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  1. Dear webyogiji, Thank you very much for your analysis and reply. i would let priyas mom know. the surprising thing is they were so much in love and seemed to be suited to each other when married but life had lessons to teach everyone. One last request, you don't think any sort of prayers would help?? Secondly does her chart have a second marriage??? Kind Regards and many wishes , Priya.
  2. Respected Gurujis, I am writing this email on behalf of my friends mom. She got married in court on 3.01.2003 in the evening arnd 6pm. it was a intercaste love marriage. but since jan 2006 she is living with her parents and they have been separated. they had seen each other once during may 2006 but since 2007 things have been bad and many a times the discussion for divorce has been going on. her mom has got different views regarding her future. Laxmi is very depressed though she has started working for last few months. it would be kind of you Gurujans to shed some light on if there would be a divorce or something can be done to save the marriage. Following are the details of my friend and her husband. Laxmipriya DoB 3.9.1977 ToB 9.30am PoB Chennai, TN Shaheem DoB 4.08.1978 ToB 8.30am PoB Mahe, Kerela I have told amma,about your helpful nature and kind advice, so she requested me to write an email on her behalf. she would be very oblized. Many Thanks, Priya.
  3. Dear ramachandraji, Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply. i do listen to Narshimam kavacha and strotra, nowi would do it more diligently. I know i have to focus on my kid but sometmes it gets very hard, when i wake up and find at 3 am in night is he chatting to her on phone or writing emails. but as u said i would try and ignore his behaviour as much as possible. May Lord bless you, Best Wishes , Priya.
  4. Thank you ramachandraji for your help.Yes you are right last year when i found out i tried to stop him, cajoled him, talked abt dharma and everyhting but he is very very stubborn and which led to fights, i was almost going to leave but someone i know looked at my horo and advised me that don't fight and stay ay your place , he advised me lots of uppayas and prayers i have been doing them. in between once or twice she went away for 2 - 3 days but comes back. No as far as i know she is younger to him. but she is from UK and with a dreadful past, coming from divorced family, debauched sanskaras, now since last year she is praying to our istha and says is reformed, though is having an affair with my husband and plans to have a kid with him. the details of my son are Date of Birth 13.12.2001 time of birth 7: 40am place of birth Johannesburg , South africa his lagna is capricorn and nakshatra is Anuradha. i am pregnant again and the baby will be born around 1.03.2009. thank you very much for your kind words and help... everyone has advised me the same and hence i think i wud pray to Lord and try to undergo my Karma. Thank you, Priya. P.S Just wanted to know is Goddess Kamatchi another name for Goddess TripuraSundari. Shud i read Lalita sahartranaam????
  5. please can anyone say something , i hope webyogiji or sanduji wud shed a little light on my situation Many Thanks priya
  6. Dear Webyogij, Many thanks for your prompt reply. he has been wearing a diamond very good quality since May 2008. i will ask him but his fasting on friday but it might be a bit difficult coz of the nature of his job. we have asked him if he has anybody on his mind he says no. so lets see how things work out... again lots of thanks for your kindness. Best Wishes Priya.
  7. Dear Webyogiji, i am giving details of my brother , he is also 75 born like vimalji and we have been looking for a suitable alliance for him but nothing fructifies. it would be kind of you if u can shed some light. when will he get marries and ow wud his life be??? his details Date of Birth : 17.07.1975 Time of Birth : 23:55 or 11:55pm Place.... Jamshedpur, Bihar his lagna is aries and nakshatra vishaka Many Thanks, Priya
  8. Dear Gurujan , pranaam. Please help me. I had read lots of posts where you have helped needy people. i have been struggling with my marriage for last one year. last year i found out my husband proclaiming love to a western girl who since 2 years has come to hindu religion and is supposdly praying to Lord Krishna. (we r devotees of the Lord ). i tried to make my husband see light but he got more adamant and said he wants divorce. i tried to explain to the other woman that we have been married for long and have a 6 year old son but she became sweet and said she is just a friend and my husband is her God Brother. to make story short within 2 months he was screaming divorce and she was ready to marry him. i showed my horoscope and his to one or two astrologers and all said it will carry on for 2 years and wud most probably end. one astrologer did Bagulamukhi homa , so that the woman gets some sense and leaves us alone. i did some lal kitab upaayas also. for few days she stops talking but then comes back with new excuses. in april '08 she came to our town and went to holiday with my husband for a week and i think she is planning to marry him in secret and have a child. fortunately or twist of faith i fell pregnant again and she backed off for some time but now is again back and my husband is again talking to her late night .with complete and utter disregard that i am pregnant and need his support and attention. i am at my tethers end, i pray to lord and trying to go through this phase as karma i have to do but it is getting difficult day by day. both our horoscopes show afflicted 7th house. our details are as follows husband Date of Birth 26.01.1972 time of birth 4: 20 am place delhi lagna is scorpio with nakshatra Rohini mine Date 18.08.1973 time 2:45am place jamshedpur, bihar lagna gemini and nakshatra Uttrabhadrapad Please can anyone shed some light on my predicament.....his attention is not much at home and most of the time is planning to talk to the other woman. i have strong suspicions that he might ask her to move to our city or plan something when i wud be not allowed to travel after jan till baby is born.... many many thanks Priya....
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