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  1. thanks rramachandran ji, can somebody help me with the remedies for my smooth marital life. my n my wife birth details are: Hem/ 30 Oct 1980 / 17:45 at Secunderabad, AndhraPradesh Khushbu/ 26 Dec 1983 / 13:45 at Bikaner, Rajasthan Thanks and best regards, Hemraj
  2. Many thanks to all for your help. But all this is impacting my marital life badly....my wife is not able to stay with me which is causing problems in between us..will that too become normal in future...i am worried this doesn't impact the kid negatively
  3. Yes, will arrange to go to the temple. who shopuld visit, me or my parents? Waiting for your predictions on the kids horoscope Sir
  4. does mukesh's daughter's horoscope tell about her mother's death?
  5. no sir, mistake was mine only, i edited it later so that others dont take it wrong many thanks again. waiting for your advise and help, Hemraj
  6. Yes Sir, Her mother (Mukesh's wife) died the same day i.e. 26 June 2007 at the spot at around 09.30 AM
  7. Dear all, thanks a lot for your concern and replies which would definitely be useful for us. His daughters's birth details are: 26 April 2006 at Faridabad (Haryana) at 12:26 PM (noon) hope this helps in getting some more help. Regards, Hemraj 9873920107
  8. Doctors are not giving any positive signs. He was operated in Fortis Hospital Noida by and they say expect some miracle. After that we had consulted senior neurologists in Bikaner & Jaipur too but they too dont give any positive response and says "God Knows" We have had huge financial and emotional setbacks and currently spending expenses on his nursing care and treatments. My parents who are 60 & 65 takes care of him and my wife takes care of whole family and baby. I have to stay away from my wife at Delhi to earn for them myself being the only earning member which is diffcult for my wife too as this incident happened a mont after my marriage and we never got enough time to spend together. I at times think to go to my hometown but then I have to earn enough to meet the running expenses that is not possible at my hometown. I really dont know what to do and what the future holds for us.
  9. Sir, Pranam My brother Mukesh met an accident on 26 June 2007 (last year) his wife expired and he went into Coma and still is in Vegetative stage. He has a 2 year old daughter. Please advise on when will he get well. His details are: Mukesh Sethia 07 January 1978 at Bikaner, Rajasthan (India) 20:11 Hrs (approx) Would you please guide and help without money? We have done a lot of remedies advised by astrologers like roti to cow / dods, planting neem, offering aarti in temples, jaap etc. My parents are in 60s and my family is going thru a tough time!! My details are: Hemraj Sethia 30 October 1980 at Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India) 17:45 Hours Hope you would help us.
  10. Mr. Mark, U dint revert??? somebody else..........???
  11. Thanks for reverting Mark I am a CA qualified in 02. No such major incidents ever happened in life but the success in my life gets stopped at the last moment when i am about to get it. I n the last three months i have been thru 3 big interviews and shortlisted in final rounds but finally dint get the offers. why so happens to me. Even in CA i got seriously ill before exams. numerous other incidents... My father and mother's details are unavailable for which i m sorry. they are 65 and 60 yrs aged. please help if u can thanks
  12. DOB: 30 October 1980 Time : 05-45 PM (17:45) Place: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India)
  13. Dear Respected Members, Myself, Hemraj Sethia. I am here because of my years long attraction towards Astrology. Astrology unlike others has always been a profession of learned persons. I have known a number of professional astrologers who have their higher degrees in science/mathematics and have chosen astrology as their career and are quite successful, more than we other professionals having name, fame & money all. and since it is based on sound scientific assumptions and minute mathematical calculations, it has always been a subject of interest for other professinals in other fields. Beacuase this is where faith and science meets. Myself,an agnostic have always been attracted towards astrology and have never been able to digest the fact that people can ever make predictions based upon the birth charts! Is that ever possible!! I consulted a lot of astrologers and spend a handsome amount of money as their fees in the last five years but when i consolidated all the results, I found a few things correct and others were completely out. So again I am in a paradox. Is Astrology a 100% fact? why it happens that most of them are able to make a good outcome about past but not future? Can somebody spend their precious time and efforts to explain me? As a professional I am a CA and I was said by a very esteemed astrologer that I would never be able to complete my CA still I did it I was supposed to get married in Oct 06 but still not!! why these contradictions happens?? Thanks in advance Regards,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> Hemraj Sethia sethiahemraj@ <o:p></o:p>
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