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  1. Indeed Western Civilization has created the notion that money is the only reason to secure a future for any man. This in itself is flawed. What happens when a culture's only motivation to better itself is wealth? It becomes less spiritual and declines in my opinion. Society must be motivated by virtue,wisdom and good things that should be considered the real wealth of life.
  2. Indeed ridicule will cause them to show themselves more and more as the real violent people that they are.
  3. That was me who posted that. Why does my computer kick me out as a guest over a period of time?
  4. What are the main festivals of Shiva? What are the most important ones?
  5. Apep

    Eating Meat.

    I myself eat meat out of survival. There really is no sense enjoyment that I know of. Indeed it does take good souls to become vegetarian. I don't find myself less knowledgeable or spiritual in eating meat. I also pray to the divine in my mind everytime I do eat. Also I am just explaining my beliefs on the matter, I do hope I don't sound offensive.
  6. I use the Om in prayer each time. I also use it in meditation and clearing my thoughts dis-spelling bad ones.
  7. I love Philosophy around the world. It is knowledge just begging to be understood. I am fairly new to Indian Philosophy. What are some of the best Indian philosophers?
  8. If you really believe Christianity to be a religion of peace go read the relevation chapter in their new testament. It says: All those who do not worship the Christian God will suffer a eternity in hell. Just because we did not worship their chosen God. Come back to me and tell me what you think.
  9. Well that movement is dead. Now in the present you have Christians of all colors saying it is their burden to teach the wicked and the wrong of Jesus.
  10. Jesus in the bible also said it was ok to punish kids with a iron rod. Want the scripture?
  11. It is said after the many reincarnations we are released from the world of ignorance. Is this bliss and release a form of afterlife? After all they say the afterlife is supreme bliss.
  12. Apep

    Eating Meat.

    Thank You for taking the time to reply to me. I will admit I still eat meat. I am trying to eat less and less everyday. In Western Civilization literally meat is the most popular food of choice. Unlike maybe other parts of the world. It is difficult but with trying I should be able to. When one stops eating meat and gets close to the dharma is that person forgiven by the divine? Is his deeds turned into oblivion? Are good people by nature considered evil or bad in eating meat? What happens to the good spiritual people who eats meat and then dies?
  13. Indeed this is my thinking as well.
  14. I see. I don't suppose you have any web links to the subject? I would very much like to read about that.
  15. True, true however there is scientifical evidence of magnetic poles moving at a great speed around 2012 in the most extreme way and other surprising developments. Not to mention rising sea levels. Is there somthing about how Shiva destroys the world?
  16. Apep

    Eating Meat.

    I see. I was always told that in the beginning of hinduism there was no vegetarianism and it only developed later. I understand the part of course of not inflicting pain or any deed of that nature on the cow. If I try to obstain from eating meat, is that by itself good? I am still trying to understand.
  17. What do non-meat eating Hindus think of people who eat meat including beef? Is it bad for a hindu to eat meat? I am not a vegetarian. I have tried being a vegetarian with no avail. I have come to terms with myself on this in a positive manner. I even give thanks to the divine for the meat that I do eat. I do hope this post does not offend anyone , but I must ask in order to secure my own knowledge on the subject. ( Also I am new to hinduism all togehter. I am currently trying to convert to Shaivism.) comments?
  18. There are many spiritual traditions on earth that say in the year 2012 the end of the world as we know it will happen. Some have said that such a end will really be a spiritual awakening in the hearts and minds of men. Does Hinduism have such a belief that coincides with this?
  19. I posted that. My computer pinged me out as a guest for some odd reason.
  20. Very true. I hope India protects is real wealth as well.
  21. All Abraham religions have one thing in common and that is they think themselves right and everyone else is wrong. Christianity,Judaism,Islam all come from the same land of Palestine. There is no peace in their eyes. The Jews of Judaism see themselves as the chosen people of the world above all others. The muslims see everybody as infidels or the scurge of the earth. The Christians believe themselves the only people in earth who is right. In Christian eyes everyone else is wrong and is going to their Christian hell. There is no peace with religions of these beliefs. Now you might say I am wrong and that is fine. Don't call me a bigot, for I have read the Bible,Koran and Talmud. I can quote their hate in plain words. Their God literally says these things are right. Until the world sees the view that all religions have relevance there will be no peace. The world must learn that everyone is valid. The world must learn this in order to achieve peace. If this does not happen then everything is lost.
  22. The Iranian nuclear weapon threat is just a political ploy or exscuse of invading Iran. Israel has nuclear missles that can reach Europe in only hours time. Israel also has nuclear missles that can reach most middle eastern countries. The Israeli circle in Washington has alot of political influence and George Bush is under it. It is a no-brainer. Also Israel twarted the peace on the day of it's establishment in the 1960's killing innocent Palestinians. You will find every story has it's attributes.
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