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  1. Sir i will put all the details tommorrow......i have to rush out now:) Best Regards Chinu
  2. Thank u USRJI for ur appreciation:)...i have a long way to go, and with ur blessing and wishes i am sure i will handle the potholes and speedbreakers well:) Thank u for sharing ur views. Best Regards Chinu
  3. The astrologers are afterall humans.......and as Astro_techji mentioned, there cant be any 100% sure shot predictions...there can be road maps...some might make it better than the other but who know wht u would encounter when you would take on the road.......... I have gr888 respect for astrology......simply because its has its significance in our lives(of course for the believers....non believers have their own ways of thinking)... and i advocate it to provide us a lil insight, lil signals so that we can improve our lives.Following it blindly would never help us. I bow in respect towards astrology but know that its my karma, good or bad that's gonna make me sail through the highs and lows of life:) Best Regards Chinu
  4. ‘’The karmic script is perfect while our ability to read it isn't"<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> Deepaji your Guruji wouldn’t have had said this better…………..There are millions of us humans trying to find the truth but only few can reach even close to it………………we have our own ways of accepting and understanding things around us…….we all make sure we stand to our truth whether it is the truth or not is quite debatable.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> USRJI is believing in GOD and believing in astrology one and the same thing??………….There are ppl we meet and interact with, who have zero regard to astrology,the remedies and other related rituals but are very spiritual and have immense faith in God ……….they don’t accept the blue print of astrology to live their life but rather believe that God would hold them when they would face the tide . I have had few interaction with westerners(I lived in London for 3 yrs) and more and less found that they fancy our culture Vedic or otherwise bcoz it’s the IN thing today……..They are attracted to Yogis and Maharishis coz they don’t find them in their own cultures………….They come down to our country to marry according to Vedic rituals because that would give them an edge over their peers and counterparts back home………They do it to be different….The question that remains is that do they have any intention to take it to next level??…..Do they get immersed in our Vedic culture?….Do they pledge their life to live in Vedic ways?………Aren’t they just commercializing our culture to gain brownie points?????????????? Can we still say that they believe in Vedic ways, astrology and our Gods???<o:p></o:p> This is my general observation and I understand there are exceptions to it. Best regards<o:p></o:p> chinu<o:p></o:p>
  5. Respected USRji and JN Dasji, Arnt the subsituties of percious gemstones, artificially cultured?? if they are so.How can they be potent enough to appease or stregthenen the planets??? I am sure there are lot more to do and act to lessen our pains than just wearing the stone and wishing a mircale happening:) Good karma or bad karma i guess is the most important thing than anything else....infact doing any number of remedies without the right spirit are just formality and we should not expect lot out of them. Does the remedies have same impact on Non-Hindus, who have not as much belief in vedic ways as Hindus have.........i have observed many westerners wearing stones and performing vedic remedies but do these remedies really make a difference considering the fact that they dont follow Hinduism and its value system?? Best Regards Chinu
  6. Any advice or suggestions plz???????????????????
  7. Respected Deepaji, Astro_techji and Sasisekaranji, I am going to start my ketu antardasha from 20th july 2008....i was wondering what to expect out of it........ketu is in 8th house in the lagna chart and is in 3rd house with atmakarka moon in Navamsa. Are there any remedies to do to appease ketu so that i can pass off the period without much trouble. My details: DOB:06-06-1978 TOB:11.40AM POB:Amritsar,Punjab Thanks in advance Best Regards Chinu
  8. Dear Kripa, You understood the point well..........i am sure u will have gr88 life ahead...........just remember GOD in ur happiness as u do in ur sorrows............GOOD LUCK WITH UR LIFE:) Best Regards Chinu
  9. Hi, Here is my 2 cent...I wasnt very religious or spiritual earlier.... During my teens and well into my 20s i tried to be too idealist seeking reason and even questioning the existence of GOD....But slowly i started observing that...my plans were being pushed here and there and God was controling my life(infact certain things happened in my life which i had never ever thought would happen) and thus i started believing in HIS existence...Today i believe HE is controlling lots of things happening around me......... I believe God does gives us enough free will...He gives us enough oppurtunites to do things ourselves but He sumtimes does steps in and take over us,HE USUALLY DOES THAT WHEN WE ARE AT OUR LOWEST POINT......Its true that things going wrong do make us question HIM big time but we forget that he might have much better plans than what we had in our mind.........I have my own example here...i was engaged to marry but the engagement got broken off just a month before wedding...i was heart broken and even so much cursed GOD coz over a period of time, had got attached to my ex fiancee...........This was also the time when i first went to a astrologer and he told me that my broken marriage was a blessing in disguise coz had i married him, 99% my marriage would have ended in divorce....now when i look back, i feel blessed that GOD took over my wish coz he probably dint want me to get more hurt in future:) YES our actions postive and negative doesn have impact on our lives.......i dunno if there really is life after death but i have observed that by doing bad karma,we put our life on stake and good karma does help us sail through life far more smoothly coz it gives us postivity:) i cant say i know much abt astrology but learned ppl who do,are of the opinion that our karmas do reflect in our horoscope and GOD does give us enough chance to change our destiny by doing good karma.........what matters is are we taking HIS signals as and when he gives????? Best Regards Chinu
  10. Hi All, i am back...i dunno if i am getting on ppl nerves by asking too many questions....the fact of the matter is that i am new learner here and have so many things going in my mind that i just cant stop myself from asking and exploring them...i beg all ur forgiveness, if i am being too annoying.....i consider myself lucky to have hit on this site, where some really good bunch of ppl are happy helping ppl like me..................................THANKS OWNERS:) Now my query......This is more like my observation and i would like the senior learned members to share their thoughts here...In our day to day lives we see that sometimes we unintentionally do certain action which could possibly backfire..Lets say, if in some lady's horoscope moon is lord of 6th house and is weak, and she is not recommended to wear pearls. But she has a very lovely pure pearl ring that she loves to wear all the time....could she by this action making her 6th lord strong intentionally and inviting trouble??? Similarily if in somebody's horoscope saturn is malefic,is using seseme oil regularily on the body going to have bad effect on the person??..seseme oil is proven to be good for skin and hair.....Similarily in indian home mustard and seseme oil is used for cooking,can the houseladies be intentionally be inflicting pains on their family members???? In such case how can one safegaurd oneself from getting their actions backfiring?? Regards Chinu
  11. Thanks deepaji.......this was kind of info i was expecting from Nikhilji but i think i wasnt able to pass it on to him....nevermind i got my answer...i did read it somewhere "not to play wid rudraksh" as they are deemed very pious in our mythology..........no wonder not many astrologers and soothsayers try to get close to them:)..... Thanks again for clearing my doubts Best Regards Chinu
  12. Oh No No Nikhilji...i dint mean giving out secrets of ur trade...that is all urs rightfully...all i wanted was a lil insight how rudrarksh helps in stregthening planets or appeasing them....like everybody has fair idea abt how gems work on the planets and our body...my knowledge abt rudrakshs is very poor... i have read many post here in this forum, but never have really found anybody suggesting rudraksh as remedy...it made me curious.... ur knowledge is ur call sir and i will leave it on u to share or not.... Best Regards chinu
  13. Sasisekaranji, Namanskar, i fully endrose ur views on gems....and i am myself a spritual person and have seen quite a difference in my attitude after getting into reading religious scriptures and mantras... i was engaged to a NRI in 12 july 2006 and the engagement got broken off 28 nov 2006, while the marriage was fixed for 28th dec 2006....it broke off due to many reasons...i guess we were not compatiable, and hadnt matched kundalis............there were misunderstanding between parents, since he was NRI, there were quite a few aspects not disclosed to us and when they were told later on, were unacceptable to us....the engagement was broken amicabilly. is it true that a broken engagement is considered as a marriage and if the kundali showa 2 marriages, a broken engagement is taken as first marriage???? and the proper marriage would be considered as 2nd marriage?? regards chinu
  14. Respected Nikhilji, i have been reading ur posts and finding them interesting....what particularily intrests me is that u are giving more or less similar remedies to all....asking the members to wear Rudraksh...i have close to zero knowledge abt Rudraksh, would u be kind enough to shed some light over it...i hope lot of us here on this forum are going to get benefit form ur knowledge.. regards chinu
  15. Sasisekaranji, Namanskar, Thank u for ur reply.....would u be kind enough to clarify one lil confusion of mine...i know i come under dwisaptadisama dasa because lord of 7th house is in lagna....but does it mean that i only have to follow dwisaptadisama dasa and have to discard Vimsottari Dasha or both have to be judged hand in hand...... i have noted ur advice about fast on satruday and would do it faithfully:) i read ur answer to one of the member's query abt gemstone, if it not too much taxing on ur time, i (i am sure evrybody on this board) would like to hear ur opinion and observations on gemstone and wether they are really helpful or are adviced solely for monetary concern of astrologers:) thanks once again regards chinu
  16. @Nikhilji.....Thank u for ur advice,i have noted it down and would try to follow it too.... @Astroseekerji...yes i have faced quite a few problems in my life but i dunno if i can put the blame entirely on MARS(Badhaka)....i have issues with delayed marriage, deep hurt and broken love affair, a broken engagement barely a month before marriage...not very cordial relations with my relatives...i only get along with my immediate family...cant say if relations are very good but they are cordial and respectful. @Sasisekaran.......answer to ur query pointwise is: 1.my health was cause of concern to my parents. 2.i lost my naniji(maternal grandmother) whom i was close to. 3.this was normal period 4.5,6,7AND 8.This has been a very stressing period with respect to studies and home relations.CANT THINK OF ANYONE PARTICULAR AREA OF CONCERN HERE....I WAS ALWAYZ A FINE STUDENT IN SCHOOL BUT THIS PARTICLAR PERIOD I WAS UNDER IMMENSE STRESS TO PERFORM BETTER AND RELATION WITH FAMILY WAS LIL DISTURBED COZ MY FATHER WAS OUT FOR WORK. @Deepaji plz share ur views here...ur observation is being missed immensly...want to hear something postive again.....thanks:) regards chinu
  17. Respected USRji yes i understd that u dint check my horoscope....BUT i am sure it would be gr88 if u could:)........ppl here in the forum have u in high esteem for ur advice... Thanks anywayz Chinu
  18. Thanks Nikhilji i appericiate ur suggestion..i am already wearing pukhraj. very soon i am going to buy myself a ruby too. yes i will keep in mind abt the mangal pooja before marriage:) i think u have asked me go to temple is to perform kaal sarpa dosha nivaran pooja..i am not sure when i would be able to do so...but i have already done alternative nivarna for the same...dunno if it as effective as the one u suggested. Thanks:) Chinu
  19. Hi, For leo lagna ppl, Mars is both a Yogakarka(being lord of quadrant and trine) aswell as Badhaka(being lord of 9th house).Now this is lil confusing for me...My confusion arises as to which aspect of Mars holds more strength, being Yogakarka or Badhaka???.... I have leo lagna, so Mars is both yogakarka and badhaka.Mars is in lagna with malefic saturn.They are both in graha yudda, where Mars wins and thus Saturn is weakned considerably. Now after winning the war does Mars comes out stronger, i mean enough stronger to be well placed to act more as yogakarka or would it still be malefic to be more badhaka??? in such case where yogakarka and badhaka is one and the same planet, how can we judge what position of it is stronger??? what are the remedies available to counter badhaka effect and stregthen yogakarka effects?? i am a new learner here and could have blundered somewhere in my understanding. i seek all ur forgivness in that case. ur opinion, advice and suggestion would be highly appericiated and would help me grasp finer nuances of this gr88 science. my details are: BOD:06-06-1978 POB:Amritsar,Punjab TOB:11.40AM Thanks in advance Chinu
  20. Thanks Ravindranji for sharing ur views on my topic.i particularily liked ur advice abt not getting confused and following the diety one naturally is attracted to spiritually...after all remembering GOD and being in HIS BHAKTI is more imp than the form that HE STAYS....I am sure a pure hearted BHAKTI reaches HIM and HE bestows on us HIS blessings:) Thanks once again Chinu
  21. Thank u USRji and Deepaji for ur advice:)
  22. Hi Everybody, i am in need of lil help..i am trying to find my ISHTA DEVTA...i know that Ishta Devta is the planet that rules the sign directly before the sign that the Atmakaraka is in, in the Navamsa Chart. My Atmakarka Moon is in Virgo Navamsa and the sign before it is Leo and since there is no planet in Leo, its lord SUN becomes the Ishta Devta.i am right in my analysis?? If my analysis is correct,which diety rules over Sun and what are the mantras and remedies to stregthen my Ishta Devta. Thanks in advance for ur help. My details are: DOB:06-06-1978 POB:Amritsar, Punjab TOB:11.40AM chinu:)
  23. Thanks alot deepaji for ur advice...i will pass it on to him.....i will juss pray tht he listen to the advice...thanks again Best Regards Chinu
  24. Respected Deepaji, Sorry i m again bothering you. i need ur observation and possible advice on a chart of my cousion.His details are: DOB:13-12-1976 POB:Jalandhar TOB:6.10PM He is going through hell for last more than 10 yrs..he has no education( hasnt completed his graduation)...no job.....real bad relations at home...have been into women big time but all have just left him.....he is stressed out big time..he has been trying to go abroad and had tried many time but like all other things, this also seems like distant dream.....family is pressurising him to get married but with no money and job, he isnt too interested.....when are his problems going to end????.....ur kind advice would be highly appericiated. Thanks Again Chinu
  25. Thank u Deepaji for clearing my confusion. Regards Chinu
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