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  1. Thank You Nikhil'ji for the upayas you mentioned! Dear Deepaji'ji please share your thoughts on this and please let us know whether baby birth would be normal. Thanks & Regards!
  2. Namaskar All Astro Gurus! I'm asking this query on behalf of one of my colleagues. His wife had conceived some 4 months ago, but couple of months back some complications arised. Now he's very much upset and concerned about the delivery (whether it'd give the normal birth of child, or will his kid be fine, would there be any danger to the life of his wife during delvery etc.) So I'd request all you learned people to spare a few minutes on her birth chart and let us know whether there is any threat to the life of the child and/or the mother. Her birth details - MRS. S SARKAR DATE OF BIRTH: 28/11/1983 BIRTH TIME : 7.05PM BIRTH PLACE : JHARGRAM, WEST BENGAL RASHI : SIMHA LAGNA: MITHUN BIRTH DAY : MONDAY His birth details - MR. K R SARKAR DATE OF BIRTH : 13/08/1974 BIRTH TIME : 12.15PM BIRTH PLACE : KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL RASHI : BRISHAV LAGNA: BRISCHIK BIRTH DAY : TUESDAY Many Thanks! Regards,
  3. Deepa'ji - Does she need to continue worship of lord shiva for the rest of her Moon's antardasha? Does she need to chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra everyday as well? Please reply. Many Thanks!
  4. Deepa'ji - Are you suggesting her to worship Lord Shiva on only 9th of July or would it be fruitful if it's done on a regular basis and if it's so, then on which tithi or day in week she should worship? Please clarify. Also as far as I know, there is no nataraj shiva temple near her place, would it be fruitful if she worship Shiva Linga?
  5. Deepa'ji, Actually her father died of an accident, her aunt (father's brother's wife) also got drowned in water, also there are some other instances, that's why she thinks in that way. Yes she consulted with a psychiatrist and he said that too much of emotion had caused this fear. As per the doctor, she's so much emotional that she might commit suicide if such situation arises. This fear is purely an outcome of a distressed mind. By the way did you see any chances of accidents in her life? In the first part of 2002 [Ketu dasa], she had an accident (fell down from upstairs) and got injured heavily on her waist/upper part of left leg. She's not yet married but is having a good loving relation since last year mid; This is the only source that soothes all her pains and inspires her.
  6. Deepa'ji - It's true that her education was not smooth. She had to change her schools as her father got relocated. She also couldn't complete her Masters after her father's death. She is anemic and has neuro disorder too. She also suffers from gout problem in lower limbs/legs. Ketu dasa from sept 2001 to oct 2002, wasn't remarkable except for the fact that she performed poorly in her part two exam of bachelors degree. Around 1998, her family was going thru a financial crisis and it was just a continuation of that during this period. Thanks!
  7. Sure Deepa'ji ... Take your time and please take care of yourself! Hope you'd be fine soon. Thank you!
  8. Respected Deepa'ji - This is regarding the birth chart of one of my relatives. Currently she's running thru deep mental stress and turmoil (effect of saade saati), in her personal as well as professional life. Her father died of an accident on 14-MAY-2005. She had a tough time since end of 2004 till date. Please help in finding out how long this phase would continue and whether there is any remedy to get out of it. Please also explain 1. her marriage and marital life (including the chances of separation from husband and widowhood if any) and 2. her longevity (including any serius illness,accidents,chances of unnatural death etc.) As her father died of an accident, she always thinks that she would loose all her near and dear ones, and she also might get an unnatural death. Her birth details are - Name: Ms. Saha Date of birth: 08-DEC-1979 Time of birth: 13:55hrs IST Place of birth: Kolkata, West Bengal, India Please help! Thanks!
  9. Dear Deepa'ji, Many thanks for all your analysis. I'll surely pass your messages to my uncle. Thanks again!
  10. Respected Deepa'ji - Any thoughts on this case? May be I'm getting little bit impatient? Anyways I really appreciate your time and effort!
  11. Respected Deepa'ji - Do you need any other information regarding this query?
  12. Healthwise she's just OK. Sometimes she suffers from pain in lower limbs, sometimes she's having headache. She's anemic too.
  13. Thanks for spending time on my chart! Regarding your comments - 1. Good married life, are you two very good looking? Well you can say so; I'm 6', fair, well-built and she's 5'3'', fair and slim. atleast we're not "bad looking" 2. You will always keep changing jobs/profession as you are excessively ambitious. The changes may not always be good, so be careful. It's true that I'm very much ambitious, but haven't made many changes in my career so far. Do you think I'd get success if I start my own business - if yes, then in which field/what kind of business? I'd request you to check my fiancee's chart as well, as now-a-days she's very much upset about her career. Thanks again!
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