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  1. The festival Holikotsava I have a question: Do they celebrate Shiva on this day with the opening of his third eye? Is that a major festival of Shiva?
  2. Also I am not advocating making a new website by no means. I am only speculating a idea of making a new section for this already wonderful site we have here. This site here is indeed great!
  3. Thank You for your help. I can use all the help I can get. I too have heard it has it's origins going into ancient times. Lord Shiva has attracted me for a very long time. Even when I was just reading about Hinduism he has attracted me. Also Lord Ganesh as well his son.
  4. Thank You. I will have to look at this site.
  5. I am confused to what you mean? If you mean you are looking for a name for this idea I would just call it a Social Lounge. There you can talk about Hobbies,general conversation,opinions, Family,struggles,life,work,fun, and entertainment.
  6. I don't suppose you know the dates for us gregorian users?
  7. I am more interested in the Siddhanta movement. Can you help me with that.
  8. Yes that is good. Is that a ok place to discuss hobbies and other forms of entertainment and simple talk?
  9. You should hear what Christian priests say about non-Christians. I should know I have talked to many in spiritual and religous debates. Most non-Christians would be surprised to hear that Christian priests learn in missionary school how to divide people in foreign lands so they can get their word of God out on people. When you divide a people through chaotic rhetoric it is easy to save their souls from the Christian satan. You would be surprised.
  10. My friend you are a intelligent man for I have seen you in other threads. You are also kind. I want no bickering with you. I thought I might just say this so you know we are having a intelligent disagreement and I am not insulting your integrity. I must profess my disagreement with you. Even the church traditions out of the Roman Catholic church whether it be Orthodox,Baptist,Lutheran, or any other have the same belief of non-believers in hell. I have spoke with Gnostic Christians and you are right they do not adhere to the creed of the bible. I would say they are more pantheist than anything. Infact I am not sure if one can even group a agnostic or gnostic person with Christianity. That in itself would sound hypocritical. A agnostic or gnostic is themselves with their own reputation. Christians are Christians. You must understand that Christianity the majority do not accept those groups because they see them as outside fringe groups of outcasts. The bible is the bridge of Christianity. If a group does not follow that bridge then it can not be Christian. I have studied Christianity and most world religions I do know what I am talking about. Also there was a time where there was no bible and supposedly a man named Jesus taught them on a hill. Those days are over in Christianity. It has been for a thousand years or so. Christianity is a religion of the bible and has been for a long time. If you read the bible you would know of their hatred of non-Christians. To the Christians the non-Christian is the enemy of their God and the seed of their satan. That in itself should show you their hatred.
  11. Thank You. I will have to look these up.
  12. Thank You! I can not wait to look up these philosophers on the internet for my personal studies. Thank You again.
  13. I understand that and I believe that to be a noble belief. I was merely talking about having a section where people can speak plainly about their lives.
  14. I don't see how my statements are blank. All those billions of people derive their teachings and beliefs from one source and that is the Bible. Without the Bible their source of belief would cease to be. Without the bible there would be no Christians. Suffering in the next life is temporary where hell is eternal there lies the difference. I actually don't believe all Christians will suffer in the next world only the zealots who speak of hell and brimfire will. I know there are some good Christians. The good Christians may be good as individuals ,but one can not help but question the form of beliefs they have chosen. I only judge the beliefs the way I see them. Christian beliefs is built upon fear of other people with different beliefs. There is no Christian tolerance. Christianity says follow us or suffer in hell. There may be a tolerance on a individual level but that is about it.
  15. I love Indian culture. I love hinduism in our endeavors to get closer to divinity. I have heard about negative killings of people in India because they were claimed to be dark witches who cursed people. This has often plagued my mind and I don't understand. Who is the people doing the killing and why?
  16. I am new here and I got to say I really love this website. I have learned alot just chatting here. I was thinking," Is there a part of this site where people can just talk about daily life beyond spirituality? I know spirituality is a important aspect of all of us, I was just curious if there is a part to talk about worldly problems and life in general.
  17. What is more solid then trying to obtain peace with divinity? Who cares about trivialities of names?
  18. Am I right to say that the true teaching lies in prayer and devotion to Gods and not always in the writings? I have always put more emphasis on prayer,devotion, and meditation.
  19. Indeed that is the purest form of wisdom.
  20. That was me who said that. Why my computer kicks me out and makes me a guest is beyond me.
  21. One flaw with that post, though I did enjoy it. Christians worship the old testament and so do jews as well. The new testament has many factors that comes from the old testament. Yes foreigners did write the new testament but they did so with complete knowledge of the old testament as well with jewish customs and beliefs.
  22. Christianity is a religion of violence if you do not accept their God you in their eyes go to their Christian hell. Get it?
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