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  1. Hi, I need to know answers as below which is really bugging my head at this moment 1. Will i have any children and when (I read it somewhere that i will have a son at the age of 33-34) 2. Will my marriage survive (i am trying my best to continue in this marriage) 3. will having yellow sapphire (pukhraj) help in the above my dob is 26-07-1977, time - 08:15 am, location - mumbai warm regards,
  2. Hello Sir, one more query...how about the chances of conceiving...someone told me i will have a boy when i am 34....guess the time has come.....
  3. Thanks for the advise. i do something - like donation to CRY and likes ...but know its very little. Will do more as i have Venus to please....who will not want to please someone as bright and beautiful as venus....
  4. Hi Ashish, My DOB is 26-July-1977, 08:15 AM at Mumbai. Married and facing some compatibility issues in marriage. Can u tell me whether my married life will be happy and loving? How about having kids? someone told me i will have a son at my 34th year..which seems to be now.
  5. HEllo Mr Rao, Many thanks for the reply to this post. Warm Regards.
  6. Hello Srikant, Many thanks for the quick and honest reply. Indeed your input will help. Warm Regards.
  7. i am a male dob-26-07-1977 at 08:15 am, place-mumbai and my wife is 29-01-1981 at 01:36 pm, place- nagpur. is there something i should be concerned about with the shukra in 8th house - will like honest replies please....
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