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  1. Hi what about a Single Guru with all the knowledge ??? sure it is there but hard to find........
  2. Your kinda queries give me a real joy that ppl are turning spiritual.... the world is filled with lotta possibilities but we need to seek it out...the Guru you are looking for might not be there in your territory...u just need to walk out of your seclusion with a bit of determination....you can reach to the Sat-guru.....and get to the point you are dreaming of.... cheers
  3. No matter what is your intention it's always wrong to use Tantra in such way...but it's a prevailing practice in society....
  4. without the guidance of a Guru all sadhanas are worthless... well if you got the Samskara from past lives then it's okay...even if in this case, a Guru who has the manifestation in all is a must.... so look for the guru first rather than the sadhanas and all....you may find you doing sadhanas the same way even in next life...and figure out it just to know it was a waste, lol..... cheers
  5. Hi buddies.... sure i agree with R K ....there are millions and millions people...nothing happened when we were born...and nothing gonna happen when we die...we don't got any knowledge of our past lives...and what next...it all comes if we keep ourself glued to the pure spiritual practices like Kundalni Awakening and alll....but we need to under go the holy feet of Sadguru... srue there was only one Jesus...only one Krishna and the Buddha and all... and let's be the only one and lets not die in vain struggling for the stomach only....lets get to some higher points....lets go to the Guru cheers
  6. Common mates.... let's not only talk but get into the real practice.....we are with lotta misconceptions regarding Kundalini....Kundalini Awakening is not a thing to make U a mystic, it's far more than this...
  7. Hello there, First, what you got to undertake is everything has correlation and certainly goes back to the past karma. Whatever it is suffering or the happiness, has relation with our past karmas. So, considering it, forget about hurting back that guy who is doing Marana Prayoga on your father. The feelings of the Revenge never retires and it keeps on haunting life after life, so forget about it. Meditation and these kinda stuffs won't help, you need to reach out a perfect person....but the person with the attunement with the Para Bramha seems to be the help but such person won't take your adversaries at once but gradually as the person knows whole of your lives...past deeds, present deeds and the consequences.... well, i am under the holy feet of such person ....but your father needs to go under the Guru Diksha first and will have to do lotta Guru Mantra and probably he will be given the Bagala Mukhi Diksha too, i dunno .... what i know is your father will be back to his life again.... regards
  8. Hi hit me at theeasternthunder@ if U think i could lead U to the needed help...
  9. Sure, I agree you but the state you are talking is really tough to gain and it is a high sort of practice in Tantra, not applicable in all..... Wet dreams to cause U lose Kundalini.... most of the Celibates respect the opposite sex as sister / mother / or the goddess....it depends on ppl.........
  10. this and that....human civilization has been fighting for it for the ages.....i am superior ...and i am the only one !!! this is the hell of our mind..... all the philosophies has some significant role in our life but....what about the changing time??? does it apply for all ages... the incarnation of God too had been made according to the need of the specific time so is the philosophy....sure we can adopt good things from all but why should we be applying all even if it is rotten ??? this is disgusting and it's what we have been doing for ages !!! we wear clothes according to the season !!! so is the philosophy too....sure all the great masters came and taught....they performed their duty ....and they were sent for that specific time only....so lets stop panicking for the past....get some good things from it and throw the rest of the stuffs away... worshiping a statue or following a sect or philosophy feeds our ego as there's not the person or the god to interfere us.....our is the society of corpse worshiper....it's exactly what has been happening since long time ago. When Krishna was living ....his life was filled with adversaries....Jesus was crucified ....Mahvira too got that kinda treatment....Buddha is not the exception....but see what !!! all these are worshiped now !!!! just because they now can not retort you, can not tell that you are wrong or right !!! the important thing is to find a living Guru who has the attunement with the Para Bramh...who has all the knowledge............can take you to the abode of the Gods , can get U to the God Realization....knows how to activate the Kundalini and can take it to the final point.....but it is far more difficult to get to the Living Guru as Guru might put you in the trials as Vishwamitra did to Raja Satya Harishchandra.... if we are still alive inside let's not fight for the philosophies rather lets put our labor to seek out a Final Truth... dare to march forward on the path of adversaries ??? peace may prevail the earth
  11. Dear R K Strangers too can feel the same way when there's some correlations from the past. It really makes sense asuming that we could have been together somewhere in our past lives marching toward the real Salvation, the enlightenment, you never know !!! I hope you could get along the Kundalini and reach out to the Eternal Guru so that you could fathom the realm of the final Truth. And when you are at the Holy Feet of Sadguru, you really don't have to worry for Kundalini or anything else. Your perspectives will chage and all desires such as even the Kundalini turns to be a mundane stuff. It's really great to know that you are maintaining the celebacy and you are a complete vegitarian. But you could confront lotta self acclaimed Gurus who allow their disciples to go Carnivorous, lol !!! This really horrifies me, it's terrfic !!! I dunno what gonna happen to all those Innocent ppl being mislead!!! They are hoping for the truth but ..... i hope the same....i guess we gonna meet soon.... regards
  12. Dear R K Sure, i agree you. Reaching to the internal Guru sure is a high thing and it demands huge determination if we are to do it in own...and another significant matter to it is the Past Karmas...if we got the such SAMSHKAARA from the previous lives sure we can go for the same in this life too. People tend to believe what they hear or see. It's exactly what happens with the followers . People worship Krishna, Buddha, Rama or else but never know what played role in their lives that those people became like that!!! Surely, they too got numerous lives...life after life....and are standing like a great Himalaya even in our time and will be there next too many generations. We had previous lives...and there are lot more to live.... Internal Guru was there and will be ....but unless we reach to the physical Guru who can lead us to the proper path is a must....well, Teacher is categorized as, Shikshyak (teacher), Acharya, and Guru....but Sadguru is above all these and we need a Sadguru.... Once in a life time there comes a Sadguru but we might not notice and the Sadguru crosses the line...You may confront hell lotta ppl claiming themselves the SADGURU but Sadguru does not come that much easy....being on the holy feet of a Sadguru is like living into the HUGE FIRE !!! Remember the tragedies in King Satya Harischand (i might have forgotten the name, not sure)...what Vishwamitra did to him??? King had to come across the adversaries and lotta trials....................... it's what Sadguru does....first s/he puts you into the trial just to turn you into the 24 Karat gold...not the ordinary...... Paradmani can transform the iron into the gold but not into the Paradmani itself but a Sadguru can transform a real disciple just like him !!! We need a living Guru....in the basic stage...later we would get the guidance from the Guru residing into us and it is the same Guru with whom we have been living since numerous lives. The only relation which never changes is of the Guru and disciple life after life but all other relations....sure this is the Guru living inside us, the Eternal Guru...with whom we might have been in past lives but couldn't be with this life, we never know....!!! regards
  13. Man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,U r tooooooooooooo much........ the real people with real knowledge never ever would do that for any amount they are supposed to get.... U can not weigh true knowledge in such a way....never...
  14. The world is filled with evil and good ...sure the evil forces work faster than the good one. Well, if you are just looking to get rid of the adversaries, search for some Ojahs or Aghoris, but be aware of going to the Aghoris...they are real threat to normal human beings. Still, there are lots of well mannered Aghoris too. Well, but if one is up to the spiritual advancement, then these kinda stuffs are much likely to occur in one's life. I am under the holy guidance of such a person but you must get initiated into Guru Diksha. Still, even after the initiations you got to do it all by yourself and it might take little time to get over it. And the problem is I am from Nepal and the person is right here in Nepal. I don't think you'd like to travel the distance.... regards
  15. Dear Dhruv, Does your sister still with that thing? This is what all the so called Tantriks are doing and because of this the True Knowledge from our ancestors is in the verge of the extinction. There are still few good people with genuine knowledge who can be the help ... Well, such things happen when the Evil Tantriks perform their rituals or it could just be the reactions of past Karmas. But, only a person with divinity can tell you the truth. Everything happening in our life has some correlation to the past lives.... I dunno much about Asharm Ji and other self acclaimed Bhagabans and Gurus there but Ur sister can get rid of it ...must be with patience... regards
  16. Dear Laxmi, It's really really the inspiring fact of modern age that people are turning to be spiritual than religious, wow. I must appreciate your hunger for the truth. Reading books could be the initial stage in this path...which brings the curiosity along.... Reading puts a whole lotta knowledge in U but not with real divine experiences for this you need a real capable Guru, at least with The Third Eye awakening....ppl with Third Eye are not hard to find...but with the final one is rare and i am dead sure there exists only one in whole earth !!! Well, ppl with real experience will never share except few words on it. They are not mean but it is the Super Rule which you will confront if you carry on the search... sure Kriya Yoga is a great sort of Yoga but..it demands a whole lotta patience still is a great thing to practice...... keep it up...
  17. Hi, Well, you are quite good at explaining the matters, that's great. But, finding out the internal Guru is real tough...reaching to the Holy Feet of the Guru residing deep inside us, or as U say on the Guru Mandala above the Third Eye is not easy as it sounds...i am with people who are still unable to realize which Chakra in them has been activated ....But, they will know it after the purification of their heart and mind... after performing some special techniques whether it is Mantric, Tantric, or Yogic...Kundalini upsurges but remains unrealized....and only a Capable Guru can make the Kundalini go up....except in some rare cases.... Though the Guru is the term which refers to the more internal and spiritual realm, we need a Guru in Living Form who could guide us on the path to the self realization....if it is that much easy to go up with the powers...all the seekers of truth would be with this thing...don't U agree it? cheers
  18. Dear R K, I couldn't agree U more almost in every words... sure i too have witnessed such people....they are not fool themselves, so called masters and the enlightened ones make 'em fool !!! LOL. Activation of Third Eye with the touch of a Guru really happens but it's rare, genuinely rare...only the Sadguru can transform a layman to the wise like this...not those so called cheap Gurus, cheaper than Hajmola Candy...ha ha ha....they only mislead people and earn their survival. If one is with a capable Guru, till you are totally transformed into the purity, one may not realize the awakening of the Kundalini. But, as you say, it will hit the person at some specific point of time and it just can not be remain silent. I hope you are doing really great in the quest and hope to exchange words...but not your divine experiences...as it is truly personal and do not share these things in public as you mentioned some earlier somewhere here..... cheers
  19. to know Urself... to know the creation.... this is only a beginning towards the pure Knowledge....
  20. Dear R K Guru is not a thing or a person as U seem to perceived from the word itself. Guru is the beginning of everything.... have U heard that Shiva is the originator of all these stuffs??? and the Lord himself got a Guru ..... i guess we need to do a bit inquiry in it and find what the Guru is exactly.... Honestly, i am not familiar to some of the terms U posted here......well, the Internal Guru U r talking about is a rare case....truly rare....so does not apply in normal people.... U may have reached such level that Ur Guru (whom U mistakenly have thought the internal, outta Ur own head, ...could be the physical Guru with whom U were in past lives if s/he is not living at the moment) and are getting the guidance...but rare for almost all the people except the ones under the holy guidance of such Guru.... cheers
  21. well, there's possibilities of not experiencing anything at all too....so how such persons would know it??? Vibrations and hopping and all is due to the Samskaras from our past lives.... and can not be expected in all ppl who are practicing the K Y or else....
  22. Hello there.... it's really great that Human is getting spiritual these days than in the past days.... books can be a help to acquire knowledge on Kundalini...but activation demands Ur determination....can U remain celibate ??? Well, i don't mean that house holders can not activate it....only the speed decreases ....up to the 40%........efficiency really matters ....!!! We need a Guru who,even if our Kundalini travels in wrong ways, can lead it to the right path...can guide us on it.... such Guru is nearly impossible to find... Well, still we can experience it through meditations and Yogas.... Keep it up mate
  23. Hi, it's been really long since i visited here .... i agree K Ravindran to lotta extent.... well, U can go up to the third level Urself if U r too much determined.. bt after the third level....do not throw Urself into reveries....!!! Till U get to the perfect Guru Ur Kundalini will travel on its own way which could be hazardous .....and i have witnessed these quite a few time... This is the striking reality that only 0.5 percentage of ppl can activate the First Chakra ....and almost all are compelled to drop it down when they reach the second....only 0.005 or else can reach third... Kundalini Awakening is not the candy we buy and eat easily.... i don't deny Ur experiences...U could be the person among that 0.5% of peoples.... Twitching and shaking starts right after Ur first Chakra receives the cosmic waves...the vibrations .....which is just a beginning... there's still lot more to go......... cheers
  24. Man !!!!!!!!!!!! don't run after the Bhoota or similar as it means the worshiping of them. Next life, you will born in that parrticular Yoni. Vashikarana means to get them work for you and it will destroy your next life. Concentrate in high level sadhanas if you wish to...depends on you buddy...what you choose to be....so never ever try Vashikarana at anyone, anything if you wish to make your next life better and easy going. Why the hell people tend to forget Guru Mantra ??? Still, there are chances being cheated by the crowds of Gurus.... Sadgurudev Shrimali Ji has appointed a successor ....but very few people know it...there are only few people like Shastri Uncle & Shrivastav Uncle and there are few other people too like Anil Joshi ( i guess i haven't forgotten his name) and Radha Bahen....and few others ........................... So there's only one person who can take us to the Siddhashram.......... Jai Gurudev
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