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  1. Dear Sir, Thanks For your reply. I am waiting for your Full review based on the chat which i posted here
  2. Dear Sir, In South India especially in Tamilnadu they r using the chandrahari ayanasam. I verified with more than 30 chart. All r having saturn in libra(on the 23rd dec to 25th dec 1984). saturn Transit date is different for other ayanasam compared to this. This Chart is Predicted in the way of written format. I dont know which one is correct to follow?.... Tamil Astro vision software predicts the chart correctly. If you have... Please verify?.
  3. Dear All Guruji , Here I attache the Astro chart and I want to Analysis completly With your help. I want to know Which Planets has highest strength in this chart? and Which planets are more benefic and malefic nature? i know in this chart has Three Important Yogas 1. Hamsa yoga 2. Gajakesari yoga 3. Dhuru Dhuru yoga i dont know How strong this yoga forms? Saturn in Libra is exalted in 2nd house? is it beneficial? Lord of 2nd 5th house are exchanged? whats the results? Rahu in taurus and ketu in scorpio are exalted? Hope You all analysis this chart and give ur views...So i can learn astrology through your differnt views. Waiting for yours Reply
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