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  1. It is interesting to find posts that quote from ancient text. Just posting these raise a question to me about the purpose. Each one of the above sootras for instance, can be discussed for its relevance to our times, not just one. Many of the ancient texts had a bearing of its times in caste, class and gender biases and it is like a responsibility to keep that context alive so we do not keep repeating and in a way accentuating the negative aspects. i was wondering if Chanakya was a woman, what would these read like.
  2. It will be very helpful to know if there are any weblinks to learn about different methods of pranayama and meditation. There is a lot of such info available on the web. Perhaps the experienced members here can suggest some for the beginners. thanks
  3. Thanks. It is great that on-going thought is being given to the changes observed in the postings. May i also suggest a thread for people to post information about resources .... i read several posts scattered in different threads either about an NGO source for help for student -funding or NGOs where members can support different causes. - Just a thought to consider. thanks.
  4. Thanks for this information. It will be really benefit more people if it is also posted in the thread on resources.
  5. This thread is for Ashtanga Yoga, although there is no harm in this request being anywhere, it will be more appropriate to post this in another thread. unless of course, the problems are related to this thread.
  6. Greetings and God bless. But may i ask if there is any other way this enlightened group may be of help? do you want to indicate what is the trouble. there may be some suggestions regarding that. It is great, the first step that you are seeking out for help from a group that is spiritually oriented. If you take the other step and seek out more, that process may itself relieve some fear, pain. God can be there with you, but it is you who has to find a solution to the problems. Make this strong faith in God a source to find faith in yourself and look at your problems again, with a view to sort them out and a belief that there are always options and more solutions than any problem. take care
  7. Hi gga, you have not explained your situation fully or well enough. it is clear that by now there are multiple issues going on - work and health related; but you say that you are facing problems since you got married and moved to the UK. Since when are you working in this job; when did the bullying begin, what are the reasons? There are good labor regulations that apply in most countries. Do not let your panic or fear from one set of issues get into the other set of issues. If you can, clearly list what are the issues at work and what are the medical problems - they both may be worrying you differently and may need different kind of attention. Your medical problems are bound to lead to fear and worry and panic, leave aside the physical pain. But to manage your treatment plan well, you have to be more organized in your thoughts first and then make realistic plans. First of all, accept the complexity of life as God's will. then take an account of your problems and think what is doable in this context and what do you have control on. O course you can make a difference with your attitude. Look for support groups on the internet regarding your illness. Educate yourself about the prognosis of the diesease and how it may efect your work, family and personal life. REad about how other people are managing their illness and life. If you write more, we can discuss a few more things. But panic is the last thing that will help and being fatalistic does not go well with the teachings of Bhagwat Gita. Be a karmayogi. At work, your panic may be creating a negative impact on your performance. YOu have not given any inidcation of what is the problem at work. Some may be problematic anywhere, but everywhere, there are sensible people too. Take a careul good account of your situation with a level and cool mind. take care
  8. Thanks for sharing this amazing art!
  9. I do not know what you mean my 'Hindu" books and why do you ask this question? i am curious about your inquiry - it is not just about the book it seems, but perhaps you want to know what the members of this list think as representative text - not just for themselves, but when talking to a westerner! - this is a really interesting part of your question. i have not thought of asking a westerner what book they might like to talk about when talking to a non-westerner! - gives me food for thought. Anyways, one of my favorite books is - "Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth". Reason being that this person is close to our times and is known to have lived what he believed. He was a spiritual person and NOT just a HINDU - he challenged hinudism in that he stood for the untouchables and called them 'harijans; - people of God. And he tried to practice what he believed in and hardly preached anything to anyone. To me, this is spiritualism, about having well-thought out and critical beliefs and having the courage to live up to them. It is true too that he was a believer in Bhagwat Gita - a text almost everyone here has talked about. And that text is a living -text, open to interpretation as many times one reads it, based on one's evolution each time you come back to it. There may be other examples too, depending on what in "Hindu" or non-western world is your quest about.
  10. Thank you for bringing in a broader perspective to the topic. Topics like this need to be viewed not just on the basis of some limited 'religious' or text-based analysis. These are issues of complex social, cultural and individual matters, sometimes medical and often economic or political. It will be great if this forum could look at such topics in a manner that is respectful of such aspects, of men and women who may have been impacted by these issues in reality. It will be also respectful to consider what these decisions entail? i do not think it will be an easy one for the people initiating it or the medical/clinical persons conducting it.
  11. Your questions in reflect your quest to understand the right and the wrong path. but let it not be the fear of the future drive your questions. if the attempt is to understand the 'sukrama' from 'akarma' from 'kukrama', (satvik, rajasi, tamsik), then the quest itself purifies and takes us to the purer paths. there is no definiton or measure, i believe, of good karma. its all relative and a sense of that judgement can be derived from following a satvik path. all of us are in that process of achieving little good amidst our selfish goals. what you identify are some of the paths that may become the means to not so good karma. karma-gyan is deeper than that. though. your questions about previous life and what's to come are not easy to reply. astrologers claim to find configurations to some answeres, but our lives are evidence, in a way of what may have happened if it did, in the earlier lives. i think that each moment can be taken as a life-form in itself and we drive the next moment from this one. just some thoughts, which may not answer your deep questions.
  12. liberation and sai (which i take may be a name for the almighty or the supreme power one believes in) ... these two are the centre of the original thought posted here. i think it would make sense to dwell a little on what we mean by and expect from 'liberation'. and what is sai (god or whatever name we may want to give) who the author claims is in our hearts.
  13. Your suggestions, based on your experience are great. Temples in India are not yet corporate/tourist enterprise, managed in a systematic way. But still, i think they are trying in their own way to make them accessible. Perhaps your suggestions will be helpful for the temple management. It may be worth mailing a letter with your thoughts as suggestions. You may just be surprised by the reception of your ideas.
  14. jyy

    Kumbhamela 2010

    Good, timely reminder for planning ahead. Anyone has any experience of being at the Kumbhamela? thanks
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