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Why is Lord Shiva the Coolest Dude ???

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Keep stirring more animosity and inviting more insults upon our Sampradaya with your puerile antagonism towards other faiths. Frankly, for a 54-year-old, you ought to be displaying a lot more maturity and level-headedness than this. I too am a Gaudiya Vaisnava (not ISKCON though, puhleez) and our shared spiritual ideal is no less dear to me than it is to you. But I am sufficiently confident of the value of my beliefs not to have to try to win pointless virtual battles in order to feel good about them.


Respect for oneself is only possible when one is prepared to give respect to others first. This is what Mahaprabhu instructed us in his famous trnad api sunicena siksa, otherwise there would be no meaning to the idea of being as tolerant as a tree and humbler than a blade of grass. No one less than our rasacarya, Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, mentioned that prema-bhakti will forever elude one who considers the name of Siva to be different from that of Visnu. Divinity is absolute and all-encompassing, and truth will be revealed in our hearts when Guru and Krsna are pleased with our efforts and sincerity. One who thinks that they can realise God merely by reading scriptures and memorising slokas are fools, period!


Saivite friends, please excuse such non-Vaisnava behaviour from some so-called Gaudiyas who have posted here. These individuals only speak for themselves and are not spokespersons for Caitanya Vaisnavism. Vaisnavas should consider themselves lower than the leaf in the street, and without cultivating such humility, one's sadhana is useless. Anyone who disrespects Mukundam-Priyam Siva will never attain the service of Lord Hari.


Om Namah Sivaya


Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama


Hare Krsna Hare Krsna

Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

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I certainly hope you people aren't insinuating that i am disrespecting Lord Shiva because I am challenging bogus Shaivas who are in fact disrespecting Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna with their claims that Shiva is superior to Lord Vishnu.

Lord Shiva would certainly never be pleased with anyone who minimizes his Lord Krishna and denies the supremecy of Lord Krishna.


Lord Shiva is a devotee of Lord Krishna.

Anyone who thinks they can please Lord Shiva by minimizing Lord Krishna is certainly very foolish and ignorant.


Lord Shiva is not a Shaivite.


The shastra soundly states that Lord Shiva is a Vaishnava.


To minmize Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu is a sure way to piss-off Lord Shiva.


Respecting Lord Shiva requires proper respect for his master - Lord Krishna.


I accept the Bhagavat conclusions on Lord Shiva.

I don't accept some bogus claims made by ignorant Shaivas who ignore all the other Puranas except some Siva Purana.


The Siva Gita is his prayers to Lord Vishnu.


We have proof in the Puranas that Siva himself worships Lord Vishnu as supreme.


To deny that is just typical ignorance that we would expect from bogus Shaivities who are in the mode of ignorance and ignoring the siddhanta of the sattvic Puranas like Bhagavat Purana, Padma Purana and Vishnu Purana etc.


To accuse me of direspecting Shiva because I am challenging bogus siddhanta being made by bogus followers of Lord Shiva is ignorant and false allegations as well.


Shiva is a form of Lord Krishna who has been transformed into a suitable deity for dealing with the material affairs of the material universe.


But, this form of Lord Krishna cannot function as Lord Krishna and does not possess all the power and position of Lord Krishna.


Sure, Lord Shiva is God.

But, he is God in a limited form and serving a limited purpose.


Shiva is a Vaishnava.

He advocates Vaishnavism.

He does not advocate nor did he create Shaivism.


Most of his devotees are offenders to Shiva because they offend HIS Lord and master with their ignorant attitudes about Vishnu-tattva.

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Shreeman Narayana is the supreme personality & Lord Shiva is supreme vaishnava. I think if we accept this then there will be no further debate.



Well said. It has been wonderfully elaborated in the Ramcharitramanas. Plz read, u'll definately get the answer why Shivji is so cool.


Tulsidasji 's masterpiece.

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Well said. It has been wonderfully elaborated in the Ramcharitramanas. Plz read, u'll definately get the answer why Shivji is so cool.


Tulsidasji 's masterpiece.



Goswami Tulsidas is a great devotee of Sri Ram had tremendous respect for Lord Shiva and maa Bhavani in fact he addressed them as embodiment of faith and confidence,This is what Lord Ram had to say in Lankaakaandda.


336 Chaupaayi: Linga thaapi bidhi-vata kari poojaa: Siva-samaana priya mohi na doojaa::

Siva-drohee mama bhagata kahaavaa: so nara sapanayhu mohi na paavaa::

Sankara-bimukha bhagati chaha moree: so naarakee moorhha mati thoree:: L/2


336. After installing Shivalinga, a symbol of Shiva, and worshipping it, Shree Raama said, "There is none as dear to me as Shiva. One who wants to be called my devotee but is opposed to Shiva, cannot reach me even in one’s dream. One averse to Shiva, but who wishes devotion to me is stupid and goes to hell."


Shree Raama demonstrates the importance of symbolism in Sanaatana Dharma. He followed the traditional sequence for the installation of Shiva’s symbol. He first made the symbol of sand on the seashore, worshipped Shiva in it and then offered prayer to him. Shree Raama’s prayer shows that Shiva and he are one. The devotion to either is devotion to both. Tulaseedaasa is pointing out that the reality of God, gods and deities is one in all and all are one in reality, regardless of differences in perspectives even among some followers of sampradaayas are Shaivites, who treat Shiva, and Vaishnavites, who claim Vishnu as the Supreme. Not the name or form in which we worship God Almighty, but our yearning for Him matters to him.


337 Dohaa: Sankara priya mama-drohee, Siva-drohee mama daasa:

Tay nara karahin kalapa bhari, ghora naraka main baasa:: L/2


337. Shree Raama continued, "Those who love Shiva and are opposed to me or are against Shiva and devoted to me, will live in hell for a full kalpa." The Shree Raamacharita Maanasa repeats the oneness of Shiva, a god of the Indian trinity, and Shree Raama, an Incarnation of Vishnu. (See 241[35]) By treating Shiva as a guru and as the personification of enlightened faith, Tulaseedaasa made him the foundation of devotion to Shree Raama.

Shiva is Shree Raama’s bhata, master and friend. It is a peculiar relationship of oneness between an Incarnation of God and gods.

Shree Raama installed and worshipped Shiva’s symbol. Shiva always repeats Shree Raama’s name.


This verse is from an excerpt on 'Bhakti' written in 'Uttara Khanda'

spoken by Lord Ramacandra Himself.


Lord Ramacandra said:



" aurau eka guputa mata sabahi kahaum kara jori,

shankara bhajana binaa nara bhagati na paavai mori "


With folded hands I now lay before you one MORE SECRET doctrine:




Jai Shree Krishna

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This discussion is well over, but I've just found it while searching the internet.


One statement by Gauravani truly shocked me:

"Worshiping Shiva is mosty a cheating religion because worshiping Shiva is done for material benedictions.

Worshipers of Shiva are not seeking love of God, but they are seeking, wealth, prosperity or some mystic siddhi.

So, worship of Shiva is a cheating religion because it does not aim at love of God and the highest ecstacy of prema."


These are words of an ignorant who knows nothing of Shaiva tradition.

Have you ever heard of Nayanmars of South India or Shiva Siddhanta

and Siddha Siddhanta schools? Obviously not, as I can see from

your pettish comment. So better do you home work first before

spraying nonsense over the screen.

BTW, Gauravani, you might be going to some ISKCON paradise, if there

is one, but with your attitude you'd rather be send off by the Vaikuntha


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