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  1. Dear sridhar it will be nice as prevention u can take some ayurveda mediines and sure it will alot and having any side effects can see any nearest ayurveda store buy those mediiens and prepare those medicines and take regularly and can take one months complete couse and see how it work .. compound 1-- swarn smirti sagar ras brahimi vati heerak bahsma prawal pisti akeekpisti ----------------- mix all those rasayan and make one compond can take regualrly 2 times a day with honey .. it will make u feel great along with it can take :- Brahimi rasayan ( its in form of paste ) can take one tea spoon twice a day with luke warm milk sharaswatarista 3 tea spoon ashwagandharisa 3 tea spoon ------------------------- 6 tea spoon water mix and take regularly after lunch and dinner.. please try those complete treatment for minimum one motnhs i m sure it will work and u see improvement if have any doubt and question can mail me regards vaidya Adwait tripathi
  2. that is due to pittaj disoder and for your son better to have complete ayurveda treatment exist the treatment for your son is :- compound number 1 swarn sutsekhar ras lela vilas ras Dhartir Loah prwal pisti akeek pisti kamdugdha ras jawahar mohra pisti - mix all those herbs of Ayurveda and make one compound and take regularly 3 gm of powder mx with honey twice a day along with it LIVOMAP ( Maharishi Ayurveda ) take 3 tea spoon livomap syrup twice a day after lunch and dinner can take regularly i m sure and confident your son will be cured if u have any doubt can mail me any time best regards vaidya Adwait tripathi
  3. Dear vish cool what u had mentioned that is pittaj dosha and all those symptoms what u had mentioned that is due to inbalance of pitta.. and even i guess u have shita pitta.. for you in stating better to take some starting herbs in ayurveda and also can take regularly for 1-2 months.. but before starting to medicines it will be nice to detox your body by castor oil that is called virechan .. take 5-6 tea spoon of castor oil and put in cup and fill that cup with luke warm sweet milk, mix it well and drink it before sleeping after drinking that cup of milk drink more one cup of additional cup of Milk, u can have 2-3 motions or can be have only motion depends upon your body nature.. after that u can start the medicines about your treatment just in starting can take Haridrakhand churna 6-7gm of powder twice a day with MIlk or normal drinking water.. Saridhawasa -- 3 tea spoon asava and 3 tea spoon normal drinking water after lunch and dinner Mahamajistharista 3 tea spoon arista and 3 tea spoon or normal drinking water Lunch and dinner take those medicines regularly for 1 months u can see great cure.. Also for your constipation take 5-6 gm of powder every night before sleeping with normal water.. Shodhit Haritki churna.. ( 5-6 gm of powder before sleeping ) for constipation that is all about the medication .. if you have any doubt can write me any time..
  4. Dear Mari ji Namaste from india I am ayurveda doctor just was reading some thing about MAK.. and get your question in india divine.. MAK is not medicines of Ayurveda , its just a supplement food its like a diet that makes to work for many factors, like ageing, for immunity, for potential power and with those nice herbs they are very effective for the disorder like cancer, and heart disorder .. Although pregnant woman can use the MAK paste as well as tablets, there wont be any side effects and also its good to take it.. about any information about AYurveda and mediciens u can write me any time.. best regards vaidyajitripathi
  5. when intestine get week it can accoure already u had told in forum that u have problem of dehydrated and admited in stomach and can cause pain the pain can be of visuchika too but better u can have some liver syrup along with it can take Leela vilas ras dhatri loah sutsekhar ras kumarika vati prawal panchkamrit ras kamdugdha ras ---------- mix all those medicines and make puria take 1-1 puria twice a day with honey .. and see it will ok regards adwait
  6. dear i m not sure about the question what u meant by Desi Medicines the complete cure in Ayurveda about sinus is.. compound number 1 Laxmi vilas ras tribhuvan kirti ras kafkuthar ras shranga bhsama abhrak bhasama tankan bhasma ---------------------------- mix all those medicine together and form one compound take 1-1 dose or puria twice a day mix with honey.. along with it.. Drakhasava 3 tea spoon Vasakasava-- 3 tea spoon ------------------------------ 6 tea spoon normal drinking water after lunch and dinner drink twice Sathbindu tail 2-3 drop both the nasal of nose .. put the oil before sleeping u an get complete cure from sinus.. along with it take c chitrak haritki 1 tea spoon with luke warm milk befor sleeping . that is complete treament for sinus. . and i m sure it is the best and maximum treatment for you problme.. any doubt u can mail me or reply me..
  7. Dear Rajesh ji ALong with that Abhyanga with Mahanarayan, mahamash, visgarbh tail, from upside to down you can have complete Ayurveda course contain Compound Number one Mahavata vidhwansak ras vaat gujankush ras Malla sindoor swarn Vaat Kulantak ras sammer pannag ras akang veer ras --- mix all those ras and make in powder form special compound take 2gm mix with honey and suck it well twice a day Morning and evening compound Number 2 Triyodashang Guggule simhanath guggulu yojraj gugulu sidhori loah -------------------------- mix all those medicines and make seperate dose twice a day with luke warm water or honey .. after lunch and dinner.. after compound 2 in an 10-15mins after lunch and dinner take Maharasnadi quath -- 3 tea spoon Aswagandha rishta -- 3 tea spoon ------------- add 6 tea spoon water drink after lunch and dinner only by taking that medicines minimum 15 days to 1 months u can feel relief upto 50% for sure.. if you have any doubt you can reply or mail me.. regards adwait
  8. Yes there is treatment in ayurveda regarding to Renal failure but friend ayurveda depends upon Nidan ( complete diagnose) as you had told me about the increase of creatine level that can be normal .. there are various Medicines in Ayurveda that makes to reduce the creatine level as well as work for your kidney.. you know freind as per as your situation right now in Ayurveda only u can take pure herbal Medicines, any kind of rasayan will be harm for you i m sure once u take regularly 2-3 months of those herbal compound which i will mentioned to you that makes your creatine level normal.. Your diagnose.. compuond 1 Punarnavastak quat trinmool quat Ghokhuru Qwat Kutki --------------------- Mix all those herbal powder together and form one compound take 200gm of that powder boil in low light and flame in 2 ltr of water when only 25 % is left in low flame then filter that water .. and in one day drink 100ml -100ml twice a day after lunch and dinner.. compound number 2- Arogya vardhani vati -- 2- 2 tablets twice a day with normal drinking water chandraprabha vati -- 2-2 tablets twice a day with normal drinking water.. compound number 3-- Punarnava arka—3 tea spoon tid Makoaya Arka---3 tea spoon tid both the Arka are like distiled water that are prepared from herbs and they are very much effective.. so if u take those treatment regualry u can get cured.. any doubt about it.. u can mail me any time.. but please check and aware about the quality of herbs.. regards adwait
  9. tips for loose weight when u usually wake up like 6 am.-7am?? Once u woke up Drink normal drinking water as much u can drink like 500ml – 1 ltr. After coming from toilet (fresh) -----> 10 min Pranayam ( sit properly take a put thub in left nose and take long breath.. change thumb realise breath do i for only maximum 10mins..i guess u know pranayam. Also you can do your meditation together. Now its chart for your food. For my therapy always u need to take some thing in your diet.. and please read this carefully about this Diet chart.. Please be lock in ur mind that after 8 pm in night u didn’t need to talk the food any thing. and please keep in mind never take heavy food or Junk foods.. start from ur whole day.. at morning when u ready fresh in breakfast u only take single Apple ( that maintain all those carbohydrates and calorie.) after gap of one applet then after 10min u can take fresh fruit juice, soup, (without cream, butter) Or you can do in night put 15 green Dry Grapes in bowel in water add 10 small COUSCOUS (channa) let it for whole night dipped in water. In morning eat that that 10 green grapes and Chana and drink that water In which channa and dry grapes dipped. And then u can have one glass of juice or apple .. after four hours lunch time.. during the office .. if ur pure vegitarian or u used to take non veg please start ur food in that manner.. take only green vegetables , leafy vegetables, boiled one, (no roots vegetables like potato, ) and if take non vegiterian please only used roasted one.. use only single or two chapati ( dont take bread,) if u like to eat rice please take fried rice ( that is boiled in ghee or just fried in little oil because boiled rice increase obesity (medor) and once rice get fried its Guna the specility ends so no danger to get obesity.. along with it you can take Butter milk after lunch like 200ml After four hours take some snacks without oily , butter. or u can take salad. of cubage, only single piece tomoata cuccumber. While return from bank.. after that in night before 8pm take only single or double chapati with some green vegitables that are prepared from boiled, not much oily and can take luke warm single glass of milk around 300ml .. Noting should be taken after 8pm.. Hope u get it.. that is introduction chart about your taking food timming according to your work and if you have doubt you can mail me and in coming 1-2 days I will tell u some Satvik recepies that you can easily prepared in home and they were balanced diet for balance dosha in body.. And it can reduce weight upto 4kg a month for sure..
  10. Dear Pandora thanks for writing your health problem in this form as what you had mentioned about your health .. you are suffering from Vayu dosh and along with you have cruel kostha that makes you to feel very much formation of gaseous formation in your body, also due to your vatta imbalance now its effecting your pitta and that is the reason u feel bad mouth taste of saliva once u woke up or during sleeping,, I guess you are not much familiar about Ayurvedic Medicines so you can see those names and see about the aviablity of Ayurvedic medicines there in Market or Ayurveda shop near to you ,, before starting treatment you should have cleanse of stomach and that in Ayurveda called Virechan take 5-6 tea spoon of castor Oil put in one cup add sweet luke warm milk mix that milk and drink before sleeping .. next day you have 2-3 times go to stools in that what all toxic in your body comes out and u feel relief and then you need to start the further treatment .. regarding to your medicines . Sutsekhar ras lela vilas ras dhatri loah prawal pisti akeek pisti jawahar mohra pisti -------------------- mix all those ras and pisti make in one special compound and take 2gm twice a day mix with honey .. in morning and evening.. Livomap ( Maharishi Ayurveda ) 2-3 tea spoon liver tonic after lunch and dinner.. regarding to your constipation shodhit harikti hingawasatak churna madhur char yav char swait parpati -------- mix all those powder and take 6gm of powder after lunch and dinner.. ------------------------------- that is complete treatment in Ayurveda about your problem .. if you have any doubt you can mail me .. regards adwait
  11. where u live and i have guranted treatment for fissure for tempory u can buy Abhyarista from any shop of good company not like dabur take 4tea spoon that liquid and 4 tea spoon water twice a day after meal.. along with it go and buy the meidicne and prepare in ur home.. like shodit haritki churna Hingwastak churna.. yavchar swatparpati madur char.. mix all thos and take 5gm twice a day with normal hot water.. u will get rid of this problem regards vaidya adwait tripathi
  12. Dear Bhakt jan.. and all devotee from all around the world!! Bam bol !! Me and my friend are going on Amarnath Yatra of Mount Kailash on 30may and will come back on 5june.. SO any of you devotee wants to go there can mail me or contact me in coming 1-2 days, already i had booked ticket to delhi-- Srinagar .. and after sri Nagar we will go to baaltall from there Amarnath cave is 20km by walk so any one have to full fill dream can mail me as soon as possible for further details.. regards adwait
  13. for starting 15days u can apply dashang laip and can see the effects regards adwait
  14. Dear D I really appriciate about your keen interest towards Ayurveda and let me tell you what all colleges, institute and other organization what they are mentioning about Ayurveda studies they can provide you best knowledge and also they can teach maximum things BUT according to legal point Of view that is not Authorized and the complete Education about Ayurveda can take minimum 6yrs include internship in hospital for one year. I am very confident about Ayurveda because you can say that its in my blood I am the forth in generation who is in this traditional therapy, my father is india renowned vaidya and top vaidya in india- he is Senior excutive of world famous Company Maharishi Ayurveda and founder of Maharishi Ayurveda and giving services more than 30yrs along with it .. my father is memeber in Ministry of Health Governing body of India, he giving his free services to spread Ayurveda and make people aware about the Ayurveda he is pure traditional Pulse specialist. His treatment comes for thisies of Md, Phd, doctors in india, also i had finished Ayurveda last year and you can see in maximum reply in this website about the disorders and critical cases i write and provide the maximum treatment so that people can aware about the ayurveda and can use the benifit about it.. you can mail me or can add me in face book or skype and gmail on name of vaidyajitripathi , ( @gmail/skype//facebook/) and can see that every year more than 20 peoples visit to my home town and clinic to get treatment and also if they wants i arrange short term courses from world famous vaidya and also panchkarma courses too for those who had finished study Ayurveda or they wants to clear there concept in ayurveda.. regarding to ayurveda Place didnt matter alot matter is whom and where you are getting knowledge because this knowledge is very precious, so it doesnt matter kerala, chennai, banglore , gujrat delhi etc. matter is about the knowledge.. what else u want to know u can mail me or can call me.. i will provide you excellent advice and look forward to help u as much i can .. and again its really nice to see your deep intrest towards ayurveda love and regards adwait
  15. Astrology and Ayurveda: Gemology In exactly the same manner precious gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, pearls, red corals, sapphires etc. can influence the effects of the planets substantially. Although they can minimise the impact of planetary afflictions, they should always be worn with care and on recommendation of an experienced astrologer. For the wrong stone can aggravate the condition and even cause fresh problems. PLANET * DISEASE *GEM Mars, Mercury, Moon Rheumatism, musculo skeletal Red coral, emerald, dark blue pearl, Saturn, Sun Problems and bone diseases sapphire, ruby Mars, Mercury Digestive diseases, diabetes Red coral, white coral,emerald Saturn, Ketu Diseases of the nervous system Dark blue sapphire Mercury, Mars, Ketu Psychol0ogical diseases, including hysteria Emerald in the night, red coral in the day Mars, Saturn, Rahu Skin diseases White coral, yellow sapphire Saturn, Mars, Moon,Venus, Mercury, Jupiter Urinary and gynecological problems Pearl, diamond, red coral, yellow sapphire, emerald, topaz Saturn, Mars Dental problems Sapphire, red coral Saturn, Mars Ear nose, and throat problems Yellow sapphire, white coral Saturn, Mars Blood-related problems Dark blue sapphire, emerald, ruby
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