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  1. Pictureeeeees !! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  2. www.kn34.net/videos/DontLoot.wmv
  3. Dandavats, Where could I read more about or from Srimati Govinda devi dasi ?
  4. Dandavats, Isn't there a temple around or near you that can sell you the 18 volume set with a pay-off system ? That's how i got my complete set. I was allowed to pay the set off in monthly terms and you still get the whole volume in one time. That seems to be the best way of you don't have a lot of cash. And like Priita pointed out, you can read it all online but yeah, in the end reading on the computer is definitely not the same as holding a precious book. If I were you I would look into getting it with the payments system. Haribol Ys
  5. Only thru this forum I came to know that Gelatin is from animal sources. Yeah, there's lots of people that make a weird face when you tell them what gelatin REALLY is. It's actually in so many stuff...candy for instance. Overhere in the western world there's maybe a few sorts of candy that doesn't contain gelatin.
  6. Exactly, it can prove to be very dangerous. Though I have to say, I totally admire the true yogi's that have mastered the art of breathing. I can't recall in exactly what purport Srila Prabhupada is talking about it but he also says that we have a preset amount of breaths that we can take in this life...yogi's can live longer because they are not wasting their breath and they even practice to breath in deeper and longer, to leave more time between the breathing etc etc. But like the previous poster said...I also think that just chanting will prove to be more usefull for us Kali-Yuga people. Especially us here in the Western world. We are not at all encouraged here to live like that, we're not even encouraged to lead a devotional life, just a hectic, chaotic life in the crazy economic capitalistic world where everything is measure in profit and money.
  7. Nope, MOST yoghurt is NOT at all vegetarian. I'm actually glad that something like this is being discussed here. I think that we should be way more aware of what we put in our body (takes note to say that to myself in the mirror) Personaly I believe that a raw food/vegan diet is the healthiest we can get...drinking milk is also not good for humans. I know that this is a difficult topic in the Krishna movement but it is something that will need to be considered in due time...vaisnavism is about tolerance and I don't think that we should tolerate what is going on in the dairy business. We make a stand against eating meat and we really should take that one step further...and not tolerate anything that is causing abuse to helpless creatures wheter they are humans or animals. ANyways, back to the topic: it's not only yoghurt we have to watch...we need to check the E numbers and then there's the stuff we can't check like certain additives for flavor etc etc...
  8. I would very much like to discuss this matter but not on this forum as I realize that this is not the place to do so. It is however a topic that interest me a great deal and that I give a lot of thought. Haribol.
  9. Yeah Sunanda, give us the dirt...hahaha, no just kidding. I don't really care. That sucks though Nicole that she didn't get back to you, that's definitely not the right mentality. I can imagine that you must feel dissapointed somehow. Ah well, let's give her the benefit of the doubts by thinking that she just doesn't use the email adress that you wrote to... /images/graemlins/wink.gif ANd ofcourse we were thinking that you were ignoring us...
  10. So nice to read that i'm not the only one that made the mistake of selling my books. /images/graemlins/wink.gif I also flirted with Buddhism for a while but that's just not for me. I love Krishna way too much.
  11. Dandavats, Hahaha, I like this thread, it's familiar. You know, ever since I got into KC in the middle of the 90's I have gotten angry at Krishna a few times, in fact, I was even disussing it with my friend this morning, and how stupid it was to blame someone else but me. I even took it all the way to where I threw away all my books, imagine that...Did it help ? Nope, I just had to re-buy all those books that I lost... Now I still get angry at Krishna sometimes but I try to realize as fast as I can that it's me that I need to get upset at...I'm the one that's not perfect not Krishna. And one thing I can say: Krishna takes care of his devotees. You may not alwways see it right away but He does and even pain can be a useful tool on the path to perfection. And drugs: I've done them all: LSD, speed, weed, alcohol, cigarettes and you know what, no matter how high you get you WILL have to come down again and each and every time you do drugs the getting down becomes harder. Now I live without all that stuff and to tell you the truth, it rules ! Fact is: life in the material world will never be easy but we can make it easier and turning to Krishna, surrendering our whole soul and heart to Krishna is the only way to make it easier and hey, you don't have to come down of that high... I know that I will try my hardest to never go back again to the life that was pulling my straight down into misery and I sincerely hope you'll be able to do the same. And if you need to talk to someone just say so...I'm sure that there's lots of people here that will be more than willing to talk to you, I know that I'm one of them. YS haribol
  12. Dandavats, Oh, so YOU are gonna burn those cd's for me ? /images/graemlins/wink.gif And yeah, projectkate rules...so mellow. One of these days I'm gonna record all my songs for you. That is, if I still know how to play them. hahaha... Hairbol.
  13. I understand and I'm definitely not condemning that interest in any way...just wondering if we can ever truly 'comprehend' it. But I'm definitely not pointing fingers...one of my best friends has been a 'serious' UFO investigator for over the past fifteen years and I also have a 'questioning' personality which is what brought me to KC in the first place but when I got into KC I started realizing that asking too many questions could be very bad for me as it sometimes made me get lost in all different theories. And also, I haad this feeling that you risk getting into more arguments with other people when you are really into all of this searching for answers. I think for me it's better to just stick with chanting and serving.
  14. Thinking about stuff like that seriousely makes my head hurt. I really wonder if we are even supposed to ask questions like these already. We're so small and insignificant, we don't even know yet how to live on this planet with the upmost respect for every living creature on it nor do we know how to respect our own planet and still we're trying to understand these issues that are so beyond our conception. I believe that we will get all the answers in due time but imho we still have a very long way to go.
  15. Dandavats, Yeah, I'm a pretty big shelter fan. That is, early Shelter when Ray was still heavily into KC...shelter just isn't the same anymore. And 108, well, Vic did move out of the temple. Have you read his article: I was a teenage krishna ? You can find it on his personal site. ANd hey, if you want to message me just use my email... cantfeedmenow@hotmail.com
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