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alcohol (actually grain alcohol or ethanol) is much less toxic than some of it alternatives (like glycerine in herbal preps) which btw you cant get rid of by evaporation. this non-alcohol hype is just another marketing gimmick based on very poor science - dont fall for it. ethanol is an excellent solvent and preservative, which can be completely removed by heat when needed.

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Nope, I haven't checked her solo stuff yet. They never really sold it overhere and I never ordered it. And two cd's with shelter ? Are you talking about the bhajan cd's ? I have one but I didn't knew there were two. In fact, I even lost mine...I gave it to a friend and he lost the cd so now I just got the case left and yeah, that cd was mindblowing, sri is so good at singing bhajans.

And as far as the tape goes: if I'm not mistaking they are still selling it at the shelter board but I don't know when the last merchandise update has been so you probably better send a letter first before you send money. You can find that on: ineedyourshelter.com


Hey, do you have the solo cd of kate from 108. It's also really mellow...it's called project kate. If you don't have it I could burn it for you.


Anyways, if they wouldn't have the tape anymore at shelter let me know, I'm gonna ask around a bit then to see if I could get my hands on it. Everything can be found when you look hard and hey, often the hidden treasures are most accesible since they are longing to be seen...

Or something like that.

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yep, i have Kate's cd as well, she is definetly good as well.

You HAVE to make sure you get Sri's sol CD and EP.She remakes Sive and Sandcastles on the CD and they are even more amazing!

yes, the 2 shelter cds I was talking about was the bhajan and then the latest shelter cd: the purpose the passion, she plays back up guitar and sings on a few of the songs.

I will have to check to see if they are still selling her tape on that board, i really want it. she has it for sale on her site (www.srimusic.com) but the site hasnt been updated in about 2 years so im thinking its not available anymore /images/graemlins/frown.gif

its good to see a fellow sri and kate fan though.. did you get into 108 and shelter too?


I was going to private message this to you but for some reason it wont let me.

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Yeah, I'm a pretty big shelter fan. That is, early Shelter when Ray was still heavily into KC...shelter just isn't the same anymore.

And 108, well, Vic did move out of the temple. Have you read his article: I was a teenage krishna ? You can find it on his personal site.


ANd hey, if you want to message me just use my email...



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hey !

hi Andhi !!

i have all sri cds, exept her bhajan stuff. i stayed at their home last year 2 months. i was a great fan of sri, not anymore (personal reasons). anyway, i also want one day to albany and saw Kate 08, she have kids now, i still love project kate.


it's funny you talk about that !

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Sorry everyone I haven tbeen online in a long time. What could Sri have done to make you not like her? hmmm.

Oh and I couldnt find her Bhajan tape on the shelter site. /images/graemlins/frown.gif oh well. I emailed her months ago and she never got back to me. blah. Nayways, gotta run but I didnt want you guys to think I was ignoring you!!



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Yeah Sunanda, give us the dirt...hahaha, no just kidding. I don't really care.


That sucks though Nicole that she didn't get back to you, that's definitely not the right mentality. I can imagine that you must feel dissapointed somehow. Ah well, let's give her the benefit of the doubts by thinking that she just doesn't use the email adress that you wrote to... /images/graemlins/wink.gif


ANd ofcourse we were thinking that you were ignoring us...:)

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