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  1. Hi there. I just started a kriya for the first two chakras, it is called "Meditation for Guts." If you care to know what's in it, here it is. If not, feel free to skip ahead. 11 minutes -- pull the sides of your abdomen up with your elbows repeatedly 3 minutes -- arms outstretched, root lock -- with every inhale of breath of fire 3 minutes -- cross arms in front of face, and scrunch shoulders to ears, unscrunch, etc... 11 minutes -- work the stomach so you're churning it (this one's hard to explain), but the movement suggests a wheel in your stomach... --back, forth, side to side... 3 minutes -- root lock continuously with all your strength while clasping one's hands in front of one's face using great pressure 9 minutes -- push and pull with opposite hands. you're supposed to have a partner for this one, but if solo, it looks like you're seated, using an invisible Nordic Track very fast... This is a powerful meditation that will quickly make one feel grounded and assertive in the world. It brings one willpower. It tonifies the digestive system. For me however, the meditation has also brought up anger that seems to be manifesting randomly as well as some fatigue. I think I need to channel the energy from the kriya some way, with a heart opener perhaps, or something that emphasizes gratitude or grace. If I remember last time I did this medttation if activated my ego as well, not to my benefit. I am wondering if there is something else, some other kriya (hopefully short, because I don't have THAT much time every day) that I can do that will temper the energy of this meditation. Please note also that I am recovering from a chronic illness, so anything else I was to do in addition to this can't be along the lines of a hundred-and-eight frogs. If it matters, my third eye chakra is well developed, but I suspect my heart and navel chakras are also underdeveloped. Many thanks, in advance-- PC
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