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  1. namaskar to all respected elders and all my brothrs and sisters;i just thought of starting this thread so as to know our LORD better..using this space to share thoughts and deepening our love for HIM...do keep posting and enlighten this ignorant one....if its ok with all you respected readers..
  2. dear deepak bro,blessed are you that Shri Hari himself manifests before you....there arent many who get this golden opportunity,,,all i can say is that you are truelly a punya atma...you surely must have done very good karma...that the very Lord appears before yu..even i want to see him....i know its little greedy to say that since HE is already very busy ....i still want to see HIM...atleast once...i dont expect to overload GOD with any work to teach a ignorant,foolish like me....but just see HIM once.....truely....blessed!!! i wonder if this will happen??....you are very punyavan...its an honour to know you brother...may god bless all
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