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  1. same reason Krishna is golden - if Murty made from bronze or Gold... marble is white and other metals may be black.


    One thing one should understand - including people who say we worship idols.


    Devotees know what form of Krishna made with marble - is a stone and if you drop it it will break.


    But on other hand devotees know - that even though murty can appear is many different forms (including made of sand on a bank of the river) it is as good as God Himself.


    if you have any doubts about that let me ask you


    1. Who made this sand, marble, metals? you did? no it was made by God.


    2. how come murty/deity made from sand not as beautiful as it made from marble - does it mean it is krishna?


    yes in similar way so it will be easy to understand for you - imagine post office mail boxes.


    In front of your house you have a mail box issued by (US postal service like in my case) but if you make your own mail box and start droppping mail in it - they won;t go anywhere, why? They were not issued by Government (aka Post office)


    Same way there is many dolls and statues of Krishna but if same statue is installed and worshipped as Krishna - Krishna will manifest Himself in it and "accept your mail".



  2. it is a people skill technik, people skills can be used to preach.


    Imagine 2 scenarious



    You meet one person and talk about Krishna for 10 min and by the end of conversation you forget his name (and have to ask again)


    You meet one person and talk about Krishna for 10 min and 1 year later you meet him again and still remember his name. This person will be very much flattered and positivly disposed to you and your message.


    Most important sound people like to hear is - sound of their own name (guess where we took it from - from Krishna - he also has this tendency - He LIKES to hear His name from somebody else!!!!)


    In any case I will find a book name for you. how to remember peoples names.



  3. on a vedic note: conserve semen...


    on personal note: there is a nice book how to remember names, dates etc... it is uses technik through assosiation - like hindu word

    "dute" - milk, you associate with with "one dude brougth me milk" etc..


    and to conclude - you can store unlimited information in your brain, because it is not brain stores information, it is more like a soul.


    So there is no imaninable shelf in a head which stores informationand at one point get filled up and no more information fits inside.



  4. Thank you for your responces.


    Few years back I was driving Drutakarma prabhu to the Atlanta conference from DC. and had a lot of time talk about philosophy.


    Since that time lots of things I forgot but one thing I will never forget is: if you making a statement you always need to back it up with an evidence from sastra + sadhu + guru. At least sastra + prevous acharya must have mentioned it.


    I used to tell him far-out stories which I heard on such and such tape from such and such devotee - and he would always asked me - is it mentioned somewhere in satras?


    If it is not - you not getting 1st hand information. Since that time I do not take any information for granted if it not comming from "White paper" (sastra)


    Some injunctions are common sense like: don't eat too much or too little (Sanatana Goswami Hari-bhakti-vilasa)


    But some are not so stright forward like: speak the truth only and satyam priyam - speak the truth but do it palatably.



    Same way - I was asking is there any injunctions about proper marriage ceremonies and as well as (like satyam priyam interpretation of speak only the truth) mentioning about prevous sex life of both boys and girls before marriage....?



  5. FYI


    I went to the Indian store and bought 2 small bottles of Cocunut Oil. Used it about 10 times (half a bottle I think it is 50g bottle - tiny one)

    all this scratching and itching went away and dundruff went away in about a 2-3 weeks time.


    I still use it but very rarely may be once a week.



  6. I have a question about chastity of the girl who is not married.


    It is known that men can have many wifes but women can have only 1 husband (Drupadi and couple other examples are exceptions we not touching).


    Most people get married and most guys (at least speaking for myself) I wouldn't think about getting married on a girl which "had" someone else before the marriage.


    Someone may not care. I can't speak from ladies prespective what they prefer...


    But according vedic injunctions is there any injunctions about men taking the women who is not virgin... ???


    I understand that many of us were not born in "vaishnava brahmin families" with packa parents and etc... but in vaishnava association - is there any special rules about marriage which says its ok to marry not virgin girls....?


    I know the cases then devotee boy and girl like each other and etc... but boy finds out that girl is not "pure" (by asking questions not by other ways) and relationship breaks off.


    Any one has more input on this?



  7. Lord Brahma cannot understand laws of karma, he knows, obeserves, creaets but cannot understand.


    If it is simple, you walk in a forest and step on a sage's toe and he curses you - you become an elephant.... this is kind of clear.... but the case you asking... Krishna knows....


    Did that people who died in a blast deserved to die due to their past karma? Did they deserve to die due to living in a city which has bad karma, country which has bad karma..... Or they were innocent who got affected in somebody else karma... take a pick but in fact we won't comprehend it.





  8. Thanks God we have parampara. Or with all this Galva we may have to do same thing in ISKCON.


    GBC vote for 1st gay Guru in ISKCON - imagine how it will look?!


    it still may come to this if we patronage gay movement in ISKCON.


    If you gay plz do not feel offended. It is just gross form of sex as it can be, except sex with animals may be. But 4 principles are there and you do not follow them... or may be we should add correction to 1st principle - no illicit sex, man or women; no intoxication etc...



  9. previous post with a brahmacarya link....


    good but poisonious - mayavada comments on gita etc...


    may be it is jsut me but whenver i read some of the mayavada literature/comments it is starts with a big washi-washy wanning speaches about love for all - world peace - we all one etc...


    how ironic.


  10. Attachment to the sex is the biggest obstacle in spiritual life and is solved only by association.


    You can read about how bad sex is, you can hear how bad it is, you can even experince it yourself, and then tell other people how bad it is - Still I'm so attached towards sex life (paraphrase from vaishnava song) sunia, dekhia - bhishikayanu, still drinkign poison.


    Association so vital,


    - you want to be materially wealthy - assocate with materially wealthy people

    - you want to be drunkard - associate with drunkards

    - you want to be poor - get a job

    - you want to be devotee associate with devotees

    - you want to be free from lust - associate with people who are or movign towards this goal.


    association is a key in all endevours PERIOD

  11. pigeons are also vegetarians.....


    so what?


    philosophy very simple - live and begs - this is a great!


    all this philosophies are corner stones to take stupid living entities from the total ignorance and take them to the next step, next step and bahunam janmanam ante - krishna bhakti....

  12. it is a different state of mind....


    I still cannot comprehend how one can enjoy 5 min sex with a girlfriend and pay for next 16 years alimony, drink beer and feel happy for the evening, then vomit it all up and have headache in a morning...


    your friends? may be you should call them co-workers or co- soemthing becuase if I had such friends very soon I will be doing what they do.


    Tell me who is your friends and I will tell you who you are...


    (Tell me how much your friends make money and I will tell you how much you making. - works in a same way)



  13. DISCLAIMER: this is question out of curiosity, so pleaseeee no preaching.


    Does anyone came across to the explanation some of the siddhi (material perfection).


    SB has covered some of the explanations etc... but I'm sure there is more.


    Devotees has automaticly attained all the siddhis - thats all right.... we do not care for this - in matter of fact we using one of them (prapti siddhi?) simply by reading this question from me even though i'm in USA and you may be in NZ or india...


    But in this case there is explanation to this siddhi like internet TCP/IP blah blah


    So but there must be somehting like this explanation, like TCP/IP of laghima siddhi or something. Anyone care to explain what they heard about maghima, laghima, .... siddhi



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