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  1. Dear Rohit, From the last 10 years I am speaking with Lord Narayana. He has disclosed me many secrets of himself and the creation of living being, lokas, and even the origin of the universe. He taught me many things in life, and taught me that science of reincarination(escaping from the cycle of death and birth). He always shows the path which leads to him and helps me in reaching him.He taught me Bhagavat Gita, Vedas, Upanishads and many things which are unreaveled to human society. But before 10 years i never believed in god. But in the year 2001, he has manifested in my life and started teaching me the basics of divinity, the techniques in reaching the counsiouness and ultimate path of Paramapadam. In the year 2002 March 25th he has revealed his viswarupam, which is really inexplicable,with which i was in a trance for the next two days, only then he explained me the secrets of viswarupam. With his association for the last 10 years i can tell onething he his my father, god father everthing for me in life.
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