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  1. What is the significance of this number in the Hindu religion or calendar? My German friend has been over everything he can find in the internet about the Vedic culture. He has come to the conclusion that every good idea, concept, religious practice finally finds its way back to the Vedas. He is fascinated by the vedic calculation of time. He is now looking for the significance of the figure 18710000 in the vedic times. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks for your help Ramesh
  2. I urgently need the procedure and the mantras for puNyavachanam. Please help me find one on this forum. Thanks i
  3. I have issues in professional and personal life that keep me tense. I believe that I am doing my best to resolve these issues. I am aware that in the coming years these issues will be resolved. But that day is many years away (e.g. my retirement after 5 or 6 years). Meanwhile the open issues keep me tense and at time cause stress. I do pray, fast and practise and engage in spiritual deeds. I believe that if I left everything to Him, I will better. So, in real life, how do I really practise Sharanagathi, total surrender? Thanks for your help.
  4. Mrudula If you consider astrology a body of knowledge, then it helps like any other body of knowledge. What good is knowing that cyanide is poision? Take precautions, don't consume it! Astrology can help predict forthcoming events in life, but much depends on the exact date, time and place of birth, and then on the interpretation of the birth chart. Just as an x-ray or an ECG can be interpreted by several physicians in different ways, so can a birth chart be interpreted in different ways. If someone did interpret it correctly, what good is knowing the future, if you can't change it, one may ask. You are right. And if you can change it, what good is a prediction, one may argue. That is correct. But much depends on what we want and what we get. Is loss of job, illness, change of place necessarily bad? Are there really "good" and "bad" things in life, or only events that we tend to interpret according to our wishes and desires? Some people use astro predictions ONLY for knowing in advance general trends in life. If I am expected to transfer to another country, may be I will think twice before investing in property. If I am foretold that I should expect a period of illness, I will watch my health. If I knew that my boss' horoscope is such that he does not trust newcomers, then I will adjust my ways accordingly. In the end, we all have to decide individually how much of life is pre-ordained and how much is our own making. Life teaches each one of us the answer to such questions. If we always do good, see good, say good, sow good, think and hear good, whatever then happens is our lot. In my own limited experience I have been responsible for most of my misery. This is plain common sense. Astroprediction is just another input to managing life. How one takes it.. depends on oneself. i
  5. Breaking a word for convenience is bound to change the meaning of the name. Since each word in Vishnu's 1008 names has at least 1 specific meaning, in general, shortening a name will most likely change the meaning of the name, too. Mahot is a good example, shurely Mahaa + utsaaho is not the same as Mahot. I will try to spend a few hours going through the 1008 names and pick out possible options for you. Regards i
  6. Hello I am new to this forum. I have answered a few questions on other threads since I joined but never posted a question. What intrigues me is that none of the questions is answered. Is there an expert who is answering these questions? Does she or he answer the questions privately? If the questions are never answered, why are people posting them? I am rather cofused. Regards i
  7. Wow, that is a whole lot of questions in one post. Let me try my bit. As I see, our Trinity were not living beings, they never did. I do not know if anyone believes that our creator, Brahma, had actually lived on this planet. I personally believe that the Trimurti figures are used explain the cycle of birth, life and end of life. It does not matter to whom you pray. As you said, there is just one God. According to the original aryan saying "aham brahmasmi", which means, I am God, or rather, there is God in me (each one of us). That is also the meaning of Namaste, I bow to the God in you. I find this quite logical. It is just that because we are surrounded and bound by maya, we believe that each one of us separate from the others. But we all have a single origin, and the Hindu religion very well captures the essence of Darwin's theory of evolution. The various incarnations of Vishnu were described as the Fish God, then there was the Turtle God, then Vishnu in the form of the Pig God and so on. If we were all born of the same material, then it is fair to say that there is a single God. The energy present at the start of life, whenever that was, is as much in me as it is in you. As we pray and learn to breakdown the barriers created by upbringing, we realize that we are all one and the same. Then it does not matter whether you worship Vishnu or Shiva or Christ. Saying a mantra to any God is the same if we all treated others as we would like to be treated. When we see the God in others that is also in us, we would have broken down the chains that maya imposes on us. To me, this concept of maya is the most wonderful concept man has ever conceived. Did I answer any of your questions or raised even more? Let me assure you, I know much less than you do. Peace. i
  8. My husband's birthday falls on 26th May (1953). Has constant problems on the job - lack of growth, other tensions. He is required to stay on the job until end 2018 before he qualifies for full pension, but the the way the job is going, it is doubtful he can survive that long. What does the tarot reading indicate? How will the job situation improve? We have financial responsibilities and he needs the job at least another 5 years. TIA i
  9. More than muslims, the real problem is with politicians who merely make lofty promises, and the people who vote the same corrupt politicians into power. As long as this goes on, the future of Hindus is at stake. Muslims are there to stay, they will not go away, they have it good in India. They are getting killed by the dozens in Pakistan and many other muslim countries. If there is awakening among Hindus to elect the right people into power, Hindus will continue to suffer and non-Hindus, in the name of secularism, will continue to chip away the power of Hindus. Yes, the existence of Hindus and Hinduism is at stake. But the Hindus own the responsibility for this sad state of affairs.
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