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  1. Om Namah Shivaya, could you kindly write where the temple is, how old etc., and link me to photos?
  2. This discussion is well over, but I've just found it while searching the internet. One statement by Gauravani truly shocked me: "Worshiping Shiva is mosty a cheating religion because worshiping Shiva is done for material benedictions. Worshipers of Shiva are not seeking love of God, but they are seeking, wealth, prosperity or some mystic siddhi. So, worship of Shiva is a cheating religion because it does not aim at love of God and the highest ecstacy of prema." These are words of an ignorant who knows nothing of Shaiva tradition. Have you ever heard of Nayanmars of South India or Shiva Siddhanta and Siddha Siddhanta schools? Obviously not, as I can see from your pettish comment. So better do you home work first before spraying nonsense over the screen. BTW, Gauravani, you might be going to some ISKCON paradise, if there is one, but with your attitude you'd rather be send off by the Vaikuntha doorkeepers.
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