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  1. Thank You I will call more on you if I have more questions about this deity.
  2. So Karttikeya is the son of Shiva and is also called Lord Murugan? Is Karttikeya also Kali as well?
  3. You are trying to use the limited human mind to understand the higher divinity. Yours as well as my perception is not perfect. Therefore how can a human being with a limited mind understand everything about divinity? The divinity who is the closest thing to perfection.
  4. Where do you live? Here in America they are not supposed to have religion and education together. Keep chatting here and you will learn alot about Hinduism.
  5. The Communist Chinese block many things. I will have to search for other Indian philosophers as well.
  6. Is witchcraft considered evil in India? Or is it just a bunch who is extemely superstitious in a bad way? I hope you don't mind my curiosity.
  7. Why is the Shiva Gita not accepted?
  8. I live in United States central time. Does that information help? Shivaratri,Holikatsava,Kama Dahana,Kartik Purnima are the only festivals I am interested in about dates.
  9. I see. This makes sense to me now. My next question would be what is the true meaning of Parvati as Shiva's wife? I know you went into it briefly ,could you explain a bit more to me? I would very much appreciate it.
  10. I wish to attain the abode to serve Shiva.
  11. Where are these temples located? Are there any priests in these temples? I see death as a symbolic form in this life. I see Yama as the act of our transcending that is why I asked about Yama.
  12. So Karttikeya is Kumara the son of Shiva? Could you tell me more.
  13. Indeed this is true. True wisdom has to be earned through vigourous amounts of time and studying. Not to mention alot of soul searching as well. There appears to be a flawed movement in the world today that says if you throw money and wealth at a problem things will get better. This can definately not be the truth. Infact it is the opposite thing from the truth.
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