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Has anyone seen Lord Narayana?

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Hari Om,


Dear friends I am becoming more and more devoted to

Lord Narayana. I want to know if anyone has seen the

supreme lord? I would like to know what this

experience is like.


Also I have heard that as one progresses on the

spiritual path one can have visions of the other

Lokas, Devas etc. Has anyone had this vision?


If anyone has had this experience please let me know

what it was like.








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> Rohit Iyer <iyer_rohit

> Has anyone seen Lord Narayana?

> Dear friends I am becoming more and more devoted to

> Lord Narayana.


You are indeed very fortunate. My salutations to you.

> I want to know if anyone has seen the

> supreme lord?


I am sure your delightful question will elicit a large number of

equally delightful answers from the learned and scholarly members of

this group. adiyen would like to share what little I know with my

very limited knowledge.


Yes, countless trillions of nitya and muktha jivatmas have seen and

are seeing Bhagavan Narayana perpetually. The Veda says 'tad vishnoh

paramam padam sadaa pashyanthi surayah' - the Seers always see the

Supreme Pada of Vishnu. Given here is a very partial list of the

fortunate ones who have seen the Lord. The list is somewhat

chronologically ordered:


1) Lord Brahma

2) Lord Siva

3) The Sanakadhi Rishis, namely, Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and


4) The 12 Rishi sons of Brahma, namely, Vasishta, Atri, Angiras,

Pulastya, Pulaha etc.

5) The Prajapathis such as Kasyapa, Kardama, Daksha etc.

6) Swayambhuva Manu and Satarupa, the first human beings in this


7) The Bhakti-oriented Maharishis such as Narada, Sandilya etc.

8) The Bhagavathothamas such as Prahlada, Dhruva etc.

9) The Asuras such as Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksha, etc.

10) The fortunate ones who lived with the Avatharas such as

Vasudeva, Devaki, Dasaratha, Kousalya, Nanda, Yashoda, etc.

11) The bhaktas who served the Avatharas such as Guha, Sugriva,

Vibeeshana, Hanuman, Arjuna, Uddhava, Daruka, Kuchela, Akrura,

Vidura, Bhishma etc.

12) Parasara, Vyasa's father, who gave us the Puranarathna -


13) Vyasa who gave us the Vedas, the Brahma Sutra, the Satvika

Puranas such as Bhagavatha Purana, the Mahabharatha with the 2 gems,

the Bhagavad Gita and the Vishnu Sahasranama

14) Vyasa's son, Sukabrahma, who narrated the Bhagavatha Purana

15) The 12 Alvars such as Nammalvar, Periyalvar, Andal etc. who

constitute our very breath

16) The great Acharyas of our sampradaya such as Sri Natha Muni, Sri

Yamuna Muni, Sri Kanchipurna, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Kuresha, Sri Vedanta

Desika, Sri Manavala Mamuni etc.

17) The Acharyas and Vishnu-bhaktas of other sampradayas said to

have directly seen the Lord such as

Sri Sankara, Sri Padmapadha etc. (Advaita)

Sri Madhva, Sri Vyasaraya, Sri Raghavendra etc. (Dvaita)

Sri Nimbarka etc. (Dvaitadvaita)

Sri Vishnuswami, Sri Vallabha etc. (Suddhadvaita)

Sri Chaitanya etc. (Achintya Bheda-bheda)

18) The Vittaladasas such as Thukaram, Namadeva, Ghora Khumba, Choka

Mela, Janabai, Chakkubai etc. who served Rukmini and Krishna at


19) The Ramadasas such as Bhadrachala Ramadas, Samartha Ramadas and

the recent Thyagaraja Swami.

20) And countless billions of other unsung souls.

> I would like to know what this

> experience is like.


Enlightened sages such as Sri Ramanuja spend their whole lifetimes

teaching us, ignorant ones, what this experience is like. Like

children who prattle their parents' speech, adiyen can only prattle

the sacred utterances of those Narayana-Lovers as the answer to your

question - 'Unsurpassable Bliss', 'Supreme Endless Love', 'Soul-

melting', 'Unsatiating Nectar', 'The Peace that passeth

understanding', 'Unending Happiness', 'The Supreme State of

Vishnu', 'The True Nature' etc. adiyen begs the pardon of vaishnavas

for trying to describe this state, being wholly unqualified to even

talk of this Blessed State.

> Also I have heard that as one progresses on the

> spiritual path one can have visions of the other

> Lokas, Devas etc. Has anyone had this vision?


Several of the abovesaid mahatmas have had such visions. But they

mention that on seeing Sriman Narayana, there is nothing else in the

totality of existence that is worth seeing. Besides on seeing

Narayana, the totality of existence is seen since Narayana is the

Self of the totality of existence.

> If anyone has had this experience please let me know

> what it was like.


adiyen would humbly beg you to approach an Acharyan who would kindly

lead you to that Consummate Experience.

> Thanks,

> rohit




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Dear SrIman Rohit Iyer:


In addition to the good inputs that you have recieved

from other members of the list , I wish to mention that

in Kali yugam , the Lord presents Himself to His dear

BhakthAs in Svapnams/dreams. For exceptional BhakthAs .

He talks to them by breaking His self imposed silence

as archaa moorthy at temples( in the case of Thirukkacchi

Nampi and Lord Varadaraajan of Kaanchi), Lord Rangarajan and

AchArya RaamAnuja ( Panguni Uttharam day), Saint ThyagrAjA

and Lord Raamachandra ( Thirumanjana veethi, ThiruvaayAru),

OotthukAdu MahAN and KaaLinga krishNan (at a village near

KumbakONam) , the AzhwArs ( Mudal AzhwArs at ThirukkOvilUr)

et al.


Svapnam about Him happens from the constant meditation

on the Bhagavan's svaroopam , GuNams and ThirumEni.

Blessed are those in Kali Yugam , who have this bhAgyam.

This experience is thrilling and it only underlines

the anaadhi sambhandham : timeless relationship of

the jeevan with its SwAmi. It is poorva samskAram

and the mental disposition to practise one or more

of the nine types of worship ( SravaNam, Keethanam ,

Paadha sEvanam et al) described by Bhaktha PrahlAdhA.






At 08:46 PM 2/14/02 -0800, you wrote:


>Dear friends I am becoming more and more devoted to

>Lord Narayana. I want to know if anyone has seen the

>supreme lord? I would like to know what this

>experience is like.


>Also I have heard that as one progresses on the

>spiritual path one can have visions of the other

>Lokas, Devas etc. Has anyone had this vision?


>If anyone has had this experience please let me know

>what it was like.





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  • 8 years later...

Dear Rohit,


From the last 10 years I am speaking with Lord Narayana. He has disclosed me many secrets of himself and the creation of living being, lokas, and even the origin of the universe. He taught me many things in life, and taught me that science of reincarination(escaping from the cycle of death and birth). He always shows the path which leads to him and helps me in reaching him.He taught me Bhagavat Gita, Vedas, Upanishads and many things which are unreaveled to human society.


But before 10 years i never believed in god. But in the year 2001, he has manifested in my life and started teaching me the basics of divinity, the techniques in reaching the counsiouness and ultimate path of Paramapadam. In the year 2002 March 25th he has revealed his viswarupam, which is really inexplicable,with which i was in a trance for the next two days, only then he explained me the secrets of viswarupam.

With his association for the last 10 years i can tell onething he his my father, god father everthing for me in life.

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dear deepak bro,blessed are you that Shri Hari himself manifests before you....there arent many who get this golden opportunity,,,all i can say is that you are truelly a punya atma...you surely must have done very good karma...that the very Lord appears before yu..even i want to see him....i know its little greedy to say that since HE is already very busy ....i still want to see HIM...atleast once...i dont expect to overload GOD with any work to teach a ignorant,foolish like me....but just see HIM once.....truely....blessed!!! i wonder if this will happen??....you are very punyavan...its an honour to know you brother...may god bless all

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  • 10 months later...

Dear Rohit,

What I have to say may not sound welcome at first reading but I offer it for what it is made worth for you by you.

Do not ask of other's experiences or try to be guided by other's input in meditation.

Each meditational experience is a UNIQUE Path of a Unique Immortal Soul to the One Supreme. Inputs from others about how this works are iether heresay or even if personal experiences they are UNIQUE to thsoe people. Other experiences will make you either block or seek some experiences during your own meditation believing x is good and y is not so good.

If The Supreme is making you increasingly attached to the image of Narayana, meditate on it and "Trust" it Completely. This helps develop and strengthen FAITH. So Do not try ot gather faith and "knowledge" by asking anybody else, do not speak about this anymore Rohit, do not search externally from others or from books or form net etc. for what others' experiences are/were. Go Alone..or rather should I say Go with Narayana and no one else.

If you meditate regularly yes, you Will have Visions of other "beings" but if you assume each is a God, you will be deeply misled. Many visions are of hostile forces that come in to mislead you. Even if a Vision is a God, what matters that to you for you are beckoned by Narayana is it not? So just stay with the Imagery of Narayana whatever image of Him feels right for that meditation phase. ALL other visions are just a movie to be simply watched without any agitation for they mean nothing to you. Stay with Narayana image AT ALL TIMES (as you are inherently feeling driven towards) and you will be fine.

May you be well.

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  • 1 month later...

Dear Friend,


Its good know that devotee like you, as I said above, I have seen Lord Narayana really, not only real form also many other countless forms in my residence. Any question or doubt you have about Lord Narayana... let me know also you can contact me




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  • 7 months later...

I dont know whether in kaliyugam he will appear physically or not ,but he appeared many times in my dreams with adhisesha in water

sometimes like lord venkateshwara,i will share every thing with him,the answer will come in the form of result,if i am really very much confused of taking a decision i would ask ramacharita prashnavali chart ,click on that chart offer prayer to rama and aski him it really helps ,but one thing i learned from him reaching him is not easy u shud be very pure ( in ur thoughts,behaviour ,responsibility,dharmas ,patience ) .Once he accepts u as his devotee he will never let u do any kind of faults

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What you are saying is not possible in this yuga. Even Lord Brahma could not see Lord Narayana at first and after doing Ta_Pa (sacrifice) for 1000 years only he was able to hear guidance from Sriman Narayana, so how can insignificant mortals like you & me expect to see him. Having said that, only purified souls who follow the path of Bhakri yoga alone can probably try & see him in person after many many births of purification.

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It's really nice of you think on these lines.. You have been blessed .. 


I have been a devotee of  god for many years but in the last 17 years I am thinking more and more about Narayana/Vishnu.. Roughly 14 years ago I had a chance of experiencing God.. I was doing guided meditation in a 3 day programme andin one particular meditation we were given a suggestion by the master to meditate on god for a few minutes.. as I was doing it suddenly I felt that I experienced God and the feeling was terrific.. I felt immense happiness which I had never experienced in my life before.. the experience lasted for about 3 seconds and out of reflex action,  I opened my eyes.. all my awareness shifted to my surroundings and the experience slowly passed off.. Though the experience went away, the beautiful happiness remained for almost 2 days..From childhood, many times, I have had lot of happiness and at different levels / intensity.. But this particular experience gave me happiness which I had not even aware existed...It was at a different level altogether..


But Rohit, I have not had visions of Lokas and Devas.. 


I feel that correct understanding of Gita and the essence therein, may help you in experiencing Narayana.. 

Like my swamiji used to say 'Read the scriptures, shake off all the letters and words and just absorb the essence to understand the meaning'


Om Namo Narayanaya.



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Guest rajkumar

Dear Deepak.. dont spread false things to people. in this yuga no one is pure by heart , mind or body.. It is very difficult. and i am sure your trying to exaggerate things and mislead people.. Shut your trap and sit there..

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