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  1. Hi, i am lil confused with respect to propriating the planets and strengthening the planets...what the difference between the two?? can i request the learned members to plz explain me wid an example.. Thanks in advance Chinu:)
  2. Respected Deepaji Thanks a lot for taking time out in answering my queries....ur way of answering,advicing and suggesting has so much positivity that one can only feel optimistic about the time getting better soon:) Thank u so much in making me feel so good.... U mentioned my relations wid my younger brother and parents.....my relations wid 3 of them are cordial....i do love my younger brother but we arnt as close as i am wid my elder two siblings...we get along fine and respect each others space but if i have to say he is my agony aunt, its far from true...he is my younger brother but i dont share my innermost feeling wid him.... Abt parents, again i have fairly cordial relations wid them....only hitch is that i am a very idealist person and my parents are realist...so this sumtimes do bring some confortations but we behave like adults and dont impose our wills on each others...i respect what they think and do and they allow me my freedom. my mother is my emotional strength....even though she is the one i argue the most with...father is a reserved kinda person and doesnt really encourges arguments.....hope this helps u in making sum point:) i would try to follow ur advice and wud get back to u whenever my situation wud change....i do wear a pukhraj of 5.25 ratti since last 2 years BUT i have been told to wear it on my left hand index finger...is this the right place or sud i shift it on right hand...and if not a much of a botheration, why do sum ppl wear it on right hand and other left hand??...is there sum astrological reaon behind it? do i need to get my moved in that case. Once again thanks for all ur valuable advce and help...i hope and pray that god gives u more and more strength so that u can help many more ppl. Regards and Prayers Chinu
  3. Hello Deepaji, Thanks for ur reply....well let me be honest wid you...ur write out abt combinations for settlement abroad came at just the right time....yes i am thinking about going abroad....the issue is my marriage scene is pathetic...i am not finding the groom for myself...rather than waiting for him to come on the scene and wasting time, i am thinking Of going for further studies abroad....i am just curious whether i would be able to settle there for good and be happy.... My health remains fine....though i tend to suffer from cold and chills and constipation but other than these nothing too worrisome. Oh yes i suffered from bas acne or last 10 years but i have got rid of it now. Do u foresee me studying any further?....i am planning for canada and USA this fall for master degree programme in criminal jurisprudence( a branch of law).........And can i settle abroad? Thanks for ur time Deepaji.... Regards Chinu
  4. Respected Deepaji, Astro_Techji and USRji, I read the pointers laid down by Deepaji the other day for foreign settlement and tried to check my horoscope but got confused...can u plz go through my details and advice me if i can sucessfully settle abroad... Thanks for ur time and help My details are: DOB:06-06-1978 POB:Amritsar, Punjab TOB:11.40am i am a female:) Best Regards chinu
  5. Oh i am sorry i forgot to add i am a female............... and could Sasisekaran sir also put his insights on my plight plz....No i m not questioning deepa's and astro_tech's analysis but i wud be happy to get few words from Sasiekaran sir also thank u all for ur time Chinu
  6. hi Deepa Thanks a lot for ur analysis....i am actually very stressed out bcoz of delayed marriage....tension and frustration is on the rise....i am not sure how postivitly to look towards the future..i know i sud be grateful that i dint get married before 28 coz i cud have taken sum another kind of bad turn BUT having said that i dunno how postively sud i see my future......i dunno if saturn and mars alongwith rahu and ketu(kaalsarpa dosh) are going to let me live peacefully.....AM I GOING TO HAVE HAPPY MARRIED LIFE? WOULD THINGS BE BETTER THAN HOW THEY ARE NOW?? any remedies that u suggest i sud do?..........i seriously wan my suffering to finish. hope to hear from u soon chinu
  7. Thank u astro_tech sir for ur analysis.....
  8. Respected Learned People, I am facing acute stress becoz of not being able to get married, even after trying for last 4 years...my parents are also quite stressed out.Can someone plz go through my chart and tell me why is this happening to me...Is marriage denied in my chart...Secondly my career is not talking off even though i am highly qualified according to societial norm......My details are Date of Birth:06-06-1978 Place of Birth:Amritsar(Punjab) Time of Birth:11.40am Thank u in advance for ur help:) Regards Chinu
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