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  1. THis is a very good topic, lots of people suffering because of this problem. let us have the discussions on why the mind is fluctates. sometime we think one does another, what is the reason, why the body and action is not cooperating with the thoughts. how to overcome this deficiency.
  2. Priyaji, prediction is still the same from your son's horo. just be patient. worship Lord Narashiman you will get reprieve i am sure (Lord Narashimma appeared and saved Bhakta Pragalatha within a minutes of time, so worshipping Lord Narashima will give instant result) . read and write mantras, SRI RAM, that will help the to be born child. u don't think anything else only think about the child to be born right now, worship God, Gayathri mantra, this is good for the child because whatever you think and do it will have an effect for the child.
  3. timing is not very good for you. i think it is going to difficult to control him by you. Pray Lord. my advice is just don't fight, don't ask anything, if you fight you will be the loser. just act that you are not bothered about him and don't give him divorce and if i am correct he will definitely come back after some point of time. Post your children birth details, lets see any hope from his horo for you with regard to the marriage. the advice is based on the horoscope. just want to know that lady is elder than your husband???? pray Goddess Lakshmi, Kamatchi, evil effects will be reduced.
  4. but it is good question, infact like Jupiter saturn is also stays in a sign 2 1/2 years if suppose that it places in Aries what will happen to people born in that period. i know there is a lot dependent on which place it is placed in the horoscope and which nakashtra it is in at the point of time, in fact one has to look at the pada of the star in whcih the graha is placed. . but others like USRji, Sadhu ji should be able to explain this.
  5. Yes it came true half. i think the problem is that they cannot find the real meaning of the words written in the leaves. I got a baby girl in Nov 28, 2006 and a baby boy in the night April 13, 2008. when i got the reading of mine in 1997, i was told that i will get a baby girl first and than baby boy. that came true. i will purchase a house between the age of 31 to 32. that came true. this reading was broad based that is from this year to this year that this will happen, 80% to 90% came true. when we got the reading of my wife November 2005.. the prediction is true that we got our first baby in the month of November 28, 2006. but he said the first one would be baby boy and the second one is baby girl. but i got the baby girl first and baby boy second. in this case he pointed out the important things as this will happen in this day or that type of day. these also came true almost 75%. he just read the lines that i will have my children in December 2006 and continued to read about my children's details, there were some contradictions while reading the details of the birth of the child in terms of date, color, male or female in that time, which i presume that he is not able read the real meanings of what is written. but both the readings whatever they said about the children's life how they will be in the future, similar reading . no difference, that is yet to come. my understanding is that its true. but the people who are reading is important, they should know the proper meanings of what is written. I never gave them the details about myself or my wife, only thump impression and birth year, when we got the reading at different point of time. his name is Siva Aarumugam, Sri Mahasiva Nadi Jyothidam, Mayavaram Road, Vaitheeswaran Koil. it is exacltly nearby where you get down from the bus. all the best
  6. I think it is because of Jupiter/moon dasa going on both are placed 8/6. it looks like Aires is the lagna, Jupiter the lord of the ninth is running and moon is placed 8 to Jupiter so the her health is affected. she will get over of this problem. because Jupiter is placed in Scorpio and the lord of lagna and the eight lord is exalted, she will be ok. Lord of sixth Mercury is placed in 11th not a bad placement. if Taurus is lagna the lord of the 8th Jupiter dasa is running and again moon is placed 8/6. and i do not see any bad in her horo there is life threatening issues. she will intelligent and will do well.
  7. Thanks USRji. thats is great valuable info. yes Saturn has to be powerful, one such horosocpe is Mr. Karunandihi, Tamilnadu Chief Minister, has SAturn Exalted.
  8. I am really feel bad for you, no positive answer from the horo for sometime. God bless you.
  9. what astro said is correct. do not ask for detailed there are reason. just keep faith in God.
  10. turn to God, worship Durga, as you are running Rahu dasa which is in the eigth. no other way, keep faith in God, timing is not right for you for some time.
  11. look both horo has some minus points as regards child. in your horo it is rahu is in the fifth and in your horo Rahu alongwith Saturn is in the fifth. you are running rahu and jupiter is debliated. both the horos it is evident have Naga Dosa. my advise is that you both have to consult a good astrologer in Chennai and find out the dosa niviarti. do you read kumudam jothidam. read and you will find answer. go to Tirunallaru, Karparatchambgai amman temple and everyday go to Durgai amman temple and lit a lamp, may be nearby your place. it could be solved, if you visit a good astrologer someone like Mr. A.R.Rajagopalan for remedies generaly you may have to visit some temple. he will have the answers for you.
  12. if the time of birth between 7 to 8 is correct the ascendant is not changing. that is Scorpio lagna with Sun, sat, rahu and mercury in it. Sun the graha for political success is placed well and this person will always desires power. he can also taste success in political, but the problem will be the opponents, who are also powerful, note Saturn Rahu and Mercury is also in lagna. it seems his parents should be well placed as moon representing the mother and father being the nineth lord exalted at Taurus. but my concerns based on dasa, which seems not favourable look at Saturn dasa is running upto 2024 or say 2023 than mercury dasa, both are not favourable. does this person had any childhood problems may be upto the age of 30 years whether it may be depression or something personal. Fluctation of mind is seen in his horosocpe. does this person has any family maritial problems. my conclusion is that he will not take any advice from anybody and will definitly get it into politics thats what sure but success will come to him only after hardwork. enemies may be from his own backyard.
  13. but if the moon is aspected by well placed Jupiter, the kemadrum yoga gets debilitated.
  14. Ketu in the 8th house, you cannot expect good results. the next dasa will be very good.
  15. Poojaji, your son has a very good horoscope. need not worry at all. presently he is undergoing Rahu dasa, whcih should be favourable. you should try after December as Jupiter will move to 5th from his rasi, then the time is suitable. as far as his spouse is concerned she should be from a well settled family,beautiful. after the marriage he will prosper. it is indicated that you and your husband also well settled and your husband shuld be in a good position. there is nothing from his horo that you need to worry.
  16. try after December, Things should work. Though Mars the 7th lord represents marriage is debilated in the Navamsa it is exalted. as she is running Rahu dasa saturn sub dasa till December 25. after that Rahu/Mercury dasa will be running whcih should be favourable. Venus and Mercury in the rasi as well as Navamsa positioned well, so things should work. Worship Lord Kartikeya/Murugan on Tuesday.
  17. In lagna Saturn makes people suffering from childhood, depending on the other grahas that person can rise high in the later part. in this case the seventh and eight lord saturn is in the lagna aspecting seventh means late marriage and it is with Neecha Mars in the lagna. a dangerous combination for the person concerned. though she married early, she was denied the marriage happiness from the first day itself. Again in the fourth Rahu is placed which is for family and house matters and it is aspected by Saturn. since the first marriage is divorced the dosha is gone. so the second marriage should be fine. but as far the child issue the fifth lord MARS is in the lagna and in neecha position. Look saturn in lagna makes people get their desires much late, perform pitru puja and ask her to visit temples Thottamalaur Krishna temple and Navapridavana near mysore , Karparatchambgai temple at tamilnadu, Guruvayrappan Temple in Kerala. presently she is undergoin Moon dasa which is favourable since it has jupiter aspect, that will be upto 2015. she needs to visit Vaithesswarn Temple when MARS dasa rruning and do Durga pooja when RAhu dasa running. Her husband details are requried for the quiries asked for him.
  18. Mars and Saturn both are enemies but Mars exalted at capricorn
  19. i am sorry, according to the software i casted this horo, the ascendant is Cancer, so i said Moon is strong. kindly check, so that we can offer a correct solution. RAM
  20. upto 2010 there will be some probelm. Sixth lord/andara dasa is eigth lord is runnin and he is combusted with Rahu. after 2010, things will be normal but nothing to be afraid. everything will be ok. Lagnathipati is very strong, no need to worry.
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