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  1. Hi, 22 Aug 1978, 11.40 am, Amritsar These are the details of a dear friend of mine....for last many years he has beeen suffering from an ailment that even the best doctors are not able to diagnoise...he has tried all mainstream and alternative modes of treatments but without any postive results.....He is well educated and completed his Law Degree in 2001 but because of ill heath has never been able to go and earn his living....his dependency on his family is more than 100% and that stresses him as much as it does to the family!! Can i plz request the learned ones here to have a look at his chart and suggest something for him to come out this real bad phase of life...Is there any scope that this man wud be able to handlee his life on its own.....gets married, and have a life of his own???? Thanks in advance for all ur help Best Regards Chinu
  2. Hi All, Why does the marriage proposals that come my way gets dropped right at the very end wen its seems to be final??...i just cant understd whom to blame...and wen is this supposed to end!! this is driving me crazy now!! plz plz help me....everybody says i have a good chart wid good yogas but then y wud these breaks happen?? thanks in advance for help chinu my details are: DOB:06-06-1978 POB:Amritsar,India TOB:11.40am
  3. I am badly confused with two important aspects/branches/ of vedic astrology.....the Jaimini Astrology and BPHS based Parashara Astrology!! There are many aspects that dont match with each other...how does one goes about dealing with it?....which is more authentic and the real onee?...plz enlightened me as i am new learner and find it very confusing which one to go by!! Thanks Best Regards Chinu
  4. Deepaji....what are u hinting at?....my brain doesnt seem to pick anything!! Chinu
  5. I still have a lil doubt, what would amount to older spouse...is there any age bracket??......can a difference of 1-2yrs considered as older spouse?? Best Regards Chinu
  6. Deepaji i wouldnt dare asses Pandit Rath but yes i have had read his articles and his lessons and i see that he has immense knowledge!! i also happen to follow the blogs of his pupils religiously and they are storage houses of knowledge!! I just hope i am able to gather some knowledge of astrology for this vast ocean:) Best Regards Chinu
  7. Awwwwwww Deepaji....i know how u feel.....this whole bloodshed is but a cruel reminder of how shallow and insenstive us humans have become!! how else would one hope to describe the chaos and utter helplessnes that we see all around us!! my heart goes out to all those who have suffered and this whole thing somehow feels like a personal loss to me!! where are the values of brotherhood and compassion gone??...wht wud the extermists get by all this nonsense!! how can one's conscience ever take this???....have us humans done so many paaps over the years, decades and centuries that God decided to take revenge this way!! plz God spare us the pain which though not peronally felt is PERSONALLY FELT!! Chinu:crying2:
  8. Hi Ayush, i can share with u the link of S Rath's lessons where he speaks of blackmagic and its manifestations in the chart!! Hope its helps:) http://srath.com/lessons/advanced/badhaka.htm Best Wishes Chinu
  9. Respected Mathurji, Thanks for the answer!! Best Regards Chinu
  10. Respected Guruji's Warm Greetings! Wht are the various astrological combinations in the birth chart leading to older spouse.Is it only wise to check the rashi chart or the Navamsa chart too has be taken into consideration? and what would be the age bracket to be considered for older spouse, considering the fact that today's generation is more willing to tie the knot after crossing into 30s?? Any insight would be appericiated:) Best Regards Chinu
  11. Respected sir, Thank u for ur advice...i will surely try the medicine u have recommended. i will also let u know how it went!! Best Regards Chinu
  12. Respected USRji..Thanks:) and no i am not aiming for any scandals but i have a very strong gut feeling that my ketu antardasha starting in about 10 days time is going to be one hell of a ride!! i am getting vibes that my life is going to change for better or worse during this period....i hope its for better:) ...btw my ketu sits pretty in my 8th house of pisces!! .... @ Ayush good idea to have Bill Clinton's chart analyised to check how scandals erupts...i will try to find his details... Best Regards Chinu
  13. Dear Hemraj, My prayers are with u in this lean phase of life....i hope God gives u enough strength to tackle this and gives ur brother good health!! Best Regards Chinu
  14. Hi Everybody, i was just wondering as to which one planet out of all the malefics is responsible for scandals???....since ketu is a planet related to secrecy, can its maha dasha or antardasha leads to opening of secrets and scandals??? i hope senior memebers would through some light on it!! Best Regards Chinu
  15. Respected Raviraj ji...plz have patience...ur sending ur query in every post is not a good way to get a response and if this is how u think u would get 30 posts and get PM facility, i am not sure if learned astrologers are going to respond to it happilly............patience is a virtue that definately works...start a new thread and ask ur question gaian....plz dont mess around in other ppl's posts... Good Luck Chinu
  16. Ooooooooooooooooooooopssss silly me, i sud have know....what a tubelight i am!!! USRji i hope that kick is not for me:( Deepaji, Thanks:) Best Regards Chinu
  17. Respected USRji, i read one of ur post about asking for a good book on gem thearpy from Nikhilji,...i have just found a very informative article by Komilla Sutton and would like to share with u:)...the link is http://www.skyscript.co.uk/gems.html Best Regards Chinu
  18. How can one maintain regular periods through Ayurveda?....i am healthy 30 year old woman with irregular periods...though i never miss any month...but the delay/irregularity sometime troubles me with my routine. I cant plan well around those days coz i dunno when i might start my periods. Some help would be highly appericiated!! Best Regards Chinu
  19. Dear Deepaji, Has dilli ki garmi done something to u...plz get well sooon....we miss ur guidance:) Best Regards Chinu
  20. Deepaji i am good thanks...how have u been?....dnt see u participating in the forum for last couple of days.. Thanks for ur advice.....i will look forward to mature dayzzz:) Best Regards Chinu
  21. Respected USRji, Any insight, advice or suggestions for me plz?? Thanks Best Regards Chinu
  22. Respected USRji, I am a Sikh and belong to educated service class family with moderate values……….I was very idealist during my growing up years but lately have become more practical (and cant tell u how delighted my parents are with it).I have very cosmopolitan outlook….I respect all religion though I am not very much into rituals. I gain immense strength by reading our ancient scriptures be it relating to Sikhism, Hinduism or Islam. I accept astrology as my GPS system, giving me signals to lead a better life but I don’t have 100% dependency over it. I share healthy and respectful and cordial relationship with my family……I look up to my elder sis and brother for guidance but with my younger brother, the relationship lacks communication big time. We don’t interfere with each other’s lives. I respect my parents a lot but argue a lot with my mother………..my mother hasn’t been keeping good health for long time now but she is one person with gr88 will power and manages to live life without lot of cribbing…..touchwood dad is in good health.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> I am well educated so as to speak…I am BA, LLB, MAIB (Masters in International Business)…and I work as administrative executive with a consultancy firm.<o:p></o:p> Important events with dates in my life:<o:p></o:p> 1. Did BA,LLB with distinction in May 2001.<o:p></o:p> 2. Went to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com12th July 2006</st1:date> and the engagement got broken off on <st1:date Month=" /><st1:place>London</st1:place></st1:City> for Masters in Sept 2002 and came back in June 2005.<o:p></o:p> 3. Had my first job (part time) in December 2002.<o:p></o:p> 4. Had my first full time job in April 2003.<o:p></o:p> 5. Finished my masters in July 2003.<o:p></o:p> 6. Started my job with my present firm in December 2005<o:p></o:p> 7. Had a long steady affair with my classmate from 1997 to 2003……after his parents rejected the alliance, broke off with him in 2003 but after 2006 again came close to him…..we still are in touch with each other but cant say if we have an affair anymore…we are more like friends now.<o:p></o:p> 8. Got engaged to a NRI on <st1:date Month="7" Day="12" Year="2006">12th July 2006</st1:date> and the engagement got broken off on <st1:date Month="11" Day="28" Year="2006">28th November 2006</st1:date>, while the marriage was fixed for 28th December 2006. Honestly I am pretty confused about my future plans………..My parents are concern about my marriage…but even after their best efforts things are as bleak as ever………..no proposal gets to the last stage…….there are hiccups all the time…..I, on the other hand am contemplating moving abroad for further studies. My target countries are US or <st1:country-region><st1:place>Canada</st1:place></st1:country-region>. I am already in the process of preparing my application. I am more interested to pursue higher studies in law related field but I am applying for business streams as well. I have made my parents listen to me and they have very reluctantly accepted my wish. Hope this helps Best Regards Chinu
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