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  1. yes, actually there used to be 3 different offerings, "murga, bakra and a bhainsa", all offered with one stroke of the sword, but it hasn't been done for the past 20 years. So, i'll try this coconut offering. Thank you.
  2. I am currently living in Shimla. In these mountains, people use local gram devtas, daakinis, yakshanis,etc. for hurting others, and one of the most powerful gods in our hills is the "Rakshasi Kali" as she is popularly known in sirmour. People try magic all the time here, for gaining results. Here's the problem. My father is a senior IAS officer and obviously has made enough enemies in his life. But, for the past few years, he's not been able to go to his office. This particular department to which he got posted has a history of it's Chairmen staying desparately sick till the day they retire. ANd once they retire or change the department, they get well. He gets a severe headache, which we thought was migraine, but 2 years of medical examinations upto mumbai, yielded zero results. We're from Kangra and our kuldevi and kuldevta are saatvik. We're 5 members in total and nearly all of us have accomplished some difficult sadhnas. Although, my elder brother heals my father with just a stroke of his hand, but now even his spiritual powers are diminishing, since father needs to be healed often these days. Father used to meditate and do daily pooja, which ofcourse the rest of us do daily, but now he doesn't even enter the meditation room!!! A few days back we requested him to meditate and even with a headache he meditated and saw 2 faces. A voice told him, "these are the ones who're hurting you". He decided to enquire about it, but before he could do so, the two men came to his office yesterday, and asked him how he was. My father replied," By god's grace, i am fine". One of them replied,"Sure god's grace is required, otherwise you wouldnt have survived this illness!!!". and then they sped away. At night, my father has again recieved a very serious headache and he was crying in agony like somone pushed a sword through his head. We've adopted saatvik lifestyle, all except our father!!! Now, i know this is a long post, but ofcourse, the purpose is to tell the full story. We're kshatriyas , in our pooja room, sthapana of baglamukhi and the various kul devta devis, etc. has been done. Various hawans and yagyas for every possible purpose has also been completed not only by normal pundits but also by sadhaks brought specially for this purpose from the forests. All done but nothing accomplished. I would definitely like to punish those people, but ofcourse, the consequences of any maran prayog are well known. I also will add that my great grandfather was a siddha, and our kul devta is not a dev but a siddha too. For the past many years, we've faced financial, physical and mental grievances of the most dangerous kind. Imagine a time when you know your father is being hurt by some sort of maran prayog(s) and even knowing who done it, but not having the necessary weapons in your arsenal to hit back at the enemy. Please help with suggestions.
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