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  1. Hi Sir, Sorry for the late reply. I was not in town for a long time. Please find details below. My details: DOB:22/12/1979 Time:10:53 AM Place: Salem, TN, India My husband details: DOB:08/Apr/1977 Time:4:24 pm Place: Salem,TN,India Thanks, Thamarai.
  2. Hi, I am currently in Rahu Mahadasha & Chandra antardasha. My chandra antardasha will retain till 2011 march and after that it goes to mangal antardasha. I'm married for 6 years and still haven't conceived. Is it possible for me to conceive this year? My husband is going through Sukra mahadasha & budh antardasha (till sep 2010). After that kethu antardasha till nov 2011. Please shed your thoughts and advice.. Thanks..
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