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    translation please:smash: - ek admi = one man, uski = her? ho = is/are
  2. Of course, Yogesvar can play any LP with His Lotus Finger Nail a la Spin. 4 sure He's the Sound in Ether emanating from "Dark Side of the Moon".
  3. Pankaj, how many Pankaj's r there in UK? R u, could u b the one who started Pankaj Rock mid 70s? Or was Punk started much earlier by Queen Kunti-devi 5,000 yrs ago: namo pankajAnabhAya, namo pankajA-maline namo pankajA-netrAya, namas te pankajAnghraye (1.8.??)
  4. Winand, where in Holland? I lived in Amsterdam Oost, vlak bij Java Plein. Dicht bij Trams 6,10,14 Yes, certainly disheartening to see so many animals tortured & slaughtered, daily, then eaten. But then who becomes animal? Who accepts that animal birth? Again & again. We r all being recycled until we wake our silly as-es up off of the Witch MAyA's lap. That's all. Mcmurder. Like MacGruber on SNL.
  5. Many good laughs. hasya-rasa required.
  6. I don't think it's fair for Heather 2b criticized, advertized so adversely. Not sweet. Bad taste. U think? After all, now that she has the wooden leg & treasure, she's 1/2 way there. All she's missing is the eyepatch & parrot.
  7. Where do I go? (HAIR) 2 find KarNa's archery being discussed?
  8. Stanley was last seen at Guantanamo mahA vadanyAya KRSNa prema pradAyate... I myself received a letter from Stanley. It's a bhakti-letter-bija. Even Tony Bennett sang about it. Remember? I left my heart in Guantanamo namo tulasi KRSNa-preyasi namo namaH...
  9. What if u don't find 18,000? Don't let it shake your faith. Offer KRSNa a Milk Shake instead.
  10. But "Shebang Sheboom" did begin Rock n Roll. "Time is on My Side" can only b sung by a bhakta. Rolling Stones don't qualify, although Mick was chanting one round daily back in 1969. visnur mahAn sa eva yasya kalA-viseso Govindam adipurusam tam aham bhajAmi Catur-mukha Lord BrahmA knows when time began, as does his son Lord Sivaji. Everything is personal, specially Time (Gita 11.32)
  11. interesting - CC's 1st 2 words "vande gurUn" openly declare that at least 3 gurus r required to achieve spiritual success. One is insufficient, two is not enough; por lo menos tres. Si Senor.
  12. On a similar note, there was a Florida PBS broadcast a few late nights ago (should've been prime time) showing how Sunshine State farmers r trying to regain/return gradually to pre-white man Everglades, Okeechobee etc. Or else - "It won't b the water but the fire next time" iow - what a mess we've made. Or as Oliver Hardy used to tell Stan Laurel: "Well here's another fine mess you've gotten us into." Like Roger Moore's book "Stupid White Men". Not a racist remark on my part. Micasuki tribesmen had/have been telling us all along to respect the Supreme Breathgiver's Creation. How did we react? Yet another casino. Panther Crossing... Little Joe, Snake Eyes, Let It Ride... The most advanced technologically 'naturally' pollute most too. Naturally Prabhu = Sri Kapindra Swami's name (he went by) when he first joined ISKCON Brooklyn 1970-1. Tangential yes. Related... sort of, no? KRSNa warned Arjun that Maya-danava's techy gift would spoil everything. Simple Living, High Thinking? Forget about it.
  13. - - - - - - - - - - - - Guess Who Doesn't Believe in God? Eleven percent of U.S. adults admit they don't believe in God. Surprisingly, while 73 percent profess a belief in God, they are riddled with doubt, not certain God actually exists. Specifically, 42 percent admit they are not "absolutely certain" there is a God, while 15 percent are only "somewhat certain." Eleven percent think there is probably no God and 16 percent aren't sure, according to this Harris Poll of 2,010 U.S. adults conducted in 2006. There is no consensus on God's gender, form or degree of control over events on earth. Not all who describe themselves as Christian or Jewish believe in God. Indeed, only 76 percent of Protestants, 64 percent of Catholics and 30 percent of Jews say they are "absolutely certain" there is a God. However, 93 percent of Christians who describe themselves as "born again" are absolutely certain there is a God. Who is absolutely certain there is a God? People in all age groups 40 and over (63 percent of those ages 40 to 49, 65 percent of those ages 50 to 64 and 65 percent of those ages 65 and over) compared to people in age groups under 40 (45 percent of those ages 18 to 24, 43 percent of those ages 25 to 29 and 54 percent of those ages 30 to 39); Women (62 percent) slightly more than men (54 percent); African Americans (71 percent) compared to Hispanics (61 percent) and Whites (57 percent); Republicans (73 percent) more than Democrats (54 percent) or Independents (51 percent); People with no college education (62 percent) or who have some college education (57 percent), compared to college graduates (50 percent) and those with post-graduate degrees (53 percent). How often do we attend religious services? 35 percent attend once a month or more, including 26 percent of these who attend once a week or more. 46 percent say they attend services just a few times a year or less. 18 percent never attend. Is God male or female? The public is almost equally divided between those who think of God as male (36 percent) and "neither male nor female" (37 percent), with 10 percent saying "both male and female." Only one percent thinks of God as female. Does God have a human form? A substantial plurality of the public (41 percent) thinks of God as "a spirit or power that can take on human form but is not inherently human." 27 percent think of God as a "spirit or power that does not take on human form." Only 9 percent of adults think of God as being "like a human being with a face, body, arms, legs, eyes, etc." How much control does God have over events on earth? Less than one-third of all adults (29 percent) believe that God "controls what happens on Earth, including 57 percent of born-again Christians. A plurality (44 percent) believes that God "observes but does not control what happens on Earth." Do Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God? About half (51 percent) of all adults, including a majority of Catholics (63 percent), believe that Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God. 32 percent believe they do not. 16 percent are not sure. Among born-again Christians, 54 percent say they do not worship the same God, while 34 percent say they do. Are believers declining? Three years ago, in an identical survey, 79 percent of adults said they believed in God and 66 percent said they were absolutely certain that there is a God. In this new survey, those numbers have declined to 73 percent and 58 percent respectively. --From the Editors at Netscape
  14. antyAvasthitez cobhaya nityatvAd avizeSAt due to permanency/permanence; and both; being permanent; on account of being same dvaita/advaita; bheda/abheda Final condition or released state non-different from worldly state because both r eternal, so this theory untenable.
  15. srutAva zeSAM tat prasthaM, raja ity ucyate budhaiH | srutAva zeSam athavA, yadi tiSThati vAdhikam ||71|| After flow, about 1 prastha (768 ml) remains within body which is called rajas. Sometimes this quantity is more or less than what is stated.
  16. According to Baidyanath Agiwal, 2 varNas were/are veggy, 2 were/are not. Can u guess which was/is which?
  17. Spice up your life. Variety is Life's Spice. Try for 6 tastes daily: bitter, sour salty, sweet, pungent, astringent... all 6 at lunch if possible
  18. 2 nights ago Leno cited a study correlating air conditioning with obesity. Basic idea: artificially keeping cool during warm weather disallows/impede fat burn off JL added (paraphrase): "I don't know, but to me it seems more likely obesity is caused by the cool air coming out everytime fat people open their refrigerator door... causing their overweightness." Roaring laughter ensued. Of course excessive taxation as predicted in 12th Canto will surely diminish one's spendable income, or as George Harrison sang on REVOLVER - Taxman: "One for you 19 for me... cos' I'm the taxman, yeah yeah, I'm the taxman... and your working for no one else but... "
  19. strINAM garbhAzaye vAyur, yad raktaM labhate zanaiH | catvAro jalayo mAsAcyavate yoni-margataH ||70|| It accumulates in uterus & due to vAyu (air), it flows through genital tract during 4 days monthly.
  20. Elastic Soul? to match our elastic sole slippers? 2.2.35 na ca paryAyAd apy avirodha vikArAdibhyaH 208) Nor would this contradiction be removed by ParyAya Theory, 4 then Soul would b liable/subject to change accordingly ParyAya = successive change = soul contracts & dilates (as do pupils & utter body parts) in proportion to occupied body. avirodha = non-contradiction dharmAviruddha kaunteya kAmo'smi bharataRSabha He was truly a Great Soul" ( at least 6 feet 200 lbs worth) Soul Train - the more the passengers, the longer it gets? Did Jaina Eyre have kids? If so, what size was their souls at birth? age 7? 14?
  21. iti tasya vacaH zrutvA, provAca RSi-pungavaH | Rtu-sambandha-jaM raktam, ArttavaM procyate budhaiH ||69|| Great sage replied, "Blood flowing during menstruation is called Arttava."
  22. evaM cAtmAkArtsnyam thus, and, soul, not entireness, limitedness And in this Jaina view, soul becomes mutilated, losing its completeness. Jains believe soul's dimensions adjust according to occupied body size.
  23. naikasmin na sambhavAt not, in one substance from impossibility These categories can't b established, for it's impossible that in one substance there may simultaneously exist opposing qualities, such as real & unreal etc.
  24. According to one famous Western Gaudiya Swami: Can we deny sincere brahmacaris that maple syrup pancake combo flavor/rasa?
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