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  1. Hi Blue_Buddha, I just thought of sharing one more thing. When this hearing problem was severe in me, I also started chanting "Chandika Hruthayam", which is a short manthra when compared to Devi Mahatmyam. When i used to chant Chandika Hrudayam, I used to experience, the sound stops for a day or till mid-day and again the sound starts. I also continue chanting Chandika Hrudayam as part of my daily prayer. So, in the Phalasruthi of this manthra, it has been given to chant for three times a day, i.e. in Morning, noon and in afternoon. if your friend is working, then one time a day is enough and i am sure this gives a instance relief. Now, i almost relieved from this problem due to Maa Chandi. Regards, Avanija
  2. Hi Divine_soul, I have heard about Asuri-kalpa. Its an ancient witch-craft practice. But, dont know much details about it
  3. I dont have any details about it. But just heard about it.
  4. Hi, I have heard about Asuri Kalpa. That is the ancient witch-craft practice.
  5. Hi, For Kaal Sarpa yoga, I received one manthra from my friend. I dont know the original source of this manthra. This manthra is related to Adhisesha. He is the king of Serpants. 1. Sesham mahasarpam beema roopam bayankaram jagannatham namami vandhe adhisesham 2. Sahasraseersham sarpanaadham kaarunyamoorthim jagathprabum vishwa-rakshakam namami vandhe adhisesham 3. Vishnubhaktham pralaya hastham bhoo parigraham anantham aanandharoopam namami vandhe adhisesham 4. Vishwapriyam bakthathoshatham bakthakaamatham narayanapriyam vishnuthalpam namami vandhe adhisesham 5. sarparajam kalakalakniroopam kalasarpam vishnuswaroopam namami vandhe adhisesham 6. sarpa thosha nivaranam sarva paapa nashanam maha thejomayam namami vandhe adhisesham 7. sangarshanam balaramam athreyam divyaroopam baathalavaasam namami vandhe adhisesham 8. kanaka kireeta vibhushanam kalakantam kashyapasutham brahmaswaroopam namami vandhe adhisesham adhiseshashtakam idham punyam ya pateth bhakthi maan nara: sarva paapa prashamanam, sarva dhosha nivarthanam, sarva mangala praptham, namami vandhe adhisesham Regards, Avanija
  6. Hi Anahatanadaji, Thanks for the books suggestion and guidance. I will get the book as soon as possible. I have started my sincere prayers with meditation and japa. I have something strong in my mind that i will come out of this witch-craft stuff very soon. As you said to Ganeshji, that i am knowing these Anushtanam and doing this from my childhood. From my childhood onwards, i used to learn small slokas and used to chant. Daily, i used to chant vishnu sahasranama also on the way to office. But, i left chanting in between. I left doing my pooja also due to work timings incompatability. Then only, i realised these black magic trouble. Then, in between i lost my job. was almost like a mad in my home. My parents suddenly fixed a marriage for me. That was also failed. This happened within 2 years. Then, again i resumed all the anushtams of chantings, specifically vishnu sahasranama and hearing lalitha sahasranama daily without fail. I resumed my work at the same work place. Why i am saying these is, knowingly unknowingly, these vibrations, bakthi lead us to a safe life and protecting us from evil crooked ppl as well from the evil spirits. Manthras gives us inner strength and glow to soul which actually makes us to face anything that which comes before us. Ganeshji, Prevention is better than cure. But, i am now infected with witch craft. have to get severe anti-biotic to get rid of it. Thats y i was in search of powerful manthra for some instant relief. And also, his suggestion was not of scrutinizing one. He suggested a straight-forward method only. According to me, what i experienced is, the manthra chanting, meditation does not end in bad result. Honestly speaking, it has given me so much concentration that i could able to do my work without distraction. I wonder why i missed it during my college days. Very thanks, Avanjia.
  7. hi Ganesh, I read that. Thanks for the link. I had taken medicines for 2 months from a pschatrist 4 years before and had several sittings with him. No use. But, after doing meditation and poojas of chandi, these hearings stopped. Now, i dont hear voices into my ear and i freed from that atleast. Rest of the stuff, i am sure i will be coming out of that very soon. Yes, i am very well educated, first i didnt believed these things initially. But, later, i came to know this is black magic / witch craft. I am not going to practice tantra or vama-chara, just going to chant manthra with pure devotion. Because, i know the person who have done to me. I know why they did. My close friends also told me who did it and they wish not to approach legal advice for the trouble they are causing. So, i am trying to break the black-magic alone. Anyways, thanks for the suggestion. I think i am clear with my mind. Will get soon by the grace of god. Thanks Avanija
  8. Thanks Anahatanadaji, for your quick response. I will follow these steps with utmost devotion and start doing my japa also. I am interested in Raja yoga. If you can suggest any books for this, it would be great. Regarding Narayana Kavacha, i will get it from internet or else, i will get a book here. Very Thanks, Avanija
  9. Hi Ganesh, I thought of answering another question. I approached many manthriks for that hearing voices problem, but, the problem was not reduced. But, then i fed up of approaching these ppl, and then planned to do pooja to get rid of this hearing voices problem. So, only started this Devi Mahatmya chanting. Did for almost a year, the problem is now reduced and almost stopped. Thought reading as u mentioned is not serious thing. But, in my case, it is being misused and the person is chasing and teasing using my thoughts. I am sorry, i think i was not clear in my first post. So, i thought of asking some help to get out of this problem. one of the manthriks I approached, he told me that karna pishachini has been used. Sorry, i dont know how that shakthi can be used at far more distance. The overall problem which i am now facing is more than 5 years knowingly. Thanks Avanija
  10. Hi Ganesh, Now, i dont hear any voices to my ear. That is totally stopped after doing all these. Recently, i did chandi path chantings. One chapter per day. thats it. Totally i finished 13 times of chantings alone in a year. It took one year for me to complete the 13 times of chandi paath chanting. During navarathri, we did a fire sacrifice by chanting the Devi mahatmaya. But, i have this thought reading issues which has been misused by my enemies. I dont know how they do it. No idea about it. My enemies used to chase me through this thought reading. coz of this, i could not able to tolerate to many extent. So far, i thought this will also pass soon if i dont give importance to it. But, they are not giving up. I am not saying they are powerful ppl. But, still i need to get out of this. Due to this, there is huge hurdle in my career and life. Moreover, the person who has done black magic on me, engaged rowdies and asking them to chase and tease wherever i go. My close friends asking not telling me anything and they are not interested to get involved and help. They fear that they may also become victim of it. My friends advice to keep myself calm and not to give importance to this. I dont know whats happening around me. I asked to many persons who get god on them, they said it is due to black magic and the person who spelled on you is doing this. I could not able to ask anyone since it is mind reading. So, i am doing meditation to not to get negative emotion and stay myself positive. Also, i am trying to find any means to come out of this witch craft stuff. I can very well say i am not a psychologically affected. I still work in a global indian IT company and chasing of these ppl are everywhere. I dont know about others mentality, but i could not able to tolerate these nuisances. But, there is no use of getting negative emotions, its wise to think how to come out of it. Many ppl has written about the problem of hearing voices, but, they said in the same forum thread somewhere, its possible to read thoughts also. But, i got into this worst situation of being chased everywhere. Thanks Avanija
  11. Hi Anahatanadaji, As far as Yoga is concerned,i am practising Raja yoga and pranayama. I practise the basic pranayama i.e. inhale, kumbaka and exhale at the proportion 1:2:4 and doing meditation by concentrating at the centre of the eyebrows meeting point. To be honost, I could not able to do it regularly. But sometimes, i get some pricking around my face while practising meditation at Agna chakra and gets disturbed. I dont know whether this is the correct path to do the raja yoga. But, i do my daily poojas regularly. I do offer the 5 sacred things to god as a part of daily pooja. Thats all i do. Regarding diksha, i remember, sometime back in our home, we did pratyingara homam. The priest who did this, gave a pratyingara manthra to me and asked to chat it regularly. I can consider this one as a diksha. Am i right? Suddenly, it struck me that the priest (he has done big yagas and he said he himself does varahi and pratyingara upasakam) has given the manthra to me. But, i dont have other instructions from him apart from chanting the manthra. We dont have contact with him also. But, i didnt start chanting the manthra and have to start chanting it. Moreover, i hear lalitha sahasranama as a regular practise if not have time to recite it. I am a great devotee of the supreme mother. Thanks Avanija
  12. Hi Anahatanadaji, I went through this website {...} for the Rashmi mala manthras. They have mentioned that "Every Sri Vidya Upasaka who has received Panchadasi or higher mantras is supposed to recite the set of mantras to be recited now. They are called Rashmi Mala mantras." So they are trying to say that only the ppl who have received the panchadasi or some higher manthras from a Guru are supposed to chant this manthra. In my case, I dont have such a guru to guide me and to give me diksha. How to initiate this chanting in my case? Chanting Rashmi mala manthra without any proper sadhakam willl give fruitiful result? pls advice me in this case. Thanks Avanija
  13. Hi anahatanadaji, Thanks for the guidance. I am new to this total stuff and i will try to get these manthras by searching. If you can forward me such manthras would be fine. And please furnish any sri vidya upasakas, who can provide diksha or guiding proper way of initiating the pooja procedure. Yes, as you said nothing is impossible. But, my main goal to come out of this witch-craft stuff. If you have any RASHMIMALA manthras, can you please forward to me. Thanks, Avanija
  14. I think "Navakshari" manthra would be appropriate which covers bija for MahaLakhsmi, MahaKali and MahaSaraswathi. This manthra totally satisfies Chandi also who is none other than Durga maa. Pls correct my answer if i assumed wrong as i am newbie to this forum
  15. Hi Blue_Buddha, I had similar hearing voices problem till few months back. I was continuously chanting Devi Mahatmyam for about an year from Sankalpam to Rahasya covering kavacham, argalam, kilakam, navakshari, ratri suktam, all the chapters and the uttar baag namely, devi sooktam and the three rahasyams. This creates good vibrations around us, almost hearing voices are reduced. If you have problem in reading sanskrit, pls just buy a casette/CD of Devi Mahatmyam by good recitors and play in front of your friend daily. I used to hear the recitation done by Bombay Sisters. They are good. Most importantly, if u planned to recite the mahatmyam, should avoid non-veg, eggs, even onions and garlic. These smell will attract the bad spirits and you will not get expected fruit. Ask ur friend to avoid such diets too. And do the sankalpam appropriately before starting the devi mahatmyam japam. May god bless ur friend to come out of this. ~Avanija.
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