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  1. The enemy of your enemy is not so sweet. The enemy of your enemy is not so caring. In the end the enemy of your enemy is still wicked in nature. George Bush is no saviour, nor is his administration. They seek globalization and financial gain at the expenses of others. They could careless of divine law. Please re-think this over.
  2. Many of us Americans are becoming more aware of Israeli mind sets in Washington, D.C. Many have been trying to point this out for some time only to be branded anti-semetic. Politics , Politics a wicked world.
  3. Am I right to assume there is a cultural invasion of Islam in India? I have heard this many times. It was always my thought that the muslims lived in Pakistan away from India. Why do they come to India? Also I see no Indians invading Pakistan culturally, again I ask why do they keep coming to India? Forgive my ignorance on the subject I am relatively new to the subject.
  4. Is not the first few pages of the Koran , a law that Allah is displeased with non-believers aka infidels? I read the Koran one time and I found that symbolic meaning often.
  5. There are many muslim temples in the United States. Also in Europe too.
  6. That was me who posted that. My computer had me as a guest. Weird.
  7. I have a question. ( Also I am new to Hinduism and I am a seeking convert.) After many reincarnations there is a transcending of life away from this earth. What happens when all reincarnations are complete? Some say nirvana, others say complete peace and bliss. Is complete peace and bliss a form of afterlife? Is there such a thing as a afterlife in hinduism?
  8. I am a Western man myself. I have studied world religion for 5 years of my life. It has led me to India. It has led me to Shiva. It amazes me that such a country has been untouched since ancient times to now. Many countries could learn a thing or two from India.
  9. Hello I am interested in the spirituality of Shiva. I am trying to learn the basic outline of it's belief. I am a seeker of the wisdom of Shiva. Can anyone help?
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