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  1. Adding to the above observation by kingpin9969. In the Navamsa, with Mithuna lagna, the lagna lord Mercury is in the 7H with 7th lord Jupiter with Rahu. indicating that the native is deeply involved with his partner and Rahu indicates the differences in cultural background. Also Mercury is the Dara Karaka in this case. I find that the rest of potential trouble makers are holding their positions safely. 6L Mars is in 6H, 8L Sat is in 8H (with Venus) and Moon as the 2L is in 2H. So indicates a stable relationship not a flash in the pan. The native is running his 26th year - Using Sun's progression this relationship probably began during his 25th yr when the Sun was in a trine to Venus (indicates love) - Now Sun is aspecting the 7H indicating the initiative to take his relationship to next level. Classic72
  2. Dear All, I find this subject very intriguing. So here's my two cents on this. Birth time is highly subjective both in theory and in practice. Well its like defining Sunrise time. When a baby is born normally there can be many different points which can be considered as birth time. For example when the crown is visible or when the head is outside or the entire body is fully outside or the umbilical cord is cut, the first breath, the first cry etc., This is hoping everything was normal. More points if things do not progress normally. May be there is a large gap between coming out and the first breath ( like when I was born). I am not even going to go into Caesarian births. This is the theory part - Now the practice of it. The noting of the exact time is dependent on the person noting and documenting it safely. Most people have to refer to their Mother's for their own birth time. In common practice we are used to rounding/approximating it up the time to the closest five minute. So for astrologers it is advisable that we take the given time as the starting point, ensure that the D1 and D9 lagna (atleast) are not on boundaries and ask validation questions and rectify. Then go from there to answer the primary questions. Yes unless the parents find value in the exact birth time - it is not recorded. One thing I found very valuable atleast in the US is that attending doctors state the birth time aloud during the birth. I believe they also record it atleast on official hospital records ( may not be on the birth certificate always). Not sure how other countries have it setup currently. For valuable historical charts the only resort is life events for reverse engineering. Just thought I'd share my views about this. Classic72
  3. Dear Abhishekshri, Could you please include the time of birth for your prospective partner. We cannot match your charts unless we have the time of birth. Best Wishes Classic72
  4. Dear seeking_divine_help, Could you please post the Full birth details of this native. Date, Time, Place of Birth. Seems like an interesting case to me. With Best Wishes. Classic72
  5. Dear Amar1, Let me clarify a few of your doubts. Q) How should I read general predictions displayed on popular websites according to my lagna or rashi? I am confused regarding what rashi I belong to? What is difference between lagna and rashi? The websites that display the dates under the zodiac sign are going by the Sun sign. Feb -- to Mar -- ( Aquarius ) etc., - Not very reliable. Some better websites use the Rashi (Moon sign) for predictions. Here you are expected to know what you belong to. In your case Simha. These are more reliable. Extremely rarely (I am yet to find one reliable) will they predict any results using lagna. So when depending on websites use your Moon sign. To go further I would rely much on predictions from websites at all. It needs an experienced astrologer to use a lot more information and details to come up with accurate predictions for YOU. Lagna is the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Rasi is the sign in which the Moon is placed at the time of your birth. For the current transit of planets - For simplicity start with your Moon sign. So from Simha rasi Sat (Shani) is in 1st house - So you are running your Sade Sati (7.5 yrs of Sat) etc., Use of Ascendant (and the entire birth chart) as the focal point is done by astrologers and they will give you highly personalized predictions. Websites etc., are mostly high level diluted stuff - not very pinpoint. If you learn Jyotisha in a formal way - you will understand these very easily. Hope this puts you at ease. With best wishes Classic72
  6. Dear cvlakshmi, I looked at your chart and here's my reading on it. In Rasi Chart - 7th lord Moon is debilitated and fails to receive cancellation. Mars and Venus are both in 2nd from Lagna. Also Moon is aspected by Sat and Rahu. Add to that Moon is debilitated in Navamsa as well. So 7L Moon is highly weakened. There is a minor cancellation of debility for Moon by placement of Mars and Venus in a quadrant from Moon indicating this happens by Mantra sadhana by worship. So devotion and worship to deities indicated by Mars (Karthikeya) and Venus(Mahalakshmi) can bring strength to Moon. Now Venus the kalatrakaraka is in 2H with two of his enemies (Sun and Mars). UL (Upapada lagna) is aspected by Sat and Rahu and also UL lord Jup is with Sat in close proximity and aspected by Mars. There are severe afflictions to differents aspects of relationships/marriage. You will be switching to Venus Dasa on Jan 28,2009. Venus as the yogakaraka and also kalatrakaraka should now bestow good results. With beginning of 29th yr (after Feb 27,2009) you can restart your search your alliances and they will bear fruit. In the meanwhile you are recommended to perform Thursday fasting. With Best Wishes. Classic72
  7. Dear WebYogi & PJSathish, I was intrigued by this query from PJSathish and intended looked at the chart. The Date/Time/Place is Oct 7,1976 9:39:00AM Madurai, India Using VishnuNabhi and also Lahiri ayanamsa on Jagannatha Hora - I see the Vrishchika Lagna with Sun in the 11H with Merc. Sun is at around 20 Deg 29 Mins in Virgo - not on any boundary. This may be a case of mistakes in data entry. I would appreciate if Webyogiji could please recheck the chart and re-evaluate this query. Just thought I'd bring this up to the benefit of all readers. Thanks Classic72
  8. Dear Saakshi, Looking at your chart here's my analysis. Rasi Chart - Ketu in lagna with Sun and Rahu in the 7th house would give a spouse who is an opposite from your tendencies. Your partner will be an outspoken, dynamic, independent and self - reliant person. Navamsa Chart has Mars in the 7th house in Aries. This may cause your post marital life to be aggressive and with some tempers and anger. Since Mars is in its own house these may be an essential evil. You are currently running Vimshottari Jup/Moon until 2009-09-26. Starting 2009-09-26 to 2010-09-01 you will be running Jup/Mars which should bring in strong marital prospects. Mars owns the UL in Rasi and aspects it and is conjoined Venus and Merc(7L) from the 8H. Mars is also in the 7H in Navamsa. So is a strong contender for this. Fasting on Tuesday is recommended for this. This also coincides with the 31 yr as per Sun progression in Navamsa and Jup progression in Rasi. 6,7 and 8th houses have strong set of malefics with no benefic influence - may be explaining the reason for delayed marriage. With Best Wishes. Classic72
  9. Dear NehaGill, I notice that you are not sure about the couples' time of birth. To further look at this case astrologically - We would appreciate if you could provide some significant life events about these natives like marriage date, education and career choices, Number of siblings, major turning points in life loss of a loved ones / parents, or anything specific about these personalities. These can be used by experienced astrologers to arrive at probable Ascendant and thereby approximate time of birth and go forward from there to look at your query. I personally feel that this couple deserves to be helped and we'll do our best in this case. Classic72
  10. Swapnil, Here's how I understood about why (and how) planets own signs, moolatrikona and exaltation debilitation etc., To understand this better - Look at planets as for example normal people. Planet's own sign is like a person being at home - relaxed, comfortable and doing something very easy and natural. Planet's moolatrikona is like a person being at workplace - very sincere, diligent and takes work seriously. Planets exaltation sign is like a person being at a party - in full spirits, enjoying loves where he is and what he is doing. Debilitation is opposite hates, bad place, low spirits. Now consider Moon as a Motherly figure. Mother is comfortable at home (4th house of zodiac - Cancer own sign), very sincere about working/caring for the family (2nd house of zodiac - Taurus) and also loves enjoys being there exalts (in 2nd house of zodiac - Taurus). Rather than mechanically memorizing the different signs for different planets - This should help you understand and appreciate the logic behind the signs and the planets. See if you can expand the above logic for all the planets including Rahu and Ketu. Hope this helps you clarify your doubts. Classic72
  11. Dear Gayatriie, Your Details : Nakshatiram Swaati 4th pada - Rasi - Thula (Libra) Your Son : Nakshatiram Poorvabhadra 3th pada - Rasi - Kumbha (Aquarius) Classic72
  12. A person who has an intercaste marriage is probably open minded to accepting this marriage. In other words at all levels he welcomes this. So I would guess the 7th from Karakamsa would also play a vital role in this person being comfortable with people other cultures/traditions. May be has a Rahu or Sat in the 7th from Karakamsa. Also 7th (incase of 1st marriage) from the Navamsa lagna (or 8th therefrom) would indicate the life after marriage - may be has Rahu indicating differing in perspectives/ideologies/traditions etc., Usually 7th in Rasi is what kind of spouse you are looking for (and thereby getting as well). In my experience Rahu in the 7th in Rasi would give an introverted person (Ketu in lagna) - an extroverted, social, dynamic kind of spouse. Just my two cents on this.
  13. Dear Gayatriie, Could you please include the place of birth for both yourself and your son. Thanks Classic72
  14. Dear Coolgimmy, I would concur with your assessment. UL in Rasi chart is afflicted and also in Navamsa the 7H has 8L Mars in it can cause breakup of that relationship (first). For the next relationship we have Jup retrograde in the 2nd from 2UL and also in the 2nd from 2H in navamsa. Jup would have a lot of say in the 2nd marriage and also its quality. 2UL now has Ketu and Mars - marriage itself may be turbulent. I can see where you say Sun in the 25yr is now aspecting Venus(2L) and probably late next year aspect the 2H. With Best Wishes. Classic72
  15. Dear All, I will be on a month long vacation in Chennai, India starting tomorrow, back Dec 15. Forum members are sometimes eagerly waiting for my reply - So just thought I'd inform you guys. If need be - you can send me requests, by replying to this thread and I'll attend to this thread on my return. With Best Wishes Classic72:)
  16. Dear Probeen, Being sincerely aware of your problem/condition is the first step to finding a solution. Good that you have now taken a right step in this direction. I will try to keep my comments short and practical. Lust is a Shadripu (6 enemies) just like any other emotion like anger, greed, jealousy, obsessiveness. You are probably bordering between obsessiveness and lust. Any addiction (if I can use the word here) is difficult to get rid of with forcefulness. Addiction takes its roots very slowly and grows inside of you over years, because we feed it everyday. We basically nurture it inside of us. Though we are fully aware of its negativity , We cannot rid it because the pain involved and strength needed in ridding it is very high. We do not possess that kind of strength. So we continue short term measures of prolonging it. . .living with it. The more we resists it, The more it becomes resolute. Especially for obsession and lust - I would say that it prolongs its life due to your half measures. There is some minor gratification associated with it and we kind of relish it. When the sweetness subsides the bitterness surfaces and we go back to step 1. The best way to overcome this is to use full measures. When such emotions arise - Without any sense of guilt, shame or fear - Be 100% with your emotion. Dont resist or push it away - embrace it. Meditate and Contemplate on it. Observe the sensations in the physical body, thoughts in the mind, breathing patterns with 100% awareness. "See" what the emotion is doing inside your system. How it is manifesting!. After meditating - you should temporarily be clear of that emotion. Now if you have any creative talents like painting/drawing/crafts/creative writing/ etc., Do that with full enjoyment. This will help channelize that energy better. I will not say this is a one time solution or a magic bullet. But this will help you be with the emotion and better understand it. For all We can say is could be your innate Nature. Try this sincerely and should help you. Feel free to email me back if you have any questions. With Best Wishes Classic72
  17. Hmm - If the sun's progressions is matching the 2H , 2L - this may be second relationship. Not officially second - but she may have been seriously involved with another person for a while and broken up and this official wedding is now the second. Are you sure this is the first relationship for the girl? I'm actually curious to see the chart(s) if you have them you can post them. In D10 and D7 matters. Let me take D7 for example. For progeny matters see which rasi is now signifying the next child based on D7 lagna - going 5 signs forward/backward based on whether lagna is odd/even. Sun aspecting this Rasi signifies the birth of the child. In D10 I havent seen this work very consistently but theoritically speaking this would be the 10H. Classic72
  18. Dear Anuradha, Please accept my apologies for not responding to this. Just getting flooded with requests. Well to begin with my knowledge of KP Krishnamurthi Padhati is very minimal. I am just responding to show you some directions for your answers. Experts in KP - please feel free to step in and correct me. I typed sub lord in KP on google and found a website that displayed the lord and sub lord of planets/points placed in different degrees of the zodiac. These four lords are basically 4th level lordships based on where the placement of planets. I am not sure whether external links are allowed here - so I am refraining from it. For example - for each nakshatra lord is subdivided for all planets to be included proportionally - just like the time periods in Vimshottari dasa - Maha Dasa and Antardasa and Pratyantardasha and Sookshmantara dasa and so on. The progression seems to be just like Vimshottari - Ketu/Venus/Sun/Moon/Mars/Rahu/Jup/Sat/Merc within each major planet. So these 4 levels are the sub lords at these levels. So there is Ketu as the Nakshatra lord and based on the planet placement sub lord is also Ketu, Venus . . .. The same continues. As again this is my inference based on a two minute google search - KP experts please feel free . . . Hopefully my explanation is helpful here. Classic72
  19. Dear rashwin_25, Looking at the girl's chart Navamsa - there are indications about first marriage on the rocks. In Navamsa 6L Mars crossing over into 8H, while 8L Merc is moving into 2H (of second relationship). With lagna being vargottama - I switched to Shatabdika dasa and the find the girls marriage occurred in Jup/Jup/Merc and now the problems have begun with Jup/Mars. Mars is the cause of the trouble as above. There are indications of a second relationship for this girl. Classic72
  20. Dear Coolgimmy, Well if a serious relationship breaks up, then the next relationship begins where the first ends (8th from 7th). So the next relationship should be seen from the 2H. So in the Navamsa check when the Sun aspects the 2L (for meeting the new prospective partner) and the Sun aspecting the 2H for marriage. The definition of "serious relationship" is subjective and interpretation differs from astrologer to astrologer. The application of this can be very tricky also. So according the astrologer would struggle to grasp at which relation to be looked at. I don't think Jupiter not aspecting the 2nd from UL will cause breakup - it will help sanctify the relationship and help it move forward. It indicates a good positive development - but not aspecting is not bad. Regards Classic72
  21. Dear Shtl, Reviewing your current period and the next few years are not conducive for marital prospects. Currently running period of Sun until Nov 2010. Sun is a badhaka obstruction for your Ascendant. Marriage should occur in your 28th year around Nov 2010 timeframe Your spouse will be a social and cheerful person, hails from a foreign place and is hardworking and disciplined. One important thing is that in Navamsa 8L Moon is in 7H with 7L Merc, Rahu and Sun, with rasi and graha drishti of Sat,Mars. In Rasi - 2nd from UL has Rahu and Rasi drishti of Sat/Mars and graha drishti of Sat. These two indications strongly suggest that your first marriage will be delayed and also not long lasting. Regards Classic72
  22. Dear rashwin_25, Reviewing your chart there are quite few indications as to why your marriage is not materializing. In Rasi 7H has malefics Rahu and Sun - this would indicate a spouse who is self reliant, independent, with pride and ego and will also be short tempered, explosive and dynamic personality. Now Sun is a dushtana lord in 7H is not auspicious. Also 7L Moon is with Mars(badhakesha) in the 6H (12th from 7) and Merc(6 and 9). Venus is in dusthana 8H, lagna lord Sat is in 9H but with Jup (lord of 3 and 12) - marital matters for the present will be riddled with obstacles. UL is aspected by Sat, Jup, Mars by Rasi drishti and Rahu by graha drishti - you may be feeling a bad taste about marriage by now. Reviewing your navamsa chart 7L Sat is debilitated but with Jup in the 9H. Sat receives no cancellation at all Sun,Mars,Venus are badly placed. Currently running Jup/Sun until 2009-08-08 and Jup/Moon thereafter until 2010-12-07. Using Sun and Jup progression in Navamsa and Rasi - I would say that marriage should happen in your 29/30 yrs - the Jup/Moon period between 2009-08-08 to 2010-12-07 (YYYY-MM-DD) time period. The bhoga falls in the 3rd house also owning UL. The marriage will be arranged marriage. With Best Wishes classic72
  23. Dear Coolgimmy, To answer your question - when Sun aspects (by Rasi drishti) the 7L it indicates meeting the prospective partner and 7H is the actual marriage. Add to this Jup aspecting (by Rasi drishti) the 2nd from UL in Rasi - should give a clear indication of begining of a family. In most cases they do come together well, but one or more may not come in place. I wouldnt think that the relationship ended. The Sun's aspect on 7L will only be a for year - what about relationship that last more than a year before marriage. Sun aspecting 7L is mostly when (which year) you'll meet and Sun aspecting 7H is when (which year) you'll wed. Sun in trines to Venus indicates meeting involves a love and romance intent. Its a simple way to get you closer to the timing of marriage. Now - If it is the second marriage then take Sun's aspect on the 8th from 7H (2nd house) and 2L for meeting and marriage etc., Classic72
  24. Dear shonna1983, Analyzing your chart - here's some points. With Libra lagna and Moon in the 7th house - you can expect your spouse to be very soft, well natured and social person. Your Upapada lagna has Sun and Graha drishti of Saturn. These aspects are not very severe but restrictive in nature. Sun for Libra lagna is a badhaka - causing obstacles and problems with the proposal. Badhaka usually brings about a faceless opponent - problems that you do not know how and where they originate. In Navamsa Sun and Sat are in the 7H which will cause conflicts in your marital life. These will be strong enough but will keep the marriage sustained. You are currently running the Sun dasa - who is actually the cause of the problem here. Sun/Rahu and Sun/Jup do not have anything to do with marital prospects. Sat is a yogakaraka for this chart but is in Marana Karaka Sthana - so very weak to give results. Mercury is a trikona lord with the lagna lord in 11H of gains with A7 and in Navamsa is in lagna aspecting Sun. So mostly Merc subperiod should give you this fortune. So mostly marriage will occur during 2010-10-16 to 2011-08-22. With Best Wishes Classic72
  25. Dear Abhishek, For newborns it is advisable that queries be relevant to their age and their current issues. At this age - it is essential that you care & query about their health and physical well being. I will not be commenting about the other parts here. Exchange of Lagna Lord and 12th especially Venus and Mars is not auspicious. Sun as the significator of health is in Marana Karaka Sthana and debilitated. Sun does get substantial cancellation in Rasi. 12H is aspected by Saturn. Currently running Ketu/Venus - you may want to keep an eye on health related issues. With Best Wishes Classic72
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