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  1. Dear roopakotta, Your daughter is born in Kritthika Nakshatra 4th quarter. Her Rasi is Vrishabha (Taurus) Yes she has Amavasya birth and when you go to India next time - you can arrange for a Amavasya shanti pooja for the welfare of the child and your family in general. Shrikanth
  2. Dear TyloreChandra, What you have pointed is quite a valid point. On one side there is a concept of Avasthas and Bala based on how many vargas a planet is placed in strength. The subject of planetary strength is the most subjective topic in almost all of Astrology. For example dealing with Natural malefics and the concept of Functional malefics many more of such concepts. As a young student focus on simple concepts and build your case on these. You can add more complicated ones as you get comfortable with the simple ones. Regards Shrikanth
  3. Dear mumbai_techie, Venus as the karaka for the Navamsa chart and placed with Rahu in the 8th is not an auspicious placement. Your wife is currently running Merc/Venus until May 2012. especially with Sun-Sat in the Navamsa lagna In Navamsa chart 6th lord in 8th does nt give any vipareeta raja yoga etc., - But can lead to break up or separation due to fights or arguments. I would recommend that you both restrain your arguments since in this period things could get out of hand. Mercury in the 7th in Navamsa can lead to arguments, discussions etc., Hope this helps Shrikanth
  4. Dear Rheta, The traditional way of finding Arudha Padas is based on counting signs and based on that your AL should be in Aries and UL should be in Virgo. You count from house to lord and count the same from the lord. If this ends up being in the 1st or the 7th from the house - then we apply an exception of counting 10 more from this point. So in both your cases AL and UL you either end up in 1st or the 7th (so exception is applied) Ascendant Cancer lord Moon in Cancer - so count 1 from Cancer, end up in Cancer. Applying exception AL ends up in Aries. 12th house is Gemini lord Mercury in Pisces 10 houses away. So count 10 from Pisces reach Sagittarius. But Sagittarius is 7th from Gemini (so applying exception) count 10 more and we reach Virgo. Hope this explains the concept clearly Shrikanth
  5. Dear Aradhana, Using the saptamsa provided your first child should be a male child while the second one will be a girl child. There will be only 2 children. Some astrologers may choose to go counter-clockwise for reckoning children for this lagna but with Ketu in the lagna I've opted to go clockwise. Hope this helps Shrikanth
  6. Dear Rushalib, Please provide the full birth details about the native ( Date, Time and Place of Birth ) If two planets could decide on one area - Great sages wouldnt have cognized a system of 9 planets and an Ascendant. Shrikanth
  7. Dear Chirag-Patel, It is quite good that you are contemplating on learning astrology. If you are based in India - Please do pickup some basic astrology books written by Dr B. V. Raman - Hindu Predictive Astrology is one of them. Read this book inside out few times and ensure that you understand every part of this book. You can progress to the next stage thereafter. Lots of online resources available for furthering this learning. Remember that practice is a very important aspect of learning Jyotisha and sincerity and commitment will form a major pillar in your learning as well. It will take a while for getting some grip on this - so be patient and work hard - over time you'll learn this. Feel free to email me personally if you need more directions. With best wishes Shrikanth
  8. Dear Ch. Meenakshi, Based on your chart - you are currently running Jup/Ketu dasa until Sep 09, 2010. The next period is of Venus and he is the 10th lord from Jupiter placed in the 2nd from Jupiter - one artha trikona lord placed in another - very strong candidate to give you job. This period last for about 2.5 years. until May 2013. The Sun period subsequently is in the 7th from lagna, but he's the 8th lord from Jupiter. I would say that you may find some change in job during May 2013 timeperiod. Also see if you would like to go independent in your teaching profession - like doing some private tuitions for specialized courses - it will be quite lucrative and worth your while. Shrikanth
  9. Dear Guys, I think the original post is about separation between Personal consultation and Research/Learning related articles. To receive payments for personal consultation is totally upto the astrologer and its an entirely different subject altogether. Shrikanth
  10. Dear srajkumar23, I was reviewing this chart and found it quite potent and strong superficially - just based on the chart picture here. One important thing is that this chart plots this way only with ChandraHari Ayanamsa - not with standard Lahiri or Jagannatha ayanamsa. Saturn moves into Scorpio using Lahiri or Jagannatha ayanamsa. I would recommend that you drop the use of this ayanamsa and switch to a more standard one for uniformity. I'll post my feedback after full review. Shrikanth
  11. Dear Swathi, Given the fact that Rahu dasa hasnt given you children - the remaining period of it is highly unlikely to give you conception. Jupiter is 3rd lord aspecting by Rasi drishti on the 5th and also having a strong drishti (graha and rasi drishti) on the 5th lord Venus in your Rasi chart. In Saptamsa Jupiter is the 5th lord from Cancer (counting in reverse since Cancer is even) indicating the first child debilitated in Capricorn. This indicates a female child to be born as the first child. Strong possibility of having conception during early 2011 and having a girl child in Oct 2011 - Jan 2012 (Jup/Jup/Sat) period With best wishes Shrikanth
  12. Dear Thamarai, For such advice it is important that you provide the full birth data of you and your husband (Date, Time and Place of Birth) For cross checking the accuracy and rectifying the charts - atleast do provide the wedding date With best wishes Shrikanth
  13. Hi Guys, Why bother with all these problems and issues with a supposedly professional software after all. If you looking for an Astrological software - just google JHORA and download it and install it. Always works like a charm, above all Free. Shrikanth
  14. Dear Manish, Reviewing your chart for the career problem. Currently running Jup/Merc period until Dec 2011. But this period will include flashes of good and bad luck with varying levels of impact. Moon is the lagna lord in the D10 chart and is with Jup as the lord of the 9th and 6th but placed in the 12th. Moon is aspecting the 6th house Merc is the karaka for the D10 (career) related activities and he being debilitated in the 10th indicates you need to put a lot of effort and focus, commitment into your career. Jup/Merc/Moon beginning Aug 17, 2010 will give new job - may not last very long again due to weak karaka. Things will look better only in 2012 in Jup/Ketu. Since 9th and 6th lord and lagna lord in D10 are all placed in the 12th - I would recommend you to move out of your current town for advancing your career. best wishes Shrikanth
  15. Dear Amruta, For cross checking of your birth data - could you please post the wedding date. Also could you post if you are working thru any diagnosed medical condition relating to pregnancy/childbirth etc., Let us know Regards Shrikanth
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