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  1. Hahaha..sambya is talking about blasphemy, courtesy etc while he has no problem in deriding hindu scriptures. Phew,I am exhuasted with these evasive responses and dancing around the issue .There is nothing more for me to say. Btw, i am not that old to advise you but litigation and sentimentality dont appear to help anybody even in your chosen profession.
  2. NO SCRIPTURES?. Did you mean rk bhashans?.
  3. Nobody has a right to demean other's faith as long as they keep it to themselves. You should really learn to read posts before responding.Smiley said in no uncertain terms(HE EVEN MADE A DOUBLE POST) that he is not interested in establishing the existence or non-existence of Jesus. People like smiley and me have a problem when the CHRISTIANS say christ is the ONLY way to AVOID perpetual punishment in hell.
  4. Nice Post Smaranam :smash:. That should put the Incessant whiner Sambya to rest. To Galaxy.Please take note that this forum is infested with whining hindus who take pride about their ignorance in hindu scriptures.
  5. Explained in Posts number 63 and 22.
  6. I raise the characteristics of a typical neo-hindu who dont to Authentic scriptures and choose uneducated and delusional people as their gurus.The Neo-hindus like you have no respect for scriptures but keep on whining about inconsequential things. A practicing hindu follows scriptures not necessarily sampradayas. I am an ordinary Hindu who is disgusted and pained with neohindus who put down their own scriptures and follow uneducated ,credulous looking Gurus. Still you have not answered the basic point. Why do you whine so much about iskcon and Hindu scriptures while keeping Mum when other faiths abuse Hinduism? .
  7. Ofcourse i to traditional school of hindu thought.Now, that is not relevent to this discussion. I didnt exactly brag about Sastras.There are far more knowledgeable hindus like Ganeshprasad to quote authentic scriptures. The subject(I raised) is about spineless neo-hindus like you who whine endlessly about hinduism like spoilt brats.
  8. But the ungrateful neohindus don't see it that way.
  9. It doesnt matter what people like you think.As per the Abrahamic scriptures you are worshpping false god(s).There is no IF and BUT.THAT IS THE VIEW HELD BY THEM.If you have come across any theologist of those religions say otherwise,post it. As i said above your understanding hardly counts with those who follow their scriptures. Btw, FYI the gospel of jesus is written in Greek not in Hebrew.
  10. Probably true.May be because there are several thousand books in hinduism and i have no way to read them all.
  11. I dont have any guru.May be Gurus didn't find me worthwhile to spend time on . It would not have bothered me a bit if you had responded to the real attackers i mentioned above.Your studious silence or serious attacks in hinduism while you go hammer and tongs on iskconites show the malaise of neo-hinduism. Now you are talkng sense.But you conveniently forgot that it is you who started this fight by pestering theist and prabhupada.
  12. Things have changed.The cattle owners to their dismay found out that it is more cost effective for them in the long run to let the calf take it's share of milk.
  13. How does it bother you?. As for jewish scripture torah which is the foundation for Old testament, Hindu idolaters like you go to eternal hell. But your uneducated guru(Hamsa) said all faiths are valid. didn't he?.May be nobody read to him the scriptures(Deuteronomy 13:13-19).
  14. Ofcourse you have nothing to comment.And the silence of neohindus like you is treated as acceptance by the attackers.And the worst part is people like you think that it is nice:mad2: to remain silent. Ohh yes, not accepting attacks by these fellows is intolerance.I am disgusted with hindus like you who equate tolerance with timidity. But at the same time you have no problem to take issues with Iskonites and go on and on.Why this double standards?. I don't shy away to take the bull by the horns if and when it becomes necessary.After all i didnt take an uneducated, confused fellow as my guru.
  15. Thanks to the efforts of Raj Dhawan, britannica people have agreed to revise the article. http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/index.php?print/id:6919,pdf:1
  16. Hmm, sambya wants iskcon to be diplomatic, and if they don't err ..be diplomatic he will cry hoarse.Not bad , but when he come across abrahamic faiths(particularly islam) attack hinduism he tucks his tail and vanish. This is the way pusillanimous neo-hindus act.They are all fire and brimstone in friendly atmospheres, but disappear when a no-holds barred attack is launched by other imperialistic faiths.
  17. Cow produces excess milk beyond the requirement's of it's calves.If you deprive the calf of it's milk it will die and there will be no more cattle.It is another matter that when cows and calves are treated badly to get more milk.
  18. What is Ecumenism in the christian context? Here is What Vatican says: PRINCIPLES AND NORMS ON ECUMENISM DIRECTORY FOR THE APPLICATION OF PRINCIPLES AND NORMS ON ECUMENISM The search for Christian Unity was one of the principal concerns of the Second Vatican Council. ....... the Holy Father noted that "the breadth of the ecumenical movement, the multiplication of dialogue statements, the urgent need that is felt for a greater participation by the whole People of God in this movement, and the consequent necessity of accurate doctrinal information, in view of a proper commitment, all of this requires that up-to-date directives be given without delay".4 It is in this spirit and in the light of these developments that the revision of this Directory has been made. To Whom is the Directory Addressed 4. The Directory is addressed to the Pastors of the Catholic Church, but it also concerns all the faithful, who are called to pray and work for the unity of Christians, under the direction of their Bishops. .... Aim of the Directory 6. The new edition of the Directory is meant to be an instrument at the service of the whole Church and especially of those who are directly engaged in ecumenical activity in the Catholic Church
  19. I didn't single out.It is one of the problems India and srilanka faces. To quell violence the Abrahamic religions have to give up their exclusive monopoly on God.That is what i am trying to say. Really?.How do you know ?. Ofcourse i know what islam did and still trying to do.I wrote several times about it.The bible thumping christians want to establish christian kingdom wherever they can.That includes somewhat clever ones like you who try to frighten nonchristians about "End times" to further their agenda. "In other words" you are trying to be clever in pushing your agenda by frightening the Hindus about chineses invasion. Sorry Melvin many people on this forum have understood what you are.Your silly tactics are not going to work. Better luck next time.
  20. May be he was visited by Aliens.
  21. Communist china is not going to Invade India for the sake of religion.China is dictator ship regime. Chinese have no zeal to convert the world to atheism unlike the bible thumping Christians who have set a goal of converting Indians to christianity.
  22. Will the christians agree when they were told to stop peddling their Savior theory?.The hatred christianity creates has basis in it's central tenet that non-christians are going to burn in hell for eternity for refusing to accept christ as saviour. That should be no concern.Let them laugh to their heart's content. No body is going to RESCUE INDIA.Countries will act to preserve their self interest. At present India has a continuing problem with Islamic terrorists spilling blood for over 2 decades. Uncle sam acts as per American interests .The heads of state talk about Christianity when they feel the need to take their traditional voters on board. Christians are getting killed on a regular basis in muslim countries like iraq, pakistan etc and America didnt do anything. Btw, American christians in "bible belt" say the present president is an antichrist.
  23. And it has created further divisions and hatred in the indian society.
  24. Dhruvji, Is there any way to find out for sure if a person is indeed suffering from black magic or possessed by Bootha etc.
  25. In that case you should also defend Allah's word i.e. quran. Allah says in quran that worshiping jesus as "son of god" invites his curse. Quran 09.030 : The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth! 37.152 : "Allah has begotten children"? but they are liars! and then Allah Promises grievous penalty for those(catholics, obviously) who believes in trinity 005.073 : They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One Allah. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.
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