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  1. Thank You for you generosity. I would like to visit that statue in Goa someday.
  2. Another question I have is Ambika the Goddess who leads demons to their deaths just another form of Parvati? Is Devi a form of Parvati or is Parvati a form of Devi?
  3. I see her as the earth mother Goddess. I see her as the Goddess of virtue and the wife of Shiva. She is the mother of Ganesh the wise and all knowing. Somehow though I feel I am not coming close to her real meaning. With that been said what do you feel of the divine Goddess and her role as a divinity? What is her meaning? Om Namah Shivaya
  4. Thank You for your reply. Is this bliss eternal of all eternity when it comes? Are we aware? To me the afterlife is eternal happiness and bliss this is why I bring it up. What do you think?
  5. I will probally have to do some adaptation over here with the calendars we use but it is the worship and prayer that is important. Thank you for your help.
  6. Can any of these texts be found on the internet? My funds are a bit small these days. I am especially interested in the ShivaGita for it seems filled with knowledge. Thank You again. You seem very wise in many issues for I have seen you on other threads. Om Namah Shivaya
  7. To Kalkin: Thank You. That is a very nice statue and I added it to my favorite list of art and symbolism. I thank you Kalkin. Also thank you for the texts you mentioned. I always appreciate your help on the forum boards.</BLOCKQUOTE[ p quote]<>
  8. Noble response. I consider myself a shaman of Shiva. This is why I ask such things. I don't consider myself a master. I just consider myself a devotee and servant of Shiva.
  9. What I am talking about is stories of Indian women being burned alive as witches. I was wondering why such terrible things occurred.
  10. There are times when I meditate in the woods that I feel so happy and calm I know in my heart this is the greatest feeling I shall ever feel. To me this is the greatest self gratification any human being can have.
  11. Can someone help me with sacred texts of lord Shiva? What texts have the main teachings of lord Shiva? Om Namah Shivaya:)
  12. Is anybody knowledgeable on this subject? Is it just insane superstition took the extremes?
  13. The real wealth is the dharma followed by the divine. When one gathers money and all the jewels of this life it seems sweet like a good wine. However when one dies and transcends he can not take this wealth with him. The wealth turns into dust like all earthly things in a period of time. All worldly things eventually turn into oblivion The true wealth is the dharma and divine for these things you can take with you in death. When your soul transcends it will shine like the sun with the gifts of dharma and divinity. Om Namah Shivaya:)
  14. Apep

    Eating Meat.

    Thank You. Om Namha Shivaya.
  15. I see. In old times then was Shiva celebrated for this?
  16. Yes I have heard of them and I am quite interested in them. Do you know if any sects are still in India as well? Also I do not understand becoming a Lord like the mighty Shiva. I am happy enough to just remain mortal.
  17. Om Namah Shivay. I agree with you we must all come up with this conclusion.
  18. Yes that sounds good. There we could talk about anything that does not fit in other forums like entertainment and anything else.
  19. It would be nice to think that Jesus was a yogi but I see no proof of it. There are stories, but are they true? I try not to be judgemental. I believe every belief is valid. I can not however help but judge the Abrahamic beliefs who say they are the only ones right while all other beliefs are blasphemy.
  20. Apep

    Eating Meat.

    I am trying everyday. I shall do it.
  21. Shamanism is a practice of connecting with the divine all around the world. I wonder what is Hinduism and it's view on this subject?
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