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  1. Hello PBChrist, The anger that your feeling is a good sign and your releasing previously suppressed emotions due to some event. They could be from earlier in your life or even from a previous birth. There are techniques for dealing with stray emotions, such as using visualisation techniques for resolving the cause of your anger and bringing peace. Another thing i noted is regarding your heart chakra. You need to work on this chakra by practising Bhakti yoga. This should be done in conjuction with the visualisation techniques i mentioned earlier. All the best
  2. I haven't learn't yoga or pranayama from anyone specifically but i try to read a lot of this material and practise on my own. I understand that chakras are psychic centre points, and that nadi's are channels through the body, but how are the two related? For example, is it that the nadi's intersect the chakras? So when im meditating on the chakras should i also be focussing on my ida, pingala, etc nadis? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Had a quick look at the sacred texts website but there doesnt seem to be much information on Vamana avatar. Any other suggestions? Surely this significant action can't have all been made up??
  4. Thank you. Does anyone know of any solid scriptural reference though?
  5. Ok sorry to go back to this, i need more help in finding the reference that states the Lord Vamana actually placed His foot on King Bali's head. According to the Srimad Bhagvatam King Bali offers his head at 8.22.2 but by the time he's finished explaining Prahlad Maharaj appears on the scene at 8.22.12. The Lord instructs Bali to go to Sutala at 8.22.33 but i couldnt find the reference where the Lord places His foot on Bali's head. Have i over looked something or is it in another text somewhere?
  6. Dear all, Pranam. It is popularaly known that during Lord Vamana's avatar Shukracharya blocked the spout of the water pot that was being used to seal the deal between Bali and God. Following which the Lord uses a sharp straw to poke out his left eye. The problem is i can't find any scriptural sources where this is mentioned. I have had a quick read of the Srimad Bhagvatam and the Vamana Purana however I dont believe this is mentioned here. Does anyone know where i should be looking? Thank you Regards
  7. I have recently been reading the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhamsa Yogananda and am interested in taking up Kriya Yoga for the sake of getting God realisation. I live in the UK and have done a google search for Kriya Yoga centres but have been overwhelmed by the different variations and schools. Could someone please recommend a good school where i can learn Kriya Yoga in Leicester or London? Thank you
  8. cnjai20 u raise an honest question, one that i myself have been trying to control for a long time. From my own personal experiences the following help: 1) Win the little fights with your mind, eg if your addicted to chocolate (like i am) then give it up to beat your craving. Once your mind starts to understand that its not the control it makes other desires easier to control too. 2) If there is a specific place or scenario where you find that your kama is invoked then stay away from the place/scenario! occupy your mind in something else like reading religious books. 3) If you are used to admiring girls e.g. on the streets then force yourself to stop doing it 4) If all else fails and you find yourself falling for kama, try to think of your own future, specifically your own death! Nobody knows when there own death will occur, if it were to take place in the next 5 minutes would you like to 'go' knowing that 5 mnutes ago you were thinking about kama? I think not! Hope this helps.
  9. Awesome posts aqua3
  10. I find this thread very interesting as i also feel it sometimes,.. but not only during mantra recitation. Sometimes when driving to work and listening to Krishna bhajans i get an ecstatic chill running through the back of my head and down/up my spine. Most bizzarely recently i got a similar chill when playing garba the other day. I was thinking about the compassionate Goddess.
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