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  1. current transit time is bad relating to job and money matter. you are now 65, if you have not savings,naturally you will face financial stress.The better time will be start from first week of November 2010
  2. there are thousands of Gurus and Masters in India. What you actually wanted to learn.
  3. I think you are right. A forum is best for discussing research matters. If some one takes advantage for personal problem he should pay for that.Astrologers are not hawkers to offers their analysis as give away. I think the forum shoul permit the relplier to ask money........ am Iwrong?
  4. who told you astakbarga system gives information related to power of planets. Astakbarga system is based on planetary position in different rasis, not with the nature ofdegree of the planets. Its an oldest computerised system developed by Indian scholars to find out how far a chart will get favours from transit planets at the time of gochara transit of planet. If you learn deeply about astakbarga system you will able to learn most perfect analysis of hindu astrology. Only one thing I shall add that a transit planet will give results to birth planets only when it will in the same longitude by house with birth planet which is refered as tulyansa. The kakha system of analysis do not work according to rules.
  5. Hi Lalit, Simple Gemstone will not make your future
  6. if such marriage happend, the boy will behave ridiculous after few years of marriage with you.
  7. Is your girl freind's behave aggressive with you? If so is it her casual tendency? then if you liked her for marriage you have to adjust. Patience and adjustment in married life with love to each other can vanish Mangalik dosha
  8. No stone will bring you a job to survive. I can give you a single advice. If you follow you will win soon. KEEP A TIP WITH THE TOP OF THUMB AND YOUR RING FINGER AS LONG AS YOU CAN IN A DAY. Soon you will find a job in the third week of any upcoming English calender month
  9. who told you the girl is mangalik? what do you know about this mangalik conception. Millions of mangalik girls are nowadays leading happy marriage with everyday battle with his husband. Life style changes nowadays. old astrological ethics often not comes true.
  10. I dont know Hindu Nirayan system means to follow the Tropical Zodiac. If so, I must say my last 30 years researches on mmentary event prediction in day day life often found absolute correct with Lahiris ephemeris data. I also protest for your conclusions that zodiacs are meant for incarnations of God. Astrology is a knowledge based subject, God does'nt have enough time to attend the zodiac. Zodiac is a certain space in the sky created by man to identify repeated events on earth, God has nothing to do with zodiac signs
  11. all job forecast goes to fail if the person cocerned is not well aware about his skill to find a job. Check every news paper vacancy column and try to attend any interview for your deserved position in the first week of every English calender month.
  12. bookish astrological ethics has very little value in these days when the society least bother about outcast marriage, marriage with foreigners, or marrriage with a working girl. Money and earning from both side of the couple wiil wihksed away all these mangalik charts results, as I observed long time
  13. hi, do have any easy method to download this tantalus cup?
  14. whether you will have love marriage or marriage after love nowadays depend on your earning and responsible ness of character. If you have both ,don't bother any one to make a love marriage.
  15. taking debt is your part of character. Your banking jobs thus gives you ample opportunity. Save 25% of your earning by curtail your status desires for 4 years. If you can you can definitely romoved from all of your debts.
  16. It will be better for you to purchase a astrological software to get last 100 years horoscope.I dont thing there is any site which offer free down load of perfect niryana longitude of planets of last 100 years
  17. high rheta, first you help your cousing by making a computer horoscope and then you ask some astrologer to get help
  18. before you start to read kundali you should learn hindu astrology through various books and cast your own horoscope and proceed gradualy......
  19. Hi Manas, Who told you just giving your birth details will be enough to request for your career analysis? You should at least have a detail horoscope in Hindu Nirayana system to get any help from this forum.
  20. Dear ramesh, Don't keep much hope in your dasa prediction. Dasa reflects our mental and psychological changes in our own concentration.If the transit results will be unfavorable the ultimate outcome will not accordingly to dasa results. Check your astakbarga results and trnansit results on which you can get a flair about your upcoming fortune.
  21. Dear Mr. Prasanta Kumar, In respect to your following article I wonder how you came in such conclusion that The 12 signs based zodiac concept was created in India? From the ancient time Indians did not used any rashi chart or symbols.There divisions of the zodiac belt is limited with 27 Nakhatras, from where dasa system originated, and navamsa and other amsas derived. Later when Greek astrologers imported Egyptian astrology modified by Greek astrology, Indian scholars adopted the Zodiac system, drekkan and hora divisions.12 Zodiac system is sun sign based system which originated in Egypt, because their main God ws the Sun God 'Ra' who they believe sail over the sky in a boat from monring the sunset. Sunsign based astrology later popular in European astrology as greek astrologers imported it from middle east.
  22. Navamsa does not means 9th part of a rasi. Its mean Nava amsa or a new phase of time. How I conclude? See if you goes through the history of Indian astrology you will be find navamsa was created first to divide a Nakshatra into 4 equal part to identify the time difference of a day four basic phase of time,i.e., Morning, Noon, Evening and Night. Thus a Nakshatra consist of 4 pada or navamsa. Navamsa never created by dividing 9 equal parts of a rashi. Because, when navmsa was created there was Only Nakshatra system of observations exist in Indian astrology. Later rashi chakra added over this system. Rasi chakra is not originated in India. It was created in EGYPT. Rashi chakra was suns transit based. Western astrologer learned from Arbians and brought the sunsign astrology to europe. About 3000B.C ago when Greeks invaded India, few Greek astrologers came to our country. Indian scholars learned about rashi chakra and many other system of observation from them.They are termed as Yavanaachayra in Indian classic. So it is not very wiseful to declare navamsa means equal one ninth part of the rashi. Thanks
  23. you are new in Indian astrology. Making analysis of your birth navamsa chart will not very easy to you. I am about 30 years researching in applied astrology of hindu nirayana system. If you want to judge your navamsa chart just think it that planets at your navamsa chart indicates to whom in the society you will get the fruits of your birth fortune in the society. For example check where is your suns navamsa rashi. You will get your career and profession prospect from those who has in their rashi chart the positon of sun in a rashi identical with your navamsa rasi where sun is situate. Follow this rule and check your most intimate people rashi chart you will find the truth.....
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