manglik by chandra kundli and he is not manglik. Since past several months (roughly 4 months), we have noticed that whenever we met he suffered some loss (both heath and wealth wise). Every time something bad happened to him despite efforts from both the sides.


First time, his landlord asked him to vacate the house for no reason.

Second time, he lost his mobile.

Third time, some problem to his car.

Fourth time, he fell ill.

Was that because of bad effect of my stars on him? Secondly, if we marry, would it be bad for him? What are the chances that we will marry each other as his parents thinks that I am unlucky for him?


An astrologer has suggested me to wear pukhraj (5.5 rattis) as it will help me overall. I have started wearing this stone from 1 Jan 09. Will it help me in this issue also?


Just for your information, I am the first and only girl in his life. He had no other relations in the past. Also, he is wearing 5.5 rattis pukhraj and 4.5 rattis panna since August 2007.


I'll be grateful to you if you could find some time to answer my questions. It will be of great help.






My name: Jyoti

Birth time: 10:12 AM


Place: New Delhi


His name: Sandeep

Birth time: 4:45 PM


Place: Devaria, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

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Dear Sir,


I would like to avail this opportunity


i would like to know two things


when would i get married


Now iam abroad, when could i expect a change injob


my bith details are


dob 15 june 1976


time 11;32am


place:visakhapatnam of Andhra pradesh


star uttarashada 4th padam


Kindly answer to my problem



Thanking you in advance



Thanks and Regards



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I have lost all my gold and much of money on 5 Jan 09 evening night (7 PM - 4 AM). I lost it just because of my one stupid mistake. I am very depressed. I feel that i have lost everything. Kindly help me. My details are as below.


Date of Birth - 3 July 1981

Time - 4.08 PM

Place of birth - Sri ganganagar, Rajasthan.

Gender - Female

Current Location - Adelaide, Australia

Profession - Got a job one month back at coles express (Cashier job at petrol pump cum shop)

Family details - Married on 11 March 2007, Parental Family in chandigarh, Father is running a shop, Mother is housewife. 1 younger brother - studying, 1 younger sister - studying, left the job recently for studies.


In laws- Big family in Abohar (Punjab), Father contractor, mother housewife, 3 elder brothers, 3rd is unmarried - living in jaipur.


My full name is deepshikha, Many people call me shikha. My birth name was suggested on H, Like Hemlata but it was not adoped by my family.


I have lost all my marriage gold. I don't have anything here now. I can't stop my tears. It gone out straight away from my hands. I left it in lawn thinking that my husband will bring it in. i told him to do so. He is also very careful person, but dont know why, he didn't notice my purse containing gold there and came in the home and someone took it away. I am cursing myself from that time. Please check my kundli. Why it happened. Will i get it back. Kindly tell.

Please, Please, Please

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Hi Ashish,


I am keen to know if I would re-start my academic education in future - and will I pursue higher academic education overseas. It would be ideal to know the time-frame (how soon - how late,in which year)


Since you analyse basis Jyotish - please also write the reference according to my horoscope.


My details

Date Of Birth -- 3 Jan 1980

Place of Birth -- Lucknow India

Time: 12:24pm


It would be great if you can reply to my questions - in case I need to furnish any other details do please write back.



Harsh Pandey

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Hello Ashish,


First of all thank you for this opportunity.


Here are the details:


23rd july 1982

8 am




22 march 1982

6:57 am



I want to know,


1) if the boy is manglik, does manglik dosham gets cancelld due to presence of saturn?


2) If we will be able to get married? if the boy is manglik, we will perform all the remedies and move ahead.


-Thanks for your time,

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hello sir,



tob:1;10 a.m


sir,please analysis my horoscope and tell me about my carrer.when i will get a good job and which field??is there chances of going abroad and will i achieve fame and success..are there any good yogas in my chart...in my horoscope guru is in 10th house in neecha rashi...what are its effects...waiting for your reply



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hello sir,



tob:11.06 a.m


sir,please analysis my horoscope and tell me in which career I can make a mark, be rich and famous.when i will get a good job and which field??

are there any good yogas in my chart (durudhara, hamsa yoga, ashtalakshmi? ). How to reduce my anxiety level and find peace of mind. Suggest a gemstone for health

waiting for your reply (email:rochit123@gmail.com)

thank you

rochit shetty

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I am asking about my daughter


Her information is as follows:


D.0.B is 14/06/1979 (june)

time of birth : 1;18pm USA time

place of birth in city of fontana california


I wanted you to do a general reading but specifically tell me about her marriage. When will she get married (which time frame), what do you see as far as her marriage is concerned. and about her exams, career. Thank you

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Namaste sir,


Dob 20 oct 1982

Oob : new delhi ,India

Tob : 08:30 AM


i am 26 years old and i gave a lot of interviews but there is always a problem i dont know why.


whatever i do is wrong and iam an unlucky person luck was never with me.


Late Grandfather > studied 10 > defence

Father > studied 11 > manager in company

Me > studied MCA(IT and comp. Sc) > No job


I dont understand what is problem in my life

If possible tell me time of my marraige


Can you plz help ?


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Respected Ashish ji


I am very impressed by your selfless service for the humanity and those in need of help.


I would like you to please have a look at my kundali my details are as given below.

Date of birth : 25 september 1974

Time of Birth : 19:45

Place of birth : Srinagar , Jammu and Kashmir


My question is when will I attain to maariage (if ever ,that is) and how are the chances of being successfull in business of IT and software ?


I will be highly oblized if you can shed some light on 2Ms of my life, ie, money and marriage please.




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~ Om Namah Shivayah ~


I'm Madhusudhan from Hyderabad. Myself, I strongly believe astrology, in order which I’ve consulted astrologists, but couldn't get best out of them. By following their advice I wore Blue Sapphire {Indra Neelam}, Diamond & Hessonite {Gomed}, but none of them helped me to get my troubles out. Hence, after 2 years now I stopped wearing them.

Besides, since my teenage I’ve been quite ambitious, but till now I couldn’t get the taste of success. Twice I went to United States, but came back due to visa conversion & extension problems. Now I fed up with US plan & wanted to stay back in India itself, so this time I’m trying my hand in trading, but constantly losing money. Trust me, whenever I get in to trade then the trend goes reverse to my prediction, in order which I’m losing whooping sum of money in seconds/ minutes, so this is the way my fate is. It’s not that I’m unsuccessful in trading itself previously I tried other businesses too, but my fate remains same. As of now, I’m in Guru Maha Dasha, but then why I’m struggling like this???

Desperately looking forward for responses & remedies….


Date of Birth: 30.05.1974

Time of Birth: 10:30 PM

Place of Birth: Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh

Gender: Male


~ God Bless You All ~

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Jai Mahadev,


Here's my details,


DOB: 1st June 1981

Birth Time: 20:40

Birth Place: Ahmedabad


I am currently in US and will be going to india this March to look for my better half. I want to know whether will i get one and how she will be in looks and in her career.


In my Kundli the 2nd house is occupied by Ketu, so what impact will it have in terms of wealth and family life?


Again 10th house is occupied by Shani and guru, so could you please let me know the effects of this in my career? I have a goal to see my self in politics and will this help me achieve it? Will i be a successful politician?


will appreciate your reply.



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here are my details :

DOB:10th aug 1984


place : kota (rajasthan)



have just married this Dec'7- 2008, things related to mangal in lagna,rahu in 7th house and the position of sun in 9th house is the cause of my worry.also would like to know about the raj yoga in my horo.can you elaborate with a line or two as a general comment on the whole horoscope..hope you will spend some time on this.thanks for your kindness

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Dear Ashish ji, I have seen posts of yours and am very impressed by your knowledge in the field of astrology. I would be very obliged if you could please have a look at my birth chart and suggest something, so that i may be able to live a successful and peaceful life. I have gone from several hardships throughout my life. Please give me some guidance as to what to do (any remedies, etc) to have an ideal life, i shall be very much grateful to you. My details are - DoB-29-12-1979, Time-9.55 PM, Place-Rajnandgaon(CG)(21N05, 81E05).

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Heloo Dear Sir,


My self Rakesh am also in the learning stage of astrology as inspired from KP system hence forth having some confussion in my horo regarding wearing stones what stones according to you I should wear & why (with logics)

& secondly about the carrier path & making own house,if you could help solving my problem will be so thankful to you.


DOB 07-06-1975

Place Amritsar

Time 12:45 PM




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