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  1. My new health and wellbeing website. Included is some interesting articles on food, wellbeing and lifestyle check us out - Welcome To Wellspring Superfood Shop | Wellspring Of Life Also doing kundalini yoga, spiritual/relationship/life coaching and soon to be ayurveda here- Kundalini Yoga Crawley | Wellspring Of Life Enjoy! Sat Nam Pavan x
  2. I am interested in getting myself a gong for playing during the relaxation in my yoga classes. Does anyone have any recomendations of size, value for money, what to look out for etc... Wuhan chinese gongs a looking good to me right now...
  3. Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru. Chant all day and troubles will fly away. Consciously invite the energy into your heart by choosing loving actions and kind words. If anger is arising go and deal with it, best to surrender it to God. In the absence of resistance it wont hang around too long! God be with you!
  4. Oh and keep your thoughts out of that realm, tune yourself to Gods love through prayer, train the mind to stay here with mantra. Sat Nam.
  5. One thing alone that all demons, dark forces, evil spirits cannot stand... The invocation of the Lord God! Speak these words and all evil beings will be gone from you. "In the name of my Lord .....(say Jesus, Krishna, Budha or Zoroaster) I banish thee, be gone from here go back from where you came! This is very powerful and all demons MUST obey this command. Call upon the Lord. Gods love be with you!
  6. Doing those 2 kriyas is bound to put pressure on the "junk in your trunk"! I would allow all of the pain to arise. Do not resist it, do not ignore it. Shine the light of your consciousness on so the shadow of illusion is disolved. Be neutral, avoid labelling good and bad, observe, accept, release. Totally allow all feelings, emotions, images to arise and pass. As in the absence of resistance the natural balance will return. MOST importantly of all pray to God for the strength and understanding to transcend illusion and be brought home to the heart of your creator, the sweet pillow of infinite love.
  7. Shaktipat is dangerous, i have seen it send people down dark roads... It is similar to running to much electricity through a thin wire. You must adjust your total system to handle to power of the divine energy this takes time, devotion and practise. Remeber slow and steady wins the race...
  8. Devote yourself to total uncondtional love of life and all creation make your life a prayer and off "you" go I do Yogi Bhajans Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana and find it very powerful, you do not need a physical Guru to do this. Peace be with you
  9. It is known for bringing together the aspects of the mind. Why not give it a go. I do it daily and find it a great help.
  10. Hi, There have been cases where people get lots of excersize and change diet and have healed themselves. Where you exposed to asbestos? My grandmother got lung cancer and it was possibly related to this, if so you ought to look up solutions related to that. Go through everything you expose your lungs to with a fine tooth comb as it could be simply being around fumes all day. Investigate use your intuition even asking yourself "what is the cause of this" and when/ how am i going to make the neccessary changes to achieve perfect health. Make sure you visualize yourself in perfect health. The brain releases certain signals which have a huge effect on your biochemistry, this is related to whether your focus feels good or bad to you im sure its evident which has what cause. Diet is very important meat/dairy ought to go imediately get yourself hooked up with a good ayurvedic doc. Cancer can be an opportunity to project yourself to radiant health so look at it as a wake up call.
  11. Give up the dairy products especially meat. take Ghee 1 tsp and 10 soaked (overnight) and peeled almonds. Eat white rice with ghee and kitcheree(look this up, its a bean curry that is very balancing. Do kundalini yoga everyday and within few weeks you will be right as rain!
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