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  1. I had the same problem, Sandy, and finally stopped chanting! The standard reply to this question would be that this anger is a sign of an impure mind and that the only way to get rid of that is to keep on chanting. I have been chanting for seven years, sixteen rounds daily, but instead of getting less the feelings of lust and anger just increased! And not only anger - also feelings of sadness, depression even, and total despair and inner emptiness resulted while chanting! OMG I must be an offender!
  2. You should look at this picture in its original size: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/47/Universal_Form.jpg Why are you pointing at a happy picture where I am trying to point at an unhappy picture? Evasiveness is all-pervading, both with the spiritualist and with the non-spiritualist... What is Lord holding in his right hand, the one with the chakra? Can anybody tell me? It's a conspiracy, I am telling you.
  3. This picture has some horrific aspects.... Aside from the gruesome face in the back you pointed at, I am seeing another creepy face on Lord's chest, reddish with blood, and one of the Visnu forms is holding a sword which is red with blood as well at the top near the hand. Also the suggestion is made that the central figure has a hollow inside wherein a fire is burning, something like an all-consuming sacrificial fire. Advaita Acarya has a big stain of blood on his dhoti. It looks as if he is being persuaded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to offer himself to Moloch and is begging to be excused from his fate... I wonder who put this devilish work together. The devil himself?
  4. Yeah, I agree. I am normally on discussion fora with a lot of atheists and they always come up with this silly dogma that wars are caused by religion. It is part of their "believe system" so to speak, and they get very annoyed when you try to convince them this is not 100% true.
  5. I have spent some time in Surinam, and have noticed that local Hindus there also plant flags in their gardens. They are called dhjandis and are red, orange or sometimes white in color and have something to do with Hanuman-worship. I have no idea what they represent or where this tradition comes from. Maybe they represent victory flags of Hanumanji. Also in neighbouring country Guyana planting dhjandis (or jhandis) is common practice: Guyanese in Florida ordered to stop flying jhandi flag -looks like 'a torn, tattered towel in a tree,' says community board
  6. Yes, certainly. Also including some school headmasters and the owners of certain websites I suppose...
  7. Is this to be taken literally? "Millions of kings" sounds illogical, so does it refer to "haughty persons" in general?
  8. The problem here seems to me that at the end of Kali Yuga there will be hardly any righteous people left, according to scripture. So why take the trouble to cut all the degenerates' heads? Prabhupada said Kalki especially comes to kill all the demons at the end of Kali Yuga, so that's why I am asking this. Here's a 18th century image of Kalki, with sword and horse: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f3/Kalki1.jpg
  9. I don't want to criticize, but you're all getting totally adrift right here. The original topic was how Kalki would be able to cut all demon's heads while riding a horse. I would advice some administrative intervention. Sects, gurus......
  10. The "proof" also appears to be a hoax. Cool. What if scientists discover there IS vegetation on the moon, however? Any credit to them?
  11. I wasn't thinking of Narayana the Swami, immediately. Primarily Narayana is another name for God, or Visnu. The whole universe is completely under the rule of Narayana, according to shastra and authorities, so the answer must be "yes". What made you think that dhanny etc. was talking about this Swami, GuesttseuG, since a guru doesn't own any Universe normally speaking?
  12. There will be a lunar eclipse today as well. Does this have any significance, spiritually or materially?
  13. It is a pity that 'politics' seem to ruin many a discussion (this group vs. that group). I would prefer to take things to a more 'personal' level..... So, GuestAdas, maybe you could post a picture of yourself here so we can judge your 'sattvic-ness'. Hahahaha.
  14. Why do you have to re-quote the whole thing again? Do you think your quotation of the original in italics holds any improvement? I cannot read it properly!
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