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  1. Dear Classic72, Thanks for your prompt response. From ur findings, it seems that girls conditions is very critical now. This makes me more worried now. Will the second relationship for the girl will be fruitful for her? How about the compactibility between me and this girl? If i marry her, will our marriage life will be fruitful? According to my chart, Rahu is placed on the 7th house along with 8L Sun. And the 7L Moon is placed on 6th House along with 6L Budhan and Mars. Also 5L Sukran is placed on 8th House. Please check and Advise me about my married life also, Since the local astrologers says that my first marriage will not withstand for a long. This Brings more stress for me. Please find below the Horoscope details of me and the girl. Girl Horoscope Details: --------------------- D.O.B - 2nd October 1983 T.O.B - 11.04 AM P.O.B - Kuantan(Malaysia) My Horoscope Details: --------------------- D.O.B - 28th July 1981 T.O.B - 7.20 PM P.O.B - Madras Please go through our horoscope and give us an answer for the requested queries which will relieve me from the confused and stressful state. I really need a guidance and advise from you, since i believe ur prediction could brings good result for both of us. Thanks again for ur prompt reply. Thanks, ashwin_25
  2. Dear Classic72, Thanks a lot for ur prompt and quick reply. 1) while checking my horoscope to our local astrolgers, they have told that my first marriage will not withstand for a longtime and i will be having second marriages... is that true? 2) Currently iam leaving in abroad and i had an love affiar with an girl whose is an citizen of that country(Indian origin). after one year we have got seperated and the girl also married to an another guy on 17th Feb 08. But recently that girl is having an disturbed married life. while showing her horoscope to the local astrologers, they said that she will get divorsed from her husband as this is her fate. is that true? This makes even more worries for me as her future will be questionable if she get divorsed... The girls birth details are D.O.B - 2nd Oct 1983, T.O.B - 11.04 AM, P.O.B - Kuantan(malaysia). The astrologer also says that her marriage life would be fruitful only if she marries a person who is in abroad, as she was supposed to live in foreign land after marriage. is that true? I was more confused and tensed about all these queries in my mind... Please go through our horoscope and give us an answer for the requested queries which will relieve me from my confused state. Thanks again for ur prompt reply. Thanks, rashwin_25
  3. hi all, can anyone predict about my marriage life and when it could happen. My D.O.B - 28th July 1981, T.O.B - 7.20 PM, P.O.B - chennai. past 2 years i had over come some rough patches in my life and now my parents are trying to find suitable bride for me, but unfortunately nobody offered a proposal.means we have seen many brides But My Marriage Matter Does Not Materialize.why This Is Happening?how Long Will It Continue? Further after consulting to some of the astrologers, they are telling that my first marriage wont withstand for a long time and i will be having second marriages.Is this true? please some one predict abt my chart and answer my queries. This puts more depression for me and for my parents too... Can someone help me about these queries plz.
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