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  1. I dont Have my Wife Birth Detail , me and my wife is not wearing any Gemstone
  2. hello to all members of this forum ,i am one of the most unlucky person when it comes to have baby of my own .,For last 12 years me and my wife dont have an baby ,there are 5 Miscarriage to my wife and all of them were very painfull , all in my frds relatives are very happy to see my this situation ,i have not left any temple from south to north to have own baby ,but whenever i my wife concevie ,miscarrige happen after 5 to 6 month..i dicussced wirth so many pandits astrologers but none of them have sugested me remedy which can really work .....i am totally helpless now finnaly me and my wife is thinkin of either sucide or to leave india so that we can live alone.. If any of you can help then i swear i will never forget that person ...i am giving my birth details.. amit 11-Sep-72 05:05 AM Sonepat,Haryana
  3. Guys. . . . . plz reply to me .....i need your help.....
  4. Respected all, Started my carrer as an sale executive and raise to Top level Of Mgm with a period if 3 years ..i helped so many people in my life ...so many people got job by my efforts ,but 1 month ago the person who got job with my help in my own company makes me unemployed through various Plots against me ... I want to ask all respected people that wat i done wrong in my life that i am unemployed today ....I am totally hopeless now and dont want to live anymore ....Respected all please show me Path ....when will i get job ? will m able to gain same position which i was heldin 1 month ago .... Ashu 28-03-1980 05:32 am Uttarakhand
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