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  1. Respected Webyogi, Here is a case of my friend's wife triveni Triveni's Birth Details Birth Date : 26th July 1985 Night : 00.05 (Late night of 25th July) Place : Kolhapur (Confusioh over the Rashi) Ritesh Birth Details Birth Date : 15th Jan 1979 Time : 02.05 a.m Place : Kolhapur The person is going to be panic in certain situations and do not aware what she is doing. After certain incidents of quarrel or tension she doesnt remember about it. She is clashes with her husband from last 2 months. What will be the solution. Please explore the dasha, dosha and present situation of the person. Also mention about Ritesh's carrer. Thanks Mahaveer
  2. Hi Predictions! Love is a vague therm. Its meaning is beyong the reach. There is no love exists in the two souls in the world! Two persons come together because some things, greed attracts each other; but finding that there is noting they try to hate each other. The failure of your expectations turn the love into hate. The Love you called was not exactly the love because it turned into hatred. The Love was Love when it was not in hatred. May be that your emotions was genuine. But it might be from her side that she failed to get something that she attracted because of something and you dont provided her. The greed and expectations make people to compel to come with each other. Otherwise everyone will be Sanyasi. So dont become panic. If she comes then ok. If she doesn't come never apologize or persuade her. It will increase her vanity and ego. Love is mutual process so If she dont' let pray for her. Mahaveer Vibhute http://enlightensoul.blogspot.com
  3. Hi Gauri! I am also learning Astrology. Astrology content five basics 1. Tithi 2. War 3. Nakshatra, 4. Karan 5.Yoga The planets, rashis and nakshatra and their combinations. You will get more info on indiaastro.com. But it is difficult to predict on literature reading. We have to be perfect or we might interpret very wrongly. Suppose the Mangalik Kundli has a Mangal in Manglik Area. But if it is in lower degree i.e. 1 degree then it is called Bala Avastha. It will not harm the person. But some says that the person is manglik and he will have problems in marriage. Such cases make us to predict wrongly. So be careful. Good Luck If you want to discuss ur chart give birth details : Birth Place, Time pm. a.m. Day Location (Exact City) Also visit my blog http://enlightensoul.blogspot.com Mahaveer
  4. Hi Friends Please See my Thread and express your opinions! http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/450931-amavasya-birth-case-study-chart.html
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